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  • Mobile screen being small can't hold a wide horizontal menu so people add vertical menu for mobile site specially bloggers do so but there is a simple way of install a horizontal menu in blogger mobile site that is making a scrollable menu so it will show some tabs of the menu and others can be seen by touching and scrolling. As you know that almost everyone is now using a touch screen mobile so it is a good menu for your mobile site. So in this post I am going to share 4 different types of horizontal scrolling menus. Follow below steps to add any of the menu in your blog's mobile site.

    Horizontal Scrolling Menu For Blogger Mobile Site

    Slideout Menu For Blogger Mobile Site With Social buttons

    My recent post for mobile blogging was about a slide down menu which is really appreciated by visitors as it got more than 1000 views so I decided to create another menu for blogger mobile site. Slide down menu was too simple and it didn't have other features like social media buttons and search box so I decided to create a menu which have these features and an exiting look. As responsiveness is also very important for a menu so i made it responsive too. You can read its major features below. For a live demo you can visit 101Helper's mobile site. I am sure you'll like this menu. Don't forget to give your feedback by leaving a comment below.

    Slideout Menu For Blogger Mobile Site With Social Buttons


    A successful blogger is that who knows the importance of a mobile site. As blogger has no gadgets for mobile site therefore you have to add them manually. Basic things which are important for a mobile site are a search box, a related posts widget and a menu. If your mobile site has these gadget then your site is ready for mobiles.

    In blogger page list is commonly used as a menu as it becomes a selector in mobile site. But it doesn't look professional and most of the visitors don't like it. So today I have a stylish jquery slide down menu for your blog's mobile site. It works on jquery so it works properly in all mobiles either it is iphone or Microsoft mobile or something else. But if you are using a phone which doesn't support javascript or jquery then this menu won't work on it.

    Jquery Slide Down Mobile Menu For Blogger


    So far I have shared a slide in menu for blogger and today I am back with a new menu, it is a slide out menu. You can see it how it works in the above image. It is very unique menu as you can see it has icons, a responsive search box and cool follow buttons. You can see a live demo of this menu here. It is designed with css and javascript qnd it is good for those blogs which are congested or responsive, good for congested blogs because it doesn't take space on blogs, it is hidden until the trigger is clicked and good for responsive blogs because of its responsive design. Because of icons it looks more good and it resembles to wordpress menus. In this post I will show you how to add this menu in your blog and also how to customize this menu.

    Slide Out Css/Javascript Menu For Blogger

    Slide in menu for blogger | 101helper blogger menus

    The title "Slide in menu for blogger" expresses that the menu which I am sharing in this post must slide in when a button is clicked or hovered. Well, this menu is a unique type of menu designed with awesome colors and has a responsive design. How does it work? it is a pure css menu and when it is added to a blog the trigger of menu takes its position automatically no matter what is the blog's width. The trigger holds the top right corner position of blog and floats when the page is scrolled and when the trigger is hovered the menu slides in and covers the whole blog's page, now the blog page looks like it has fade away now only menu options are shown but if the background is focused only a fading background could be seen. Its a very interesting menu for those blog's which have responsive design.

    Slide-in CSS/Javascript Menu For Blogger

    Apple style horizontal menu for blogger with search box | 101helper blogger menus

    In my previous post I have shared a 3D menu for blogger and now in this post I am back with a new blogger menu. Its a stylish Apple(Iphone) style horizontal menu. It is designed with pure CSS, there is no use of jquery. It has a neat and clean design with a decent color, look and responsive effect. A search box is also floating on right hand side of this menu which has also a responsive design i.e it becomes long when it is hovered by mouse. Another amazing effect in this menu is that when search box is used the whole menu shrinks. You can take a look in below image. Hope you like it:

    Apple Style Horizontal Menu For Blogger With Search Box

    3D menu for blogger | 101helper blogger menus

    In my recent post I have shared floating vertical menu for blogger and before that I have shared many type of menus which are stylish, useful, responsive and easy to use. All blogger menus are shared to help those blogger who don't know how to add a menu in blogger as blogger doesn't provide any option to add a menu directly so blogger have to add menu from other sites, so here almost any kind of can be found and added to blog by following step by step tutorial. After sharing different menus I am going to share a new, unique, responsive and neat menu.

    3D CSS Menu For Blogger Blog

    Floating vertical menu for blogger | 101Helper blogger menus

    A good and clear navigation is very important for a blog's popularity and Seo. A blog having clear navigation has more traffic than the blog having a unclear navigation because the visitors which visits blogs for desired content are unable to find it. Navigation is not just about having categories for content or having a sitemap but a menu also plays an important role in a blog's navigation. since blogger hasn't provided any option to add a menu directly like wordpress and other sites therefore blogger have to add it from other sites. We can find a number of sites across internet which provides menus for free but most of these menus are either not working in blogger or are very difficult to use specially for beginner it is very difficult to add a menu in blogger.

    Floating Vertical CSS/Javascript Menu For Blogger

    Recently I have shared Stitched ribbon menu in different styles and before that I have shared many types of menus like horizontal responsive jquery menu, vertical responsive jquery menu etc because a menu is very important for a clear navigation and for a blog's traffic because search engines like only these blogs and websites which have clear navigation. A blog with clear navigation also helps users to reach the content easily which they are looking for and it has a good traffic too. Though blogger is a good platform to create a free website/blog and it has many features but the only problem with blogger is it doesn't have menus and some other basic gadgets like related post gadget, follow buttons etc so if a blogger wish to have a menu in his blog he have to get it from other websites.

    Accordion CSS Menus With Different Styles For Blogger

    Stitched Ribbon menu for blogger

    Menu is always important for a blog, for its navigation, seo and specially for its look. A blog with a clear navigation is liked by visitors and search engines too, therefore bloggers use to add a neat and clean menu in their blogs so that visitors may not get confuse and their blog navigation is seo friendly. Moreover menu also plays a vital role in a blog's look, as bloggers are in competition with each other for traffic and good look so everyone wants a unique and impressive design for his blog.

    Stitched Ribbon CSS Menu For Blogger

    How to add stylish responsive vertical menu in blogger

    A good and successful blog or site is that which have a simple and clear navigation. Navigation includes pages in site or blog, menu, popular posts, related posts etc. Navigation is also important for seo. Navigation is like street signs and help visitors to reach their posts which they look for. Blogger provides many features among which one is creating pages, linking them to categories and displaying them as menu as I did in my blog. But now most of the blogs have added menus to their blogs of different styles such as horizontal, vertical, responsive, floating etc because everybody wants his blog to be most popular among all. You can find a number of menus on the internet but the are either common or not work.

    How To Add Stylish Responsive Vertical Menu In Blogger

    How to add horizontal stylish responsive drop down menu in blogger | 101helper

    I have shared many gadgets but this one is no.1. Its a responsive drop down menu, many bloggers search responsive menus for their blogs as it looks cool and attracts users but they are disappointed because on many websites there are codes of the menu but these codes doesn't work.

    How To Add Horizontal Stylish Drop Down Menu In Blogger