How To Get Approved Adsense Account With Blogger

I have shared many ad networks for publishers along with whole method of how to sign up, implementation of ads and boosting earnings but...


Does it happened with you too? Did you also clicked your adsense ad accidently? if yes then you must be worried about penalty(ban) which brought you here! , I was also worried like you the first time I clicked my own ad accidentally. But don't worry you are not going to get banned by Google Adsense.  Google AdSense policy clearly mentions that as a publisher, you cannot click on your own ad otherwise you will get banned. In an article named, “Accidents Happens”, “Google mentions that you don’t need to contact them every time this happens. They will not ban you from clicking it accidentally but consistently repeating the same mistake will prove damaging.” As a Magento development company, you must know the following tricks to avoid those accidental clicks:
1. Invalid click contact form

If you sense more than usual click on your ads then the best thing to do is, notify Google AdSense about it through “Invalid click contact form”. In this way, AdSense will know you weren’t aware of the invalid click and are not falsely increasing your earnings.
2. Fast clicks are not real clicks

Advertisers do not value fast clicks. That’s the reason they get ignored being detected as accidental clicks. So, don’t get worried about them as they are not the actual clicks.

3. Edge clicks lack value

For touchscreens on mobile devices, the fat finger is a reality. On average the size of a finger pad is around 50pixels. Accidentally touching the edge of an ad while swiping through the mobile screens happens all the times. Intentional clicks have high conversational rates and more user intentionality. So, edged clicks lack value as compared to those that came from interior ones. Google recommends to protect edge clicks by increasing the size to 150 pixels.

4. Use line breaks 

For DIV, use one line break prior to DIV and one before initiating AdSense code and also one after the AdSense code. This will blend in well with both mobile and desktop within the on-page elements. If you cannot do it, hire Magento developer.

5. Who sees ads Plugin

This Plugin prevents the publishers from clicking on their own ads. “Who sees ads Plugin” also allows you to decide the type of visitors you want to have access to your ads.

6. Click Bomb-Protect Plugin

Click bombing begins when your CTR exceeds the limit. You can easily avoid click bombing by adding a code to code of your ad. This plugin is supported by all themes and is user-friendly. Most importantly, you can restore your Ip address after being banned by AdSense.

7. Install Google publisher tool

But remember, accidents cannot happen frequently, excessive own clicks may ban you from the program. At that time we suggest you to add an extension to the Google chrome, through which you will be aware of the URL of the blocked ad. Here is how you will do it; Search for Google publisher tool in chrome, click on “Add to Chrome” then select “Add extension”. Its icon will appear on your screen. Click on the icon and “Allow” it to access your account. Now sign in to your account and publisher tool will create an overlay on your on your own ads.


Accidentally clicking on your own ads is not a big deal but doing it constantly either intentionally or unintentionally can block your Ip address. There are a lot of ways of preventing it which are discussed in this article.

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Google Adsense Ads Accidental Clicks, What To Do?


Getting the best out of Google AdSense is actually not a difficult step. Thanks to this platform, Google has created an opportunity for blog and website owners to be able to make some quick cash with their online platforms and presence on the online landscape.

However, while there are certain platforms that are benefiting immensely from the use of Google AdSense, there seems to be some that are just lagging behind.

If you like to increase the efficiency of your Google AdSense subscription, then these tips are definitely for you:

There are certain best practices when it comes to ad styles

When it comes to creating the styles of your ads, there are certain practices that are guaranteed to help increase your clicks.

For your ad units, make sure that the borders and background colors are the same as that of your page
Also, use colors that can already be found on your site. However, be careful not to match the orders and background where you end up placing the ads
For units of ads, make sure that the colors you use are those which will stand out and be in contrast with the background of your site. This means that if your blog has a dark background, you will be better served with light-colored ads.

Track the clicks that you get with AdSense

While you will definitely get a head start when you understand the best practices with ad placement and styles, it is possible that your strategy doesn't produce the best results.  If you are to get the best out of your AdSense experience, you will need to correctly understand the best fit for your unique audience.

With Google Analytics, you can track the performance of every ad unit and understand the impact that each is having on your earnings. As opposed to following some of the best practices that you see and not having results, it's better to be actionable and proactive towards your earnings.

Use a plugin to manage your ads

If you like to efficiently manage your ads, then an ad management plugin will be the best for you. With these, you will be able to place your ads easily and with speed. You can also set factors like ad rotations, expiry dates, and ad blocker messages.

Easy management of your ads, no issues whatsoever.

Ensure to choose the right keywords

A lot of the things about Google are keywords. This means that the secret to getting the best out of AdSense is to get the best keywords out there.

Take this simple analogy to understand the meaning of “keyword”:

For instance, if you are looking for a magneto developer and you type in “hire magento developer” on your Google search box, that word you type becomes the keyword that drives your search, and you will most likely see the link to the magento development company.

Keep things scanty

Nobody likes a blog or website that is loaded with ads. That's why most people use ad blockers. When your platform is congested with advertisements to the point that a visitor is redirected to another page every time they touch the page (this happens especially for mobile-optimized sites and touchscreen smartphones), then there is a high chance that these ads will negatively impact your website. To wit, make sure that the ads on your website are scanty.

Remember that when it comes to ads, it's not about the quantity, but the quality and relevance of the ads.

I hope you found this post helpful. Leave a comment if you have any query or opinion. Thanks for visiting 101Helper.

  • Junaid Ali Qureshi
  • Site URL: https://www.magentodevelopers.online/
  • is leader/representative/frontrunner of an expert magento development team and an experienced digital marketing specialist dedicated to develop intuitive, well crafted, smart websites having blistering opening on search engine(s) making time and money worthwhile. His current ventures include magentodevelopers.online ,Elephantation, eLabelz, Smart Leads.ae, Progos Tech and eCig.
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How To Use Google AdSense For The Best Results?

Google is constantly improving and working on new ideas, Recently they introduced matched content unit, after that they introduced in-feed, in-article ads which were really new ideas and used by many f its users. Now Google Adsense is back with a new feature, its called "Google Adsense Auto Ads", as indicated by its name this feature work automatically for you. So this post is about new auto ads feature of Google Adsense. In this post I will show you what are the benefits of this new feature, how to set it up and everything I know about it.

Benefits Of Google Adsense Auto Ads

●  Artificial Intelligence:  Auto ads work automatically, Google use artificial intelligence to manage your ads.

Optimization: As Auto Ads are managed by machines(Artificial intelligence), it learns and show ads when they perform best and benefit both users and publishers

Revenue: Google wants to benefit its users so auto ads find available ad spaces and show ads where you didn't even have ad codes placed, thereby increase your revenue.

No codes changing: With auto ads, you get only one code and you need to place this code only once on a page, if you are using blogger, place this code only once in theme and every page will contain the code. Now sit back and Google will work for you and show right ad on right time at right place.

Where To Add Auto Ads Code?

According to Google Adsense team, you can place auto ads code in pages where you already have ad codes placed. You don't need to remove them, Auto ads will take into account all existing Google ads.

If you are using Vignette or Anchor ads then you don't need to place auto ads code in your mobile site because all of them have been migrated to Auto ads, so you don't need to change codes again.

How To Setup And Google Adsense Auto Ads?

Its super fast and easy !

Step 1: Sign in to your Google Adsense account.

Step 2: Click on  My Ads in the menu on left side.

Step 3: Select Auto Ads.


Step 4: On the "Choose your global settings" page, use the switch controls to select the ad formats that you would like to enable.

Step 5: Mark "Automatically get new formats" selected if you want Google AdSense to add new ad formats to your global settings automatically when they are available.


Step 6: Click Save and you are one step far from Auto Ads.

Step 7: Copy the code and go to blogger > theme > Edit Html and place the code just below <head> or above </head>.


Click on Done to continue to your Adsense dashboard.

To see reports of how your auto ads are performing, go to auto ads in your Adsense and click on report's icon to view report.


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Google Adsense Introduces Auto Ads - New Feature !

Google Adsense is frequently improving and letting publishers use their new ad types. Recently Google Adsense updated "Matched Content" New Adsense Ad Unit which is like a related post widget and is really useful because it not only makes you money but also increase your page views.
Now Google Adsense have updated in-feed and in-article ad types which are also good and will improve your earnings. First let me tell you something about In-Article adsense ad unit.


Google Adsense In-Article Ads:

These are actually native ads and they are specially for articles as indicated by their name. This ad type is good for those blogs and website which have articles about something and because of their great look these ads will improve earnings. Here is a demo of Google Adsense in-article ad.


In-article ad is a responsive type of ad so you can't decide its width, it will adjust itself on its own. There are many options to customize ad look. You can see these options at the time of adding this ad.

Also you have option to "Show selected display ads" in the Global options section in your adsense account which allows you to to show selected display ads which can help you boost your earnings. Google decides which ads will be best for your blog or website. Here is a screenshot of customization options:


Adding this add is simple and exactly same as "Matched Content" New Adsense Ad Unit. To add Google adsense in-article ad in your blog's post go to your blog edit a post, switch the editor to HTML and paste the ad code where you would like the ad to show.

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Google Adsense In-Feed Ads:

This is I guess best ad unit for smart phone and tablets devices. And it is a good ad unit to get more clicks on ads from mobile traffic. Comparing with In-article ad unit In-feed ad unit has four different types and it comes with more customization options. Take a look:

1. Image Above In-Feed Ad:

2. Image On Side In-Feed Ad:


3. Title Above In-Feed Ad:


4. Text Only In-Feed Ad:


All these ad units comes with same customization option which are shown in below image.


You can add these ads in your posts as well as in the layout above or below your post. I recommend adding in between posts to get more clicks.

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I hope you found this post helpful, read more from below for Google adsense tutorials.

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Google Adsense In-Feed & In-Article Ads Update - Boost Adsense Earnings

This is my another post about Google Adsense and I am happy to announce that Google Adsense has a new ad unit that is "Matched Content" ad unit and it is a great opportunity for Adsense publishers to boost their Adsense earnings plus it has some more great features that will surely impress you and you will start using this ad unit.

Here is a screenshot of this ad unit:

matched content adsense new ad unit blogger

You can see that it looks similar to Related Posts Widget and thats the special thing about this ad unit that you can not only recommend your posts but also show adsense in between them and these ads are native so Google finds most similar posts of advertisers and show them in your ad unit and people click these ads because these ads are native and they are of their interest.

So you can say that this ad unit is simply amazing and best way to boost your Adsense earnings as well as increasing page views. Also after adding this ad unit you can remove your related post widget because it works as related post widget and ad server.

Before showing you how to install this ad unit let me tell you that this ad unit is not available for every Google Adsense user, to know are you eligible for this ad unit go to your Adsense account and create a new ad unit, if matched content ad unit option is there then it means you can use this ad unit.

Eligibility to use Matched content

Depending upon your site traffic your site may fall in one of the following categories.

1. Not eligible - Your site doesn't have a minimum requirements for traffic volume and number of unique pages.

2. Eligible but can't show ads yet - Your site have a minimum requirements for traffic volume and number of unique pages but still needs improvement.

3. Eligible and can show ads - Your site have our minimum requirements for traffic volume and number of unique pages, and it can show ads.

Step to check if your site is eligible for Matched content:

1. Go to Google Adsense and login to your account.

2. Go to settings > my sites > Matched content


2. Go to my ads > create ad unit > Matched content ad unit.

Read more about Match content feature at Adsense Help Center

How to Install "MATCHED CONTENT" Ad Unit In Blogger Blog ?

1. Go to Google Adsense and login to your account.

2. In the right side bar click on My ads and create a + New ad unit.


3. Select Matched content ad unit.


4. Customize your ad unit, you can change style of ad unit and also change size of ad unit. There is a preview available!


5. Copy your ad code:

6. Place it where you would like to show your matched content ad unit.

Tips for placement:

1. Place your matched content unit below your articles.

2. Place your matched content unit in sidebar.

How To Install Ads In Sidebar ?

How To Show Ads Below/Above Post Footer And Header In Blogger ?

How To Show Ads In Mobile View In Blogger ?

I hope you found this post helpful. If you have any question ask me in comments. Thanks for visiting 101Helper.

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"Matched Content" New Adsense Ad Unit - Boost Your Earnings


Adsense being compatible with mobile sites lets you to add ads in mobile site and its really important to add Adsense ad units in mobile because it increases your earnings effectively and massively. So to increase your Adsense earnings you need to install special ad units which will fit mobile screens and help you to get more clicks and increase CPC earnings. You can see a demo of floating Adsense ad unit in below image.

How To Add Overlay / Interstitial Adsense Ads in Blogger Mobile Site


Google Adsense is a strict ad network thats why its approval, making money with it, maintaining it is not easy. You need to keep focus on wrong clicks, right clicks, traffic, code placement and modifications and also you need to check that your ad code should not be on other sites. You should use your Adsense account with very care otherwise you will get banned. So to increase your adsense earnings you need to work in such limits that your earnings are increased without getting banned. So in this post I will tell you how to increase adsense earnings without getting banned.

How To Increase Google Adsense Earnings / Revenue

I have shared many ad networks for publishers along with whole method of how to sign up, implementation of ads and boosting earnings but today I am going to share something most amazing and searched by bloggers and other publishers, its Google Adsense. It doesn't need any intro everyone is aware of Google Adsense. The thing which is most liked by publishers is high rates and best services which makes Adsense on top of all ad networks and thats why all bloggers and other publishers wish to have approved adsense account to earn good money. But as its the best ad network it is strict too because it provides better services to its advertisers. It doesn't tolerate any violence against its policies in order to provide best services to both advertisers and publishers.

google-adsense approval

How To Get Approved Adsense Account With Blogger