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  • When it come to designing blog, I am always ready to find something new. Today I really brought something new for you and I am sure you don't know anything like this. Have you ever noticed chrome color change while surfing your blog though your smartphone on Chrome? I think you still don't know what I am actually talking about. So I have a screenshot here.

    In before part of the above image you can see that the browser has a dull color and after redesign the browser became black. So its good for site design and brings more professional look. So in this post I am going to teach you how to change chrome color with your site using a simple meta tag.

    How To Add Theme Color Using Meta Tag In Blogger To Change Chrome Color In Mobile?

    Step 1: Go to blogger and login to your account, choose the blog in which you want to make changes.

    Step 2: Go to Theme and click on Edit Html.

    Step 3: Click inside your theme code and use CTRL+F on keyboard.

    Step 4: Search for <head>, you will find it in very initial part of your theme code.

    Step 5: Copy below meta tag and paste it below <head>.

    <meta content='#000000' name='theme-color'/>

    Step 6: Now replace COLOR CODE with code of color that you want chrome to adapt when your blog is visited.

    You can generate color code with our Color picker tool.

    This works only for mobile chrome.

    I hope you liked this trick, if yes, share it and leave a comment below. If you have any suggestions please leave a comment below or contact us.

    Thanks for visiting 101Helper.

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    How To Add Theme Color Using Meta Tag In Blogger


    Sounds good? Yes! now you can easily without any hard work, make a super huge email list with this simple trick. All you need is a blog, some visitors not too many but at least 150 a day, more will be good and sumo website tools. So if you don't have a sumo account then go and read this post and come back to this post to build a super huge email list in no time.

    If you don't know why I want a huge email list then let me tell you that if a visitor visits your blog and you have his email, you can send him all your new posts and get him back to your blog so its like binding him with your site so you don't loose your old traffic and the new visitors also visit your blog. So its like multiplying traffic by keeping old visitors engaged and getting new visitors. And the new visitors then become your email list subscriber and old visitor is already in list, so it go in this way and in the end you have a big audience for your blog.

    How to build huge email list with Sumo Welcome Mat:

    Step 1: Go to sumo tools and login to your account, if you don't have one, make it by following this post.

    Step 2:  Add New Site  if you are new to Sumo tools or  Manage  your excising site.


    Step 3: Click on Forms in the menu on left side and choose List builder.


    Step 4: Click on Create New Form.


    Step 5:

    » Set My Goal as Collect Emails.


    » Select Welcome Mat as email collector(Form type).


    » Choose design from list.


    » Choose visibility Mode:


    Smart Mode: In this mode sumo decides when your welcome mat should show. It chooses best time for your welcome mat and its really smart specially when you have multiple welcome mats it chooses best time and best visitor to show it to him.

    Manual Mode: In this mode you decide when will welcome mat show. If you want to show your welcome mat always to every visitor then leave the default settings but if you want to show welcome mat to a visitor only once in an hour, minutes, days, months or even year then switch always show to desired option and enter the time in which you want welcome mat to show, as shown in below image:


    Switch on Toggle on to stop visitors from scrolling page when the welcome mat is shown.

    You can also change display mode to Embedded or Parallax. In Embedded mode you have to place below piece of code where you want the welcome mat to slide down and show up.

    <span class="sumome-welcomemat-anchor"></span>

    In Parallax mode the welcome mat shows up as a parallax. To know what is parallax, set it and see it live.

    So in this way you have control over your welcome mat, there are some advanced settings too by which you decide on which pages your welcome mat is going to show.

    Step 6: Now you have Success option, leave it.

    Step 7: Now connect your welcome mat to a Email service, so when it collects emails for you then send it to your Email service which you use to send emails to visitors.There are many good email services, choose one which you use and connect it to your welcome mat.

    Step 8: Click on Publish button and its done!


    If you are using feedburner then don't connect to any email service, all collected emails will be saved in your sumo account in subscribers section. You can copy each email and send it your latest post and add it to your feedburner list manually but your visitor will receive emails only when he approves your feedburner to send emails to him.

    I personally use Mailchimp to send emails to my blog subscribers and it is a very good email service because its easy to use and provides me full data about every subscriber, whether he opens my emails, visit links or no. So I know which subscriber is active.

    What else can you do with sumo to collect emails?

    Sumo provides you great tools for free and you have multiple options to collect emails. E.g Popups, slide outs, Welcome mats, Sumo scrolling bar, Inline form and Cart casino(Pro users only). All you need to do is to select Goal as collect emails and choose the form type and follow instructions as show above.

    I hope its a good post for you and you got help. If not please leave a comment below.

    Don't forget to share this post, it motivates me to create more good posts for you.

    Thanks for visiting 101Helper.

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    How To Get +1000 Email Subscribers In 30 Days

    Have you swiped next or back while surfing your blog's mobile site on your phone? If yes then you might have wished to remove this thing from your blog because sometime it is swiped next or back without intention and it is a negative thing for your user experience. Mostly it happens if your mobile site page e.g a post has a html table or it has a big image because of with content is bulging out of your main post body which causes the user to swipe next or back without intention and if it happens 2-3 times the visitor just leave and stop visiting your blog. May be they don't leave but it is not a good visitor experience. I personally don't like swiping pages without next.

    how-to-remove-swipe-next-and-previous-from-blogger-mobile-siteAnyway, suppose your visitor is reading a long story on your blog page on his mobile and he is in the middle of the page and just swipe to next page although he doesn't want to do so but by mistake he did it so now he has to go back and scroll to the middle and find where he was? so he will definitely not like it. Because most of the mobile sites do not have this feature so everybody don't know about it so this mistake occurs often on blogger sites. So to avoid this bad user experience you can remove it.

    Unfortunately it is not known that how blogger add this swipe next and back because you don't find any script for it in blogger templates so we have to add a script to remove this swiping rather than to remove a script.

    So in this post I am going to show you step by step how to remove swipe next and back from blogger mobile site. In my next post I will show you how to add sticky next and back buttons in your blogger mobile site so that if a user wants he can go to next or previous post by intention without any mistake.

    How To Remove Swipe "next" And "previous" From Blogger Mobile Site?

    Step 1: Go to blogger > Theme > Click on Edit HTML.


    Step 2: Click in your theme code and use CTRL+F to open theme search box.

    Step 3: Search for </body>.

    Step 4: Copy below code and paste it above </body>.

    <b:if cond='data:blog.isMobile'>
          document.getElementById('main').addEventListener = function() {}


    Step 5: Save your theme and visit your site on your phone, swipe next or back and see its removed!

    I know it is not a long post and just simple 5 steps post but many people ask how to do it so I decided to do a post on it. If you like it share it with others and if you don't leave a comment below.

    Thanks for visiting 101Helper. Follow oon Google+ or Pinterest and like on Facebook for updates.

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    How To Remove Swipe "next" And "previous" From Blogger Mobile Site

    As you know that 101Helper was upgraded to some months ago and then it was again degraded to blogspot, the reason for this was that custom domain doesn't give you things that you expect and so it is not good to buy a custom domain in my opinion. So this post is on request and I am going to share my experience of why I upgraded 101helper to and why I degraded it back. I hope that if you are also thinking of upgrading your domain, you might get some advice from this post.

    So the main goal to buy a domain is to:

    1. Boost traffic.
    2. Increase earnings.
    3. Get popular and improve ranking.
    4. Make a brand.


    But actually you don't always get all the things mentioned above for example if you think you can increase your traffic after buying a domain then its wrong, reality is that after buying a domain you lose the traffic which you have gained. And similar to that if you lost your traffic you will ultimately lose your ranking, earnings etc. So here are the reasons to avoid buying a domain.

    1. Its not free:

    Everybody knows that buying a domain is not for free, although there are some domain name providers that give you a discount but still you have to pay atleast $10 to buy a domain. There are some fake offers too like HOSTGATER says buy a domain for $0.01 but when you come to register they ask you to pay $20 or more for two years or whatever.

    I purchased my first domain at Ipage and no doubt there service was good, always available to help but they were also lying at the time of buying domain like the offer "Get $100 in Google adwords after spending $25" and when I asked them about this offer they told me that this offer is available for USA only while at the time of purchasing domain they didn't tell the truth.

    Similar to Ipage other domain registrars also use these fake tricks to get more customers as I mentioned Hostgator above.

    2. Rank, Shares, Backlinks Lose:

    When a blogger blog is upgraded to a custom domain Alexa and other ranking websites do not include the backlinks and shares of old blog so you get traffic from these sources but the rank and backlinks you got for the blog are no more. Also Alexa forgets the old blog after sometime so you lose everything.

    3. Fake Pageviews:

    I am not sure about all the domain providers but when I upgraded 101Helper to I saw a dramatic increase in my traffic but the sources were unknown and blogger was unable to track the viewing source. So I got 2000 to 3000 pageviews but ad-views were just 600 because it was real traffic.

    4. Ad networks Lose:

    Some ad networks like Google Adsense, Yahoo Gemini and do not accept new domains easily and review site again and reject it so if you have a blog and got approved for Adsense or are you upgrade to a domain, you'll be not allowed to show their ads until you get approved and the approval process starts again and its almost impossible to get approved for the new domain. Even after specifying that its the upgraded version of the same blog you are unable to use the same account and network. So it is a very big lose I guess.

    5. Search Rankings:

    After upgrading to custom domain "search ranking"  is also lost. It means if your blog is on first page of search results it may go to 5th or 7th page of search results or it may even disappear and take months to re-appear again and the hard work you did to get you blog to top of search results is wasted. So if your blog is appearing on 1st or 2nd page of search results for a keyword then buying a domain would be a bad choice and your competitors will get a good chance to replace you.

    6. Search Engine Results Intermixed:

    You might have heard this first time but when a blogger blog is upgraded to a custom domain the search engine is confused and show mixed results and it happened with 101Helper also. When I upgraded to a custom domain, everything was fine for a month because Google, Bing and Yandex were busy in replacing old links with new domain links but after a month I found that my mobile site links with "?m=1" suffix were showing up in the desktop version of Google and I tried to fix it with Webmaster tools but unfortunately I was unsuccessful in doing so.

    So visitors were viewing mobile site on desktop or desktop site on mobile which was bad for user experience and I was loosing traffic because of it.

    7. Post Preview Feature Lose:

    Blogger is the easiest platform for blogging and it has many features and among them a feature is that you can Preview a post while editing it or writing it or adding any ad inside it. But when a blog is upgraded to a custom domain this feature is lost (in my case it was lost) and when preview button is clicked, the whole page is crashed and nothing works so you have to close the whole browser while writing a post and it becomes very difficult to edit or write a post.

    8. Encrypted Page(HTTPS) Feature Lose:

    This is another feature which is lost after upgrading to a custom domain, it tells visitors that the page they are viewing is secure. So to get this feature back you have to pay for it and the amount they get for this feature is more then the domain price! So its better to get this feature for free.

    9. Your Information Is Available to Everyone:

    This is another thing that made me stop using custom domain which is they ask you the info and allow public to view it and to secure this info they again ask you to pay.

    10. You Don't Have Full Control:

    Blogger gives you full control over your blog but domain providers don't. Such as you can't make changes in your DNS in case of mine I was not able to do so. So I  had to go to support everytime I wanted to make changes in DNS. And when I asked them to let me control my domain's DNS they said you are not allowed to do so, first buy a hosting (not domain) which was of $30 and then you will be allowed to make changes in DNS.

    11. Fake Offers To Get Customers:

    As I mentioned above many registrars like Hostgator and Ipage have fake offers in their promo pages and banners e.g free adwords credit, seo marketing tools, FTP features(upload files), Email sending feature. All these offers are just to attract visitors and these are just tricks to get more customers and sell their packages.

    Confusions And Wrong Concepts

    Ad Networks Approve Custom Domains:

    You might have read alot of posts on other blogs and websites that some ad networks like Google Adsense is approved when you have a custom domain which is absolutely a wrong concept. The reason for this confusion is these bloggers and website owners actually want to refer you to domain providers and get commissions.

    PageRank Increase Slowly With Subdomains:

    Almost all bloggers favoring custom domains write in their posts that buying a custom domain is the first requirement to gain a good rank which is again a very wrong concept because you can check many sites which are registered for years but rank is not that good.

    More Shares And Followers:

    Another wrong thing that I have read in some blogs and websites is that your post social media shares get increased along with your social followers when you have a custom domain which is again a wrong concept and the reality is that if you have a good, helpful, meaningful content that people like they will surely share, bookmark and read your content and also they will follow you because they like your content and they don't want to miss more content in future.


    This is also a wrong concept that if you have a custom domain then you have a good reputation because I have seen many blogs which have better design, more followers and more readers than websites. So if you thing that purchasing a custom domain is going to help your reputation then its wrong!


    I am not against domain registrars, I am just sharing my experience. Although some people get success by upgrading to Domain but if you are starting a new website then you should start it from domain and not from blogger because it takes a long time and hard work to make a successful blog and then after upgrading you don't get full of it. So in my opinion if you want to start a domain later after success in blogging then its not good choice. Also if you are beginning a website then choose the best domain provider and also your website should have a topic that will rock otherwise you can't get success in websites.

    If you have any questions or any suggestion or opinion please feel free to share it with me and others by leaving a comment below. Thanks for visiting 101Helper.

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    Disadvantages Of Buying Custom Domain For Blogger

    As predicted by Google that from now people will read blogs and sites more from phones rather than from desktop that's why everyone should make their mobile site and maintain it to get maximum traffic not from only desktop but also from mobile. It is also good to get mobile traffic because it can increase your earnings from both Adsense and Appnext. Specially mobile traffic is best for Appnext.

    Making mobile site is not easy in a platform like blogger because everyone is not able to do it as its not easy to code and also most methods don't work in blogger. So I frequently write about making mobile site for blogger blogs to make it easier for other bloggers to make their own mobile site.

    So in this post I am going to teach you how to make sections for mobile gadgets in blogger layout. So follow below steps to make sections for your mobile gadgets.

    Step 1: Go to blogger > login to your account and navigate to Theme.

    Step 2: Click on Edit Html to begin editing your blog theme to make sections for mobile gadgets.


    Step 3: Search for below code by using CTRL+F:
    <b:section class='header' id='header'

    You will find this code:
    <b:section class='header' id='header' maxwidgets='1' name='Header' showaddelement='no'>
    <b:widget id='Header1' locked='true' title='Horizontal scroll menu (Header)' type='Header'>....</b:widget>


    Step 4: Now just after above code paste below code and save your template.
    <b:section id='mobile-section-1'>

    Step 5: Go to layout to see your mobile gadget section.

    You will find your gadget section below header section in layout but if you want you can make another one in the footer by the above method, all you need to do is to paste below code above </html> in your template.
    <b:section id='mobile-footer-section'>


    Important Note: Although you can make unlimited sections for your blog's mobile site but you will need to enable each gadget you add in these sections for mobile only. So after adding a gadget in mobile section of your blog go to your template and add mobile='yes' after locked='false' in your gadget code as shown in below image. For details about how to enable a gadget for mobile device only read How To Show A Widget In Mobile View In Blogger


    Don't for get to give us feedback about this post, if you have any questions ask me in comments. Share this post with other bloggers. Thanks for visiting 101Helper.

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    How To Make Mobile Section For Gadgets In Layout In Blogger


    Before explaining about hiding things on error pages, i am going to tell you why do you need to do so? Its because Ad networks like Good Adsense and Adhitz both prohibit showing ads on pages which are empty or on error pages and reason for not showing gadgets in error pages is that nobody needs them and these gadgets makeerror pages look ugly and error pages also load slowly so visitors are unable to leave page until the page is loaded completely so it's necessary to hide gadgets and ads on error pages.

    In this post i will show you how to hide any ad or gadget on error page.

    Step 1: Go to Blogger Dashboard and open template / theme.


    Step 2: Edit Html.

    Step 3: Now find the gadget in which you have added your ad code or if you have added your code directly to your template e.g below </head> or above </body>.

    Step 4: After finding your ad code gadget or ad code, copy below code.

    <b:if cond='data:blog.pageType != &quot;error_page&quot;'>

    Step 5: Paste this code above your ad code if you have added code directly to your template and in case of gadget paste the copied code below this line:

    <b:includable id='main'>

    As shown in below image:


    Step 6: Add below piece of code at the end of your code and above </b:includable> in case of gadget as shown in above image.


    Step 7: Save your theme / template and you are done.

    To check if your code is working fine, open any url of your post and add any wrong characters to it and view it, your gadgets or ads which you have hidden will not show on error pages.

    What else can you do with above code?

    A special thing about this code is that you can hide unwanted gadgets on error pages and also you can use it reversely by making a small change in it. Then it will start showing content on error pages only like if you want to show an error message or a search box to your visitors who accidentally reach an error page to let them search your site and find what they are looking for. So here is the reverse effect code:

    <b:if cond='data:blog.pageType = = &quot;error_page&quot;'>

    Also don't forget to close it with the same ending code: </b:if>

    Your final code should be like this in both cases:

    <b:if cond='data:blog.pageType = = &quot;error_page&quot;'>
    My Content / Ad Code

    If you have any confusion or problem ask me in comments or contact.

    Thanks for visiting 101Helper.

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    How To Hide Ads And Gadgets On Error Pages In Blogger


    As page loading speed matters so much that's why I write frequently about how to make blog or site load faster and so is this post about and I am writing this post on request of a visitor to help him and also those who also have this problem in their blogs. So let me start with intro of what is render blocking scripts and CSS.

    How To Eliminate Render-Blocking Scripts And CSS - Blogger

    What Is Google Analytics?

    Google Analytics are tools powered by Google which are super good to analyze your site. It keeps all information about your site e.g where your visitors are coming from, what is the country of your visitor, How much time is your visitor spending on your site, What is the behavior of your visitor etc. So with the help of Google Analytics you can keep every info about your site or blog and use it to improve your earnings and to make your site or blog better.

    How To Add Google Analytics Code In Blogger

    HTML tables are simple tables which gives a summery of something and are mostly used by those bloggers who own blogs about money so they show there content e.g info about ad networks in the form of tables. But not all bloggers know how to add HTML tables in blog posts and blogger does not have any option to create HTML tables so it can be added only manually. And that's actually the reason of writing this post. In this post I will share with you how to create an HTML table and add it in your blog posts. I will show you only simple one because there are a number of types of HTML tables and I can't share each and every type of HTML table so I will share a simple HTML table with text Like this!So lets get started!

    How To Add HTML Tables In Blogger Posts

    twitter cards in blogger blogspot blogs tutorial 101helper

    You might be thinking, why I am posting about Twitter again because I have recently created a post about Twitter follow box and before that I have also created some posts about twitter like Twitter animated bird gadget and some other posts. But the reason which made me to write another post related to twitter is something new and interesting that is "Twitter Cards".

    How To Add Twitter Cards In Blogger

    Feedburner is used by every blogger to send mails to their subscribers and hence its optimization is very important to let subscribers get maximum of it. Though I haven't shared much about feedburner except how to set it up. So I decided to share a new thing in feedburner that will benefit you.

    How To Set Custom Post Title And Logo In Feedburner Emails

    How To Index Blogger Posts Faster

    Every new blogger want to increase blog traffic fast, for this you need to index your blog fast.Indexing a new blog can take two weeks or more normally but we can fasten this process by simple tricks.Actually this process include two steps.In first step google bot collect information of your posts and add it in search index box.Once your posts will index google bot start crawling your blog.

    Google bot is very busy because billions of people update their blog daily and even hourly and it can not index all of them simultaneously but today i will show you how to speed up this process.

    How To Index Blogger Posts Faster

    how to use custom google web fonts in blogger

    Font is one of the things that makes a site look great. A font gives your writing skills a style which impress your readers therefore choosing best fonts for site is really important. Especially in-case of fashion blogs font style is very important. Blogger has many built-in fonts but these are too common because everyone is using one or more of them, for example for titles they use a different font and for post body they use a different font so to a unique font for your blog you have to call it from some external source and then apply it in your blog. So this post is to teach you how to use custom fonts in blogger blogs. I will use Google fonts but you can use fonts from other websites also by following steps below. I am using Google fonts below they don't have any negative impact on page loading speed.

    How To Use Google Fonts In Blogger Blogs

    boost blogger blog traffic instantly

    New bloggers often search "how to boost or increase traffic instantly" and don't find any answer or usually get answers that are not satisfactory. So they head towards fake traffic or seo. Fake traffic is obviously useless because you don't either get money and that traffic is limited because same visitors visit your site again and again for points(traffic exchange) and there is no ad network that pay you for ordinary traffic. So fake traffic is not beneficial that's why bloggers optimizes their blogs for search engines to get traffic that is organic and unique, but the fact is that once your blog is optimized for search engines you will not get traffic in one day but you have to wait for months or for year. Actually it depends on your blog's topic e.g if you have a blog about making money you will get more traffic in less time because every 2nd person is surfing on internet to earn money.

    5 Sites To Submit Your Posts To Boost Traffic Instantly

    how to speed up your blog

    Site loading speed is a very important part of On-Page Seo and it is also important because it improves user experience. Fast sites are liked by everyone and slow sites aren't because slow sites make people frustrated. There are several ways to speed up a site as mentioned in "How To Speed Up Your Blogger Blog" But one thing is on the top that is storing extra codes on external sources. It is recommended because when extra and long srcipts or CSS codes are stored on an external sources it reduces the page size and hence speeds up your site. I personally use this trick to speed up my blog and thats the reason why my site is fast even after having ads, gadgets, smart search box, follow model box etc. So I also recommend to store codes on external sources like GitHub.

    How To Store Blogger Codes On Github To Speed Up Blog


    Bloggers are advancing day after day and making their blogs professional by adding pages like privacy policy, contact page, about page, terms and conditions page etc which are seen in professional websites so they are trying to make their blogs look more professional to impress visitors because such things improve blogs reputation. One more thing which can improve a blogs reputation and make it look more professional is a map which shows the location of the blog. So if you have a business website converted to dot com then you can add a map in your website or blog's about or contact page and your location to your visitors as well as make your website or blog more professional. So this post is all about adding Google map in contact or about page of your blog. Follow below steps to add a map in your blog's page.

    How To Add Map In Blogger Contact Or About Page

    One of the most wanted thing in a template is responsiveness to impress visitors. It play a very important role in reputation of a blog. As basic things of a responsive template are bold use of colors, smooth scrolling, impressive menu therefore people usually focus on them but it is not just about that because several other things are also responsible for a responsive design like a stylish scrollbar. I don't thing scrollbar needs introduction everyone knows what a scrollbar is. So this post is about customizing scrollbar in blogger by CSS. I will share some stylish and impressive scroll bars below, choose yours and add it in your blog.

    How To Customize Scrollbar In Blogger


    Making a gadget sticky or floating means to make it fixed in a position when page is scrolled down and it is possible with javascript. Gadgets are made sticky to provide visitors a good user experience such as a menu which floats with user so now he doesn't need to scroll up again and again to navigate through your blog. Similarly more gadgets are also made sticky such as ads or email subscription widget to get more clicks on ads and to get more subscribers respectively. You can see a live demo of making a gadget sticky on right side of this page(Recommended Articles). I have made it sticky to help visitors reach all of my content. Similarly you can also do it by following this post. So if you want to make any of your widget sticky then follow below steps.

    How To Make Gadget Sticky/Float In Blogger

    It sounds so interesting when you think of having your own website. And If you think and wish to have a website then you can create your own just in a few minutes. Creating a website has become so easy now a days that everyone can create a website because these days are gone when websites were owned by only those who had programming skills. Now the time has come that everyone is capable of creating his own site using online site builders. Websites are mainly of two types e.g personal and business websites. Most of the sites are created for businesses or to earn money online.

    Why A Website And Mobile Site Is Important?


    As far as I am concerned with blogging, Google Adwords is the only ad network which I prefer best to advertise a blogger blog. Although I get my whole traffic from search engines but in the beginning I used Google Adwords to promote my blog. You can also use Google Adwords to promote your blog and help it to start running. 

    How To Use Google Adwords To Increase Blogger Blog Traffic