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  • "Slide out related posts gadget" is a gadget powered by addthis which works on jquery. It is one of the most important gadget that is very beneficial for those who have a very low traffic. This gadget slides up when a page is scrolled down and on every page it shows a different recommendation so every post is shown one by one which boosts your traffic stats. One more special thing about this gadget is that it doesn't affect your blogs speed. Moreover you can see analytics of  your slide out gadget which shows you "how many click you have got" on your recommendations. So you have a full information about your traffic stats. This gadget is available for both mobile sites and desktop sites. So now you can add this gadget in your mobile site as well as desktop site and start boosting your traffic.

    Related Posts Slide Out Gadget For Blogger


    "Simple Related Posts Widget For Blogger" is the most frequently searched on search engines because it is a very important gadget for blogger. It helps visitors to reach more posts on your blog and hence it helps you to multiply your traffic. Related posts widget plays a role of internal linker as it link one post with other so it has a great impact on your traffic as well as seo. Because internal linking is a part of off-page seo. As this gadget is so important for blogger therefore some websites are also formed which provides related posts plugin for your blog but if a website's plugin is used then it may slow down your blog which is not good.

    Link/text Only Related Posts Widget For Blogger With 6 Different Styles

    related posts widget for blogger mobile 101helper

    A very important factor of off page seo is internal linking, it means to inter link other posts with the post you write. Internal linking is good for seo as well as it increases your page views because it is the way by which visitors reach to your posts. Internal linking is of two types one is to mention links of older posts in new post and the second is to add a related, recentrecommendation or featured posts widget in your blog. It helps visitors to reach to more posts and read them. Related post widget is most popular in desktop sites but now you can add related posts widget in your blogger mobile site to engage your mobile visitors to your blog. So in this post I will show you how to add related posts widget in blogger mobile site.

    Related Posts Widget For Blogger Mobile

    Related posts widget for blogger/wordpress

    Content recommendation is the best way to boost your blog traffic. There are so many ways to show recommended content is a blog such as related posts widget, popular post widget, random posts widget etc. Content recommendation doesn't limit to just widgets but internal linking is also a type of recommendation and it helps to make a seo friendly blog. Content recommendation widgets can be found on internet in a huge quantity and a number of content amplification websites provide recommendation widgets like shareholic, outbrain, linkwithin, addthis etc. A new content amplification website is also introduced which is Engageya and this post is about how to use recommendation widgets powered by Engageya. Engageya has more than 7 types of content recommendation widgets and it also lets its users to join their publisher program and be publisher to earn money via showing recommended content from other websites. So in this post I will show you how to use Engageya recommended content widgets in blogger. 

    Engageya Recommendation/Related Post Widget For Blogger

    Floating social sharing bar for blogger | 101Helper social sharing buttons for blogger

    Social sharing is a good way to drive traffic to a blog or website therefore social buttons are used in blogs and websites to get shares, tweets, pins and so on to spread blog or webpages. Blogger has built-in share buttons below each post, but now a days people use to add floating buttons in blogs because its trending and is helpful to share posts easily and quickly. Floating buttons are in both vertical and horizontal styles but the most popular one is vertical style, so people usually use vertical floating share buttons in blogs but horizontal floating buttons are also used to help visitors share posts without scrolling to the end of the post as share buttons float with scrolling page as the visitor scrolls.

    Floating Social Sharing Bar For Blogger

    I have shared many types of related posts gadget which includes nrelate related posts gadget, outbrain related posts gadget, linkwithin related posts gadget etc because related posts gadget is very important for every blog and website. It helps in seo and also increases pageviews of a blog. Related posts gadgets which I have previously shared are with thumbnails though some of them can be also added in a way that it will show links only(simple related posts gadget).

    Shareholic Related Post Gadget For Blogger

    All in one social sharing buttons for blogger

    Social sharing is very important for a website's traffic and popularity. A site with more social shares is more popular than the site having less social shares. Social networks are so popular that after Google Facebook is the second biggest website with respect to traffic. Its popularity can be evaluated from its number of users that it has more than 1.3 billion users word wide. Similarly other social networks like Twitter, Pinterest, linkedin etc have also many users and it is a great opportunity for bloggers and site owners to gain traffic from social networks. Although every blog and site has built-in social icons for sharing posts but people search and add other social sharing icons because of their responsive and stylish design.

    All In One Social Sharing Buttons For Blogger

    Related posts widget for website and blog

    I have shared many types of featured related post widgets for blogger having different styles such as Linkwithin related post widget, n-relate related posts widget etc. As this widget is used and searched on internet very often. Related post widget is added in order to increase blog traffic because with the help of this widget visitors are able to see similar posts and read them which helps in increasing page-views.

    Simple Related Post Widget With Thumbnails And Links For Blogger

    101Helper related post widget for blogger

    Related post widget is one of the most useful widget. It shows similar posts at the bottom of every post. It is so popular now adays that not only bloggers but webmasters are also using it. It works automatically and doesn't need  to update after publishing new posts.

    Related Post Widget With Thumbnails For Blogger

    Gagdet and widgets for blogger

    When a visitor reads your post and finds it helpful, he likes to read something more in your blog. And then recommendation bar or related posts widget helps him to read a similar post which helps in increasing your blog page views and he gets more posts to read.

    Vertical Related Posts Widget For Blogger Desktop And Mobile Site