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  • If you are an old Adsense use you might have noticed that if you visit your blog though your IP or though any proxy or VPN, you always end up seeing ads that are totally irrelevant and not matching your interest or search queries which is totally against Adsense statement that they show interest based ads to your visitors. I also noticed this thing and searched for this thing and came to this conclusion that I have to change some settings in my Google Adsense so I thought to share this trick with you so that you can maximize your Google Adsense earnings by showing interest based ads to your visitors.


    Google calls it Personalized ads previously called Interest based advertising in which Google Adsense uses visitor's browsing history to serve ads but it is actually a bad idea that is explained below in this post.

    So in this post I will show you how to show more relevant ads by making changes in your Google Adsense account.

    How To Make Google Adsense Show Relevant Ads / Interesting Ads?

    Step 1: Go to your Adsense account and login to it.

    Step 2: In the menu on left hand, click on Allow & block ads > Content > All my sites.


    Step 3: Click on Ad serving and disable "User-based ads - show ads based on users’ interests, demographics, and Google Account information, and allow Google to collect visitation information from my site to create interest categories. Note, this control does not affect remarketing."


    Step 4: Wait for sometime for changes to apply !

    How it works?

    As you know we are disabling "User-based ads - show ads based on users’ interests, demographics, and Google Account information, and allow Google to collect visitation information from my site to create interest categories. Note, this control does not affect remarketing."

    So that the advertisers choose ads on your blog not Google, because Google collects data from each user and show him ads which are mostly not of there interest and advertisers choose to show ads on a site by keywords of that site so if your visitor search for shoes or fashion items and google starts showing shopping ads on your blog, your visitors won't click these ads because they are not on your site for shopping but for some other purpose that is your blog content and on the other hand if Google is not showing ads by user data and advertisers are showing keywords related data like for my blog they will show ads about seo or making money which is of my user's interest. So I will get more clicks when advertisers will show ads related to my content not user search based.

    I hope you got the concept, if not or you have something more to add then please leave a comment below so that other visitors can get help from it.

    Thanks for visiting 101Helper, share this post with others to help us spread our content.

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    How To Show More Relevant Ads - Google Adsense


    Getting the best out of Google AdSense is actually not a difficult step. Thanks to this platform, Google has created an opportunity for blog and website owners to be able to make some quick cash with their online platforms and presence on the online landscape.

    However, while there are certain platforms that are benefiting immensely from the use of Google AdSense, there seems to be some that are just lagging behind.

    If you like to increase the efficiency of your Google AdSense subscription, then these tips are definitely for you:

    There are certain best practices when it comes to ad styles

    When it comes to creating the styles of your ads, there are certain practices that are guaranteed to help increase your clicks.

    For your ad units, make sure that the borders and background colors are the same as that of your page
    Also, use colors that can already be found on your site. However, be careful not to match the orders and background where you end up placing the ads
    For units of ads, make sure that the colors you use are those which will stand out and be in contrast with the background of your site. This means that if your blog has a dark background, you will be better served with light-colored ads.

    Track the clicks that you get with AdSense

    While you will definitely get a head start when you understand the best practices with ad placement and styles, it is possible that your strategy doesn't produce the best results.  If you are to get the best out of your AdSense experience, you will need to correctly understand the best fit for your unique audience.

    With Google Analytics, you can track the performance of every ad unit and understand the impact that each is having on your earnings. As opposed to following some of the best practices that you see and not having results, it's better to be actionable and proactive towards your earnings.

    Use a plugin to manage your ads

    If you like to efficiently manage your ads, then an ad management plugin will be the best for you. With these, you will be able to place your ads easily and with speed. You can also set factors like ad rotations, expiry dates, and ad blocker messages.

    Easy management of your ads, no issues whatsoever.

    Ensure to choose the right keywords

    A lot of the things about Google are keywords. This means that the secret to getting the best out of AdSense is to get the best keywords out there.

    Take this simple analogy to understand the meaning of “keyword”:

    For instance, if you are looking for a magneto developer and you type in “hire magento developer” on your Google search box, that word you type becomes the keyword that drives your search, and you will most likely see the link to the magento development company.

    Keep things scanty

    Nobody likes a blog or website that is loaded with ads. That's why most people use ad blockers. When your platform is congested with advertisements to the point that a visitor is redirected to another page every time they touch the page (this happens especially for mobile-optimized sites and touchscreen smartphones), then there is a high chance that these ads will negatively impact your website. To wit, make sure that the ads on your website are scanty.

    Remember that when it comes to ads, it's not about the quantity, but the quality and relevance of the ads.

    I hope you found this post helpful. Leave a comment if you have any query or opinion. Thanks for visiting 101Helper.

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    How To Use Google AdSense For The Best Results?

    Do you want to earn money faster from blogging ? then you are at right place. So far I have created many posts about earning money from blogging like adhitz, infolinks, revenue hits, chitika and affiliate networks but today I am going to tell you about propeller ads which is a faster way to earn money. Its one of the best way to earn faster from blogging with only one disadvantage and that is its first minimum payout is $100 and after that you can payout if you reach $25.

    Don't leave this network because of a higher payout rate. Just give it atleast a try and you will see that its easier to earn from propeller ads as compared to other ads and also you can reach this high threshold because of there great ads.

    Propeller ads advantages:

    1. Accepts any site easily, no minimum traffic is required.

    2. All ad sizes are available(square, rectangle, 800X600, 160X600 etc).

    3. Payment methods include PayPal, Bank Wire, Payoneer Prepaid Mastercard ®, Payoneer Global Bank Transfer, ePayments, EPESE and Webmoney.

    4. Higher revenue generating Mobile ad units are available.

    5. Higher CPM(cost per 1000) - $3, $2, $1 minimum CPM rates.


    6. If you don't have a blog or site you can still earn money with propeller ads using these native ad links, these links generate high revenues. So you can earn per view.

    7. It is a pay per view ad network, its native ad links earn you per view. You can earn $0.20 to $0.50 per day with even low traffic.

    8. Propeller ads referral program is really really good, you can earn $1 to $2 from 5 referrals per month. So more referrals equals to more money.

    9. Ad units do not slow down your site, these are really optimized for faster performance.

    10. Real time analytics of how your ad units are performing, updated every minute.

    11. On-click / popup ads are also available and you can customize them to maintain your visitors experience while serving ads. You can allow 2 popups per visitor which means if you have 100 views per day your ad gets 200 views per day and that can generate you good rates depending on region of your traffic.

    12. If you have videos on your blog or you have a blog only about videos then propeller ads can help you with it, they have video ads too.

    13. You can use it with Google Adsense but don't use pop-ups, you can use interstitial ads.

    earn-money-from-revenuehitsHow To Earn Money With Revenue Hits In Blogger

    Propeller ads Disadvantages:

    1. Minimum payout is $100 for the first payout and after that you can payout with a minimum threshold of $25.

    So these were the advantages and disadvantages of propeller ads. With only one disadvantage which is also for the first and last time, I consider this network good and recommend it. So if I am able to convince you then give it a try and share your experience with me by leaving a comment below.

    How To Earn Money From Propeller Ads ?

    Step 1: Sign up for a Propeller Ads account as publisher.

    Step 2: Go to your email and verify your account.

    Step 3: Login to your Propeller ads account.

    Step 4: Click on Sites in the menu on left side.

    Step 5: Click on + Add new site button.

    Step 6: Paste your blog link and click on submit


    Step 7: Verify domain by copying the meta tag and paste it in your blog theme just after <head>.

    Step 8: Save your theme and go back to your propeller ads account and click on verify.

    Step 9: Once you verify your account you can make a banner.


    Step 10: After making a banner, just copy its code and go to blogger layout and click on add a gadget, select HTML/Javascript and paste your ad code.

    Step 11: Save and you are done.

    Tips To Increase Earnings In Propeller Ads:

    If you want to get CPM upto $5 then use following:

    1. Native Direct ads
    2. Popup ads in blogs which do not have Adsense.
    3. Mobile Interstitial and dialog ads.
    Use popup boxes in your blog with checkuout this offer buttons or fixed bars with buttons and use the native ads links, it will increase your earnings for sure.

    You can also use native ads links in posts, sidebars and anywhere where they can be visited.

    How To Use Propeller Ads To Earn Money From Facebook Page, Twitter Account Or Social Network ?

    If you have a Facebook page or twitter account with a huge audience then you can double up your earnings. How ? follow below steps:

    Step 1: Go to propeller ads and login to your account or sign up and then login.

    Step 2: Click on sites and click on Add new channel.

    Step 3: Create a Native Direct Ad.


    Step 4: Copy the link and post it on your Facebook page, Tweet it Or share it on Instagram and earn money for every view.

    New Features Updates:

    Propeller ads have recently added another very useful feature that is very unique and no other ad network has this ad feature. Its push ad notification which is very good for those who want to get benefit from mobile visitors. Mechanism is very simple, once you install the code of this ad unit, the ad show up in mbile view with 2 options i.e: Would you like to subscribe to updates with yes ans cancel options. If visitor click yes propeller ads will send ads as notification and you will earn for each click, CPM, per app install etc.

    To get benefit of this new feature, go to propeller ads, sign in, generate this ad unit and copy the ad tag. Put it in your mobile site and start earning more. More subscribers = More ads serving = More revenue.


    How to show ads above comments in Blogger Mobile site

    ● How to show ads in Mobile view in Blogger

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    How To Earn Money Faster From Propeller Ads In Blogger

    This is my another post about Google Adsense and I am happy to announce that Google Adsense has a new ad unit that is "Matched Content" ad unit and it is a great opportunity for Adsense publishers to boost their Adsense earnings plus it has some more great features that will surely impress you and you will start using this ad unit.

    Here is a screenshot of this ad unit:

    matched content adsense new ad unit blogger

    You can see that it looks similar to Related Posts Widget and thats the special thing about this ad unit that you can not only recommend your posts but also show adsense in between them and these ads are native so Google finds most similar posts of advertisers and show them in your ad unit and people click these ads because these ads are native and they are of their interest.

    So you can say that this ad unit is simply amazing and best way to boost your Adsense earnings as well as increasing page views. Also after adding this ad unit you can remove your related post widget because it works as related post widget and ad server.

    Before showing you how to install this ad unit let me tell you that this ad unit is not available for every Google Adsense user, to know are you eligible for this ad unit go to your Adsense account and create a new ad unit, if matched content ad unit option is there then it means you can use this ad unit.

    Eligibility to use Matched content

    Depending upon your site traffic your site may fall in one of the following categories.

    1. Not eligible - Your site doesn't have a minimum requirements for traffic volume and number of unique pages.

    2. Eligible but can't show ads yet - Your site have a minimum requirements for traffic volume and number of unique pages but still needs improvement.

    3. Eligible and can show ads - Your site have our minimum requirements for traffic volume and number of unique pages, and it can show ads.

    Step to check if your site is eligible for Matched content:

    1. Go to Google Adsense and login to your account.

    2. Go to settings > my sites > Matched content


    2. Go to my ads > create ad unit > Matched content ad unit.

    Read more about Match content feature at Adsense Help Center

    How to Install "MATCHED CONTENT" Ad Unit In Blogger Blog ?

    1. Go to Google Adsense and login to your account.

    2. In the right side bar click on My ads and create a + New ad unit.


    3. Select Matched content ad unit.


    4. Customize your ad unit, you can change style of ad unit and also change size of ad unit. There is a preview available!


    5. Copy your ad code:

    6. Place it where you would like to show your matched content ad unit.

    Tips for placement:

    1. Place your matched content unit below your articles.

    2. Place your matched content unit in sidebar.

    How To Install Ads In Sidebar ?

    How To Show Ads Below/Above Post Footer And Header In Blogger ?

    How To Show Ads In Mobile View In Blogger ?

    I hope you found this post helpful. If you have any question ask me in comments. Thanks for visiting 101Helper.

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    "Matched Content" New Adsense Ad Unit - Boost Your Earnings


    Although I usually don't write about best ad networks for publishers because everybody has its own opinion about ad networks, some like PPC ad networks and some like eCPM ad networks and some like both, but actually everybody is concerned with the rates and payouts. In my opinion PPC ad networks are better but if you get enough clicks on your ads but eCPM is also good if you have a good traffic.

    5 Best Pay Per Click(PPC) Ad Networks For Bloggers

    With the gloomy economy surrounding us from every end, there has never come a better time when people are in need of extra check, or even better a more assured source of income; this is without making a big investment up front. Thanks to the power of Internet today we do have some amazing business opportunities that can consistently keep our pocket full along with taking care of our mortgages, utilities and all other regular expenses.

    Top Online Businesses That Keeps Your Pockets Full Every Time

    Ad-spaces are always useful because they let you show ads in a different way rather than simple ads. 125X125 ad-space is even more useful than ordinary ad spaces because it lets you to show 4 ads at a time and all ads could be of different ad networks so you earn from all networks. It also adds a star to your site design so your site looks more professional. Also 125X125 ad-space compress your ads in a small area so if you want you can show 8 ads by just consuming ad space of 2 square ads, hence it is a beneficial thing.

    How To Add 125X125 Ad-space In Blogger Sidebar


    Google Adsense is a strict ad network thats why its approval, making money with it, maintaining it is not easy. You need to keep focus on wrong clicks, right clicks, traffic, code placement and modifications and also you need to check that your ad code should not be on other sites. You should use your Adsense account with very care otherwise you will get banned. So to increase your adsense earnings you need to work in such limits that your earnings are increased without getting banned. So in this post I will tell you how to increase adsense earnings without getting banned.

    How To Increase Google Adsense Earnings / Revenue

    I have shared many ad networks for publishers along with whole method of how to sign up, implementation of ads and boosting earnings but today I am going to share something most amazing and searched by bloggers and other publishers, its Google Adsense. It doesn't need any intro everyone is aware of Google Adsense. The thing which is most liked by publishers is high rates and best services which makes Adsense on top of all ad networks and thats why all bloggers and other publishers wish to have approved adsense account to earn good money. But as its the best ad network it is strict too because it provides better services to its advertisers. It doesn't tolerate any violence against its policies in order to provide best services to both advertisers and publishers.

    google-adsense approval

    How To Get Approved Adsense Account With Blogger

    earn money from appnext googleplay store 101helper

    I have shared many ways of earning online with blogger blog but today I am sharing something unique and different which is good to earn bigger amounts. With this amazing network you can earn money for each cpi(cost per install) and it is only for blogger mobile sites not for desktop site. Also its not only for blogger but all mobile websites can be integrated with these ads.

    How To Earn Bigger From Google Play Store Apps

    how to add ads inside blogspot posts

    A very rare information you will find online is "how to put any network ads inside blogger posts". You might find how to add ads below first image in blogger posts but not in the middle or 1/4th of the post. And they are really helpful in increaing revenue. So in this post I will show you how to add any network ads any where in the blogger blog posts. You can add any size ad e.g 300X250 or 468X60 etc.

    How To Put Ads Inside Posts In Blogger

    how to earn money from infolinks in blogger

    Infolinks, an innovative ads network is the best publishing network after Google Adsense. It has over 150,000 publishers worldwide and has wonderful opportunities for publishers and advertisers too! The best thing about Infolinks is it easily approves publishers, not like Adsense which takes you to your knees to get approval. Lets see what Infolinks gives us!

    How To Earn Money From Infolinks In Blogger

    how to show ads in blogger mobile above comments 101helper

    Placing ads in blogger mobile site is always difficult for every newbie because handling blogger template is not easy especially in case of mobile blogging it becomes more difficult so bloggers either avoid placing ads in blogger mobile site or add ads as a gadget or try to show infolinks ads in mobile site. Adding ads in gadget is not a problem but it may slow down your mobile site. But its important also to show ads on mobile site specially those bloggers which have majority of visitors on mobile site really need to show ads in mobile to get a maximum benefit from blog. So this tutorial is to show you how to place ads in blogger mobile site just above the comment box below every post. It will boost your blog revenue to a great extend. So lets start!

    How To Show Ads Above Comments In Blogger Mobile Site

    how to ad slide out ads in blogger

    Earning money from blogs or websites is getting popular day by day but only few bloggers are successful in earning an extra cash from blogging because getting clicks is not easy. Only those bloggers are successful in making money online who are familiar with javascript or css. Because with the help of css and javascript they make slideouts or make ads floating to get more clicks and earn money. But those who don't know javascript or css keep on waiting for clicks. So they don't get enough clicks and earn a single dollar in months. Thus ads optimization is very important to make ads clickable and beneficial otherwise blogging is just waste of time. So in this post I will show you how to add slideouts and place your ad in the slideout pannels. It will boost your blog revenue by 60%. So lets begin!

    How To Install Slide Out Ad Space To Boost Revenue In Blogger

    earn money blogging online from AdHitz

    PPC(Pay Per Click) is the mostly wanted ad network because it pays for every click you get. Although every ad network say that they have ppc feature but only a few really have this great feature so publishers usually head to ppc ad networks to earn faster and better. One of the best PPC ad network is adhitz. It is online since 2009 and is operated by a well know ptc site, Clixense. It has different rates for different countries and image as well as text ad campaigns. One can earn much better with adhitz than anyother network. Adhitz pays very high rates so it wouldn't be wrong if i say that adhitz is better than Google adsense. Without any doubt Adsense really pay high rates but no one can fit in its criteria of ads placement. Because Google has mentioned in the ads placement policy that ads shouldn't be placed beside any download button, ads shouldn't be placed with a flash image because it grabs the users attention, ads can't be made floating on the page etc. So these rules make it too difficult to earn money from Google adsense because there is no way that you can make your visitors to click on your ads and in normal conditions nobody is going to click ads. Adhitz also has ads placement policy but it doesn't say that you can't place ads near a flash image or in a pop-up. So its easy to earn money with Adhitz.

    How To Earn Money From Adhitz In Blogger

    how to earn money from revenue hits in blogger

    Revenue hits is a newly introduced ad network and it is best alternative of Google Adsense after Infolinks. It is not better as Adsense but it is not less in any way. If you have only 100 views per day you can earn good with Revenue Hits. It has all types of banners and mobile ads too. CPM as well as CPC rates are also high. Apart from it you have opportunity to refer people using your link. Revenue hits says that you can earn upto $100 per referral. It have all types of referral banners too. After personally reviewing it I recommend it for publishers. This post is a review of revenue hits and a tutorial about how to use revenue hits to earn money via blogger blogs.

    How To Earn Money With Revenue Hits In Blogger


    You must be friendly with "sponsored content" if you are an internet earner. Sponsored content marketing is a new way to earn money though blogs and websites similar to ads monetizing. In sponsored content marketing you have to show content from other websites and blogs. It is a very easy and efficient way to increase blog revenue. Especially when you target a special category of content, I mean if you show similar content on your blog from other websites and blogs because it would grab visitors interest and you will earn more!

    How It works?

    It is very similar to ads monetizing. As in ads monetizing advertisers pay money to ad networks and bid for each click similar to it in content marketing they pay to advertise their content on other blogs. When you sign-up to content monetizing site as a publisher it gives you a widget or code which shows content on your pages and you get paid when someone read anything from "sponsored content".

    How To Earn Money From "Sponsored Content" In Blogger?

    Its very easy to earn money with sponsored content all you need is a blog with someone minimum 100 visitors per day. And if you own a blog with more visitors you can earn more! Moreover if you wish to advertise your content on other blogs and websites and boost your traffic then you can get benefit of "sponsored content marketing". All you have to do is to become an advertiser. So in this post I will show teach you how to earn money from "sponsored content" in blogger. Apart from it I will mention some highly paying and most reliable "sponsored content marketing networks" where you can register to earn money or boost traffic!

    Follow below steps to start earning money from sponsored content:

    Step 1: Choose anyone of the below mentioned "sponsored content" networks and register a free account.


    It is a widely used content marketing network. It has 2000+ advertisers and 600+ visitors. Average ECPM rate is $6 for US visitors. All types of widgets are available for publishers e.g vertical and horizontal. Easily installable widgets which can be integrated within 3 minutes and doesn't affect blog speed. Minimum payable amount is $100.

    Limk is one of the best "sponsored content marketing network" its smart widgets make it best. Link has desktop as well as mobile compatible widgets. This network doesn't affect your seo too. Number of Publishers and Advertisers are unknown though its smart statics analysis and widgets make it great. Advertisers has a great opportunity to get $250 credit for free advertising.


    Gravity is partner with all big publishers like Forbes, CNN, Visa, Aol, Engadget etc so it pays high rates. Its a good choice for publishers but its not easy to get your site approved. You must have a good daily traffic to get approval. It has responsive design widgets and easy to install. is also one of the best content marketing network. It has all types of widgets like horizontal, vertical, text only and pop-up. All the widgets are 100% responsive and smart e.g pop-up widget pops-up after 30 seconds of page load. So it increase your readers sponsored content readers and boosts your revenue.

    Join As Publisher / Advertiser

    Infolinks is actually an ad network but now it has started "sponsored content marketing" too. Very few people know this. If you are an infolinks user then you can enable this features in the In-tag window of your account, just turn on "Revenue Booster" and sponsored content will start showing up on your blog below each post. It will boost your earnings.

    If you haven't registered any account yet you can join now.

    It is a widely used content marketing network. It pays very high rates because it is partner with big companies. It is very famous and has millions of publishers and advertisers. Its not easy to get approval with taboola if you don't have traffic. Taboola is best for high traffic sites and blogs.

    You can also use other networks like Outbrain, Engageya and shareholic.

    Step 2: Sign-up to any of the above network and wait for approval.

    Step 3: Once approved add widget to your blog below posts.

    Step 4: Cashout once you reach your minimum payout threshold.

    Don't miss related posts below. These are recommended for you!

    I hope you like this post. You might be thinking that this post is not useful because I have't taught how to sign-up, how to integrate widget etc but its useful because this post teaches you several other things like new way to earn money though blogging and its a guide about trusted and best "sponsored content networks". So get benefit of this post and don't forget to share with others.

    If you have any question or suggestion you can leave a comment below!

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    How To Earn Money From Sponsored Content In Blogger


    Chitika is one of the highest paying ad network and very suitable for blogger blogs. It has good ppc rates and tracks traffic very accurately. It is very easy to use chitika for blogger because of its easier integrating service. It has all types of ad units e.g text ads, slide out ad, hover ads(appear when text is selected) and banners of every size. Chitika has started referral program also so now you can double your earnings by referring others to Chitika. Chitika payout method is paypal. In this tutorial I will show you how to earn money with chitika in blogger.

    How To Earn Money With Chitika In Blogger


    Most of the blogs are created to monetize them by ads and earn money but it is a confusing step to choose a good ad network for a blog. Everybody wish to monetize his blog with a network which pays the highest rates. But most of the ad networks becomes a reason of disappointment because even if you have a high traffic and unique visitors they don't pay enough rates. Now a days the most popular and highest paying ad network is Google Adsense but Google Adsense is not approved easily so you can use alternative ad network of Google Adsense which is Infolinks. Infolinks could also be called all in one and the best ad network for bloggers because it has following features:

    Infolinks - The Best Ad Network For Bloggers

    Earning money by affiliate marketing in blogger

    Blogging is considered as a very beneficial and easy way to earn money at home and a number of people is earning money through blogs and website either by monetizing ads or by affiliate marketing. Monetizing ads is the most common way to earn money. Some people use to refer others to websites for registration and earn money it is called referrals marketing, some people use to earn money by gadgets like related posts widget while some use to earn money through link shortners e.g but all of these methods aren't worthy except monetizing Google Adsense ads or any other worthy publisher network. After monetizing ads an other way to earn a good revenue is affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing means to sell out products of others to earn a commission. Both methods(Monetizing blogs by ads and Affiliate marketing) are worth but if you have a high blog traffic. In this post I will show you how to earn money through affiliate marketing along with a list of top affiliate marketing websites, so lets begin! 

    Earn Money By Affiliate Marketing In Blogger