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  • Videos, either they are on youtube, dailymotion or facebook. Everybody wants it to be popular and shared so that it could get millions of views. Specially vloggers(Youtube Earners) wants alot of views to get maximum of their videos. So in this post I will show you how to embed Facebook videos in blogger. You might be thinking why should I embed Facebook videos in my blog if I can embed them directly from my youtube channel. Well because if you embed Facebook videos in your blog, you will not only get views but also Facebook likes. So its beneficial for your Facebook page as well as your youtube channel.

    How To Embed Facebook Videos In Blogspot?

    Follow below steps to embed Facebook videos in your blog post or layout.

    How To Embed Facebook Videos In Blogger Posts

    How To Add Pop Up Page Take Over Follow Buttons In Blogger

    You might be the one who wants to have fans on social media pages which give response to all your posts and to get such fans you need to ask people who are interested in your content most, to like or follow your social profile and the best place to get right fans like your page or follow your profile is your own blog or site. Because people visiting your blog are obviously interested in your content so the best way to get real fans and audience is your own blog. But the problem is people don't like pages and don't follow profiles so its hard to get real fans. Despite of placing social follow buttons in different positions e.g in header, on sidebar and other places you hardly get fans thats why people usually try to get fake fans and that is like cheating yourself.

    How To Add And Use Hellobar In Blogger

    facebook slide out gadget for blogger

    Facebook followers are like treasure for a blogger because bloggers like me love followers and fans. Its not easy to create fans. It takes a lot of time and great work to get followers and fans. But if you have a good blog and a great content and people love your content and share their experience by comments then you can let them follow you. It will be good for you and also for them. Because they will get latest updates by following you and you will get followers as well as more traffic to your blog. So this gadget is very useful for you. You may like to read its features before installing it!

    Animated Slideout Facebook Follow/like Box For Blogger

    How To Add New Facebook Page Plugin In blogger | 101helper

    Facebook is the number one social network and has a global rank 2. It is used by every individual now a days. Facebook is good for chatting and also for small businesses like blogs or websites. It is used by most of bloggers to get in touch with their fans, so Facebook is used to create fan pages too. In the beginning Facebook provided a plugin called like box for blogs and websites but it will stop working from June 23rd 2015 as Facebook has upgraded this plugin to a new plugin called "Page Plugin".

    How To Add Facebook Page Plugin/Like Box In Blogger

    Facebook pop-up like box with lightbox for blogger | 101Helper

    Facebook like box is a widely used gadget provided Facebook developers. Many blogs and site's get half of their traffic from social networks like Facebook, twitter, Linkedin etc but Facebook is the most popular social network and has more then 1 billion users. Bloggers and visitors get their half of traffic from their social pages where their fans follow them that's why all bloggers and site owners tries to increase their followers so that the could get more traffic because traffic is the need of every blog and website.

    Facebook Pop-up Like Box With Lightbox For Blogger