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  • Pop-up Social Sharer Widget For Blogger

    We all know that popups are really beneficial to get followers, likers and traffic and thats why tools like Hellobar is used by many. I also use Popups because my visitors give response more to popups rather than sliders or fixed content. Similarly its very hard to get content shared so popups work for it too. And its important to get content shared because more sharing equals to more traffic. Popup share buttons are not new, many of use have used them but popup have either 5 or 6 buttons so visitor is limited to share content only to some social networks and may be he or she is not using any of these networks so it will be a waste of time you will not get content shared.

    So I brought you a new idea, Why don't we use addthis popup sharer, it has all social buttons plus it doesn't need long coding and too many scripts so it doesn't slow down our blogs. So in this post I am going to share addthis popup sharer along with some customization. So you can get popup by the time when you want.

    How To Insall Addthis Pop-up Social Sharer Widget In Blogger ?

    Step 1: Go to your blog theme and edit your HTML.

    Step 2: Search For   </head> 

    Step 3: Just above it paste the following script.
    <script src=''/>

    Step 4: Now just below  </head>  paste the following code
    $(function() {
        setTimeout(function() {
        }, 120000);

    Step 5: Save theme and go to layout.

    Step 6: Click on add a gadget and select HTML/Javascript.

    Step 7: Paste below code in HTML/Javascript window.
    <a class="addthis_button_compact"></a>
    <script type="text/javascript" src="//" async="async"></script>

    Step 8: Save you gadget and view blog to see sharer popup.


    You can't modify it too much because its all created by addthis, we are just automatically triggering it using the script in step 3 and step 4. When you add the script of step 7 in you layout you are actually adding addthis sharing button and by the scripts you are triggering it to popup, so if a visitor wants he can intentionally open the popup by clicking on addthis button  + 

    To change popup time of widget, make changes in the highlighted[120000] part of code given in step 4120000 means 120 seconds = 2 mintues.

    I hope you found this post helpful. If not tell me in comments below. If you have any opinion or suggestion you can share in comments of contact me.

    Thanks for visiting 101Helper.

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    Addthis Pop-up Social Sharer Widget For Blogger


    Social share buttons with a jumbo counter was only available for wordpress blogs but now with Addthis you can add it in blogger also. The best thing about using a jumbo counter is that it grabs attention of visitors and they tend to share your content. So here is a quick tutorial about how to add share buttons with a jumbo counter in blogger using Addthis plugin!

    How To Add Share Buttons With Jumbo Counter In Blogger

    Responsive social sharing buttons for mobile

    Mobile phones and tablets is one of the major source for a blog's and site's traffic now  a days. A blog receives 40% traffic from mobile phones and that's the reason why bloggers are enabling ads in mobile view so that they could earn money from mobile visitors also. Since usage of mobile for reading blogs is increase day by day therefore bloggers and webmaster are enabling gadgets for mobile view also such as related posts widget to get more page-views and social media buttons to get shares on social media. Previously I have create a post about enabling gadgets in mobile view in blogger but in some blogs it do not work therefore in this post I will show you how to add share buttons to mobile view in blogger that floats at the bottom of mobile screen. You can add follow buttons also beside share buttons and set the position of your share/follow buttons to top of the mobile screen.

    Responsive Social Sharing Buttons For Blogger Mobile

    Floating social sharing bar for blogger | 101Helper social sharing buttons for blogger

    Social sharing is a good way to drive traffic to a blog or website therefore social buttons are used in blogs and websites to get shares, tweets, pins and so on to spread blog or webpages. Blogger has built-in share buttons below each post, but now a days people use to add floating buttons in blogs because its trending and is helpful to share posts easily and quickly. Floating buttons are in both vertical and horizontal styles but the most popular one is vertical style, so people usually use vertical floating share buttons in blogs but horizontal floating buttons are also used to help visitors share posts without scrolling to the end of the post as share buttons float with scrolling page as the visitor scrolls.

    Floating Social Sharing Bar For Blogger

    social box slider widget for blogger

    Follow boxes are very useful to get followers on social networks but when there is a number of social profiles like Facebook, twitter, Linkedin, Google+ then it becomes a problem to show all the follow boxes n blog because of a limited space. Another problem of adding many follow boxes is they take alot of time to load and slows down blogs, therefore bloggers use to add follow buttons in blogs as they loads faster and don't take too much space on blog. But if one wish to add all boxes on his blog without loosing his blog speed and space he would need an all in one widget which has all follow boxes and takes lesser time to load and lesser space too. For the same purpose I have created an awesome widget which contains all follow boxes(Google+, Facebook, Twitter and linkedin) and takes least time to load. It is a social profile slider. It sliders each social profile equal interval of time and takes space of only one social profile box, you can take a look in above animated image. You can adjust the time of sliding in this widget. I have added only four most popular social networks in it, since I don't use Linkedin that's why I have add its CEO's profile in it.

    Social Follow Box Slider Widget For Blogger

    3 Metro style follow buttons for blogger | 101Helper

    Follow buttons is main source of getting followers on social networks. Since blogger doesn't provide follow buttons so you have to add it in your blog from other blogs and websites. There are many content amplification sites that provides follow and share buttons, but these buttons are not stylish and responsive and sometimes they are responsive(addthis buttons). Addthis provides responsive follow buttons but these are very small in size and also takes time to load. Previously I have created some posts in which I have shared stylish responsive follow buttons and follow buttons for header and in this post I am going to share some new kind of widget which is metro style follow buttons.

    3 Metro Style Follow Buttons For Blogger

    All in one social sharing buttons for blogger

    Social sharing is very important for a website's traffic and popularity. A site with more social shares is more popular than the site having less social shares. Social networks are so popular that after Google Facebook is the second biggest website with respect to traffic. Its popularity can be evaluated from its number of users that it has more than 1.3 billion users word wide. Similarly other social networks like Twitter, Pinterest, linkedin etc have also many users and it is a great opportunity for bloggers and site owners to gain traffic from social networks. Although every blog and site has built-in social icons for sharing posts but people search and add other social sharing icons because of their responsive and stylish design.

    All In One Social Sharing Buttons For Blogger

    Social sharing buttons for blogger with 3 different views

    We know that social sharing is very important for a website and blog, social sharing not only makes your blog or site popular but also drives traffic to your blog or site. Blogger has its own sharing buttons below every post but now adays bloggers and webmasters are using other social sharing buttons too e.g floating buttons, social it widgets etc. I have previously shared floating buttons of add this but this time I have brought you some new styles buttons as I have seen many people searching for floating buttons.

    Social Sharing Buttons For Blogger With 3 Different Styles

    Stylish responsive social follow buttons for blogger

    As socializing is very important for popularity of a blog therefore social buttons of different styles are used on blogs. Similarly not only sharing but fan pages are also very important for seo as it appears in search results, for this purpose follow buttons are also added in blogs to get more followers. The main reason of adding follow buttons of different social networks it relating them to blog. Some bloggers and webmaster also add pop-up boxes to their blogs so when blog is visited pop-up box opens and get followers. But try to avoid adding pop-up boxes as it makes your blog slow and also creates problem for visitors.

    Stylish Responsive Social Follow Buttons For Blogger

    How to add pinterest mouse over button "pin it" to images in blogger

    What is Pinterest:

    Pinterest is a social network where users can upload, save, sort and share images(called pins) and other content like videos (similar to Facebook). Pinterest is a platform which lets users to browse images and videos of others on the main page. In pinterest everyone has his own pinboard where he/she can upload and share images users can also share images of others on their pinboard by pin it button. 

    How To Add Pinterest Mouse Over Button "pin It" To Blogger Images

    101helper gadgets for blogger

    As I said social sharing is a good way to get more visitors to your blog. It is also a good way to make your blog popular. Blogger has its own sharing buttons at the bottom of each post in post footer but they are very small in size and it has only 3-4 icons such as blog this!, Facebook, Twitter and Google+.

    3 Different Style Social Sharing Buttons For Blogger

    101Helper | How to add smooth responsive floating social sharing buttons to you blog

    Social sharing is a good way to grow your audience. Some famous social networks are Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Stumbleupon etc. But most of users do not share your post as they don't see attractive buttons on your pages. These buttons not only help you to get more traffic but they also add beauty to your blog. This gadget makes your blog impressive and it is a good way to get people share your posts and make your blog famous. Follow the following steps to add this widget to you blog.

    (1). Go to and register an account.

    (2). Login to your addthis account, click on Tool Gallery and Select social sidebar as you see in below image.

    101Helper | How to add smooth responsive floating social sharing buttons to you blog

    (3). After selecting your desired buttons, copy the code and go to blogger Dashboard.

    (4). Click on template,edit it and click anywhere in the Html code.

    (5). Search <head> by using Ctrl+F on your keyboard and paste the  copied code just below it.

    (6). Now save the template and all is done.

    Note: Sometimes,it may take several minutes to appear. Its your choice to choose where the buttons should appear whether on left or right side of your web page. You can apply any change to widget from your addthis account.

    I hope you like this gadget and it is working on your blog if it isn't working ask me comments or contact me.

    If you like this post share it with your friends. Follow by E-mail or Facebook, Twitter or Google+ to get latest news about blogger gadgets.

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    Smooth Responsive Floating Social Media Buttons For Blogger