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  • If you are a regular Seo posts reader then you must be knowing about an essential thing in search engine optimization and that is meta tags optimization for seo. Its very important for seo because search engine bots can read meta tags or any schema code and show your site information by interpreting information in your blog/site meta tags. But in the past years it has become clear that meta tags are not part of search engine optimization any more.

    meta-tags-search-engines-optimization-seoHow To Add Meta Tags In Blogger Blog For Seo ?

    What is "meta keywords" tag?

    May be you are not a regular Seo reader so let me tell you what meta keyword tag is. Its shown below:

    <meta name="keywords" content="101helper,seo, search engine optimization, search engine optimization, search engine ranking,blogging,blogger etc">

    Above is the meta keyword tag and it contains keywords relevant to my blog content and the purpose or goal of this tag is to tell search engines is to show your blog when a particular keyword is searched.

    Death of Meta keywords tag:

    In the year 2009, Google officially announced that "Google doesn't use keywords meta tag". And the reason for this is mentioned on Google's official blog:

    "In those days, keyword meta tags quickly became an area where someone could stuff often-irrelevant keywords without typical visitors ever seeing those keywords. Because the keywords meta tag was so often abused, many years ago Google began disregarding the keywords meta tag." 

    So now Meta keywords tag has very little importance, almost none !

    Can My Site Get Penalized For Using Meta Keywords?

    I am sure after reading above part of the post you must have question of getting penalized for using meta keywords tag but the answer is "No", Google doesn't penalize your site for this because it is not even important for Google, they just don't use keywords but on the other hand Bing uses meta keywords and is very strict about it and will penalize any site which have a meta keywords tag containing keywords not relevant to that site.

    Yahoo and Bing Still use meta keywords:

    As stated earlier in this post that Bing uses keywords meta tag and is also very strict about it, let me mention here that even Yahoo doesn't uses meta keywords tag anymore but has not officially announced that.

    Bing says in 2014:

    "Today, it’s pretty clear the meta keyword tag is dead in terms of SEO value. Sure, it might have value for contextual ad systems or serve as a signal to ‘bots plying the web looking for topics to target, but as far as search goes, that tag flat lined years ago as a booster."

    Source - Bing blogs

    Bing has same reason for not using meta keywords tag that people have abused it to get traffic for certain keywords that wouldn't even be present on that page which contained the keywords tag.

    What about other Meta tags, Can I use them ?

    Ofcourse, you can use other meta tags but many of them has no value so you better check them before using them. I have also removed many useless meta tags and you can view it by viewing source code of this page and other pages. You can check Google meta tags page for which meta tags Google uses.

    What if I still use "Meta Keywords" tag ?

    Well there is no problem in using them but it has no value.

    I hope you have found this post helpful, if yes share with others, if no then comment below. Thanks for visiting 101Helper.

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    Meta Keywords Tag Is No More Important For Seo

    There are certain things about seo and blogging that only professional bloggers and webmasters know and are not told to everyone and if told everybody don't understand it. One of these things is marking up site navigation with schema which helps search engines know what is site navigation element and it is helpful to get sitelinks below site in google search results.

    Its a little bit complicated to markup site navigation with schema but I will show you step by step and after final step we will verify if we correctly marked up site navigation or not. Popular websites and blogs are using this method to tell Google what is in menu and hence in the sitelinks these menu is shown.

    Although it is not guaranteed that you will get sitelinks below your site in search results but it will markup your navigation and whenever you will get sitelinks, your menu items will be included in sitelinks. I am not guaranteeing because according to Google sitelinks are automatically generated links below websites to help visitors reach what they are looking for. It is also unknown what is the criteria for showing specific items in sitelinks but marking up site navigation has impact on it as I experienced !

    So lets start marking up site navigation with schema for search engines.

    Step 1: Go to your blog theme or layout where your menu code is.

    Step 2: Add below line inside your menu's <div> or <nav> or <ul>:

    itemscope='itemscope' itemtype='' role='navigation'

    like this:

    <nav class='main-nav' itemscope='itemscope' itemtype='' role='navigation'>

    Step 3: Add  itemprop='url'  to your menu's every item "link attribute" like this:

    <li><a href=''  itemprop='url' >Home</a></li>

    Step 4: Now add  itemprop='name'  to your menu item names, you can't add it directly so use <span> attribute and add  itemprop='name'  as I did for my menu, look it below:

    <li><a href=''  itemprop='url' ><span   itemprop='name'  >Blogger menus</span></a></li>

    Step 5: Do it for all your menu items one by one.

    Note: If your menu items do not have <li> attribute, it doesn't matter but you need to markup all the <a> and <span> attributes.

    Step 6: After you are done go to Google Structured Data Testing Tool.

    Step 7: Put your blog URL and  RUN TEST .


    Step 8: Look for SiteNavigationElementif you found it and there is no errors or warnings then its cool and you did it correctly, Congratulations !



    Let Google crawl your site and see your site performance after markingup navigation. Follow on Google +101helper or Like on Facebook to get more posts like this.

    Thanks for visiting 101Helper.

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    How To Markup Site Navigation In Blogger For Seo

    My blog reader asked me to write a post about auto backlinks building and its cons and pros so I decided to tell you about auto backlinks building and other backlinks that violate Google's guidelines for webmasters so you can avoid these backlinks generating methods and save your blog from Google penalties.

    Before telling you about types of backlinks that violate Google's guidelines, let me tell you first what is autobacklinking. Auto backlinking is a way to get free backlinks without working hard, though it is easy way and works for sometime but if you get penalized then all your work go in vain.

    There are many software that do it all you need is to put your link and make backlinks, some online tools are also available for this work. But I don't recommend it because these backlinks are not from sites which are similar to your site topic and these backlinks doesn't have value. Also there is a high risk of penalty.

    So auto backlink generating methods are not successful and you should avoid them, here are some more backlink generating methods that should also be avoided. I recommend you to create backlinks on big websites that allow "dofollow" backlinks like Pinterest. Here is a list of dofollow backlinks websites and directories List Of "Dofollow" Websites And Directories.

    To check if you are penalized by Google, check your blog or site stats from the day you started creating backlinks and if you have a decreased organic traffic(traffic from search engines) it means your site is penalized. Other ways to check is to search your indexed URL's on Google by using this link if you can see your site indexed then it means your site is not penalized and you are still on Google.

    Still other ways to find if you are penalized you can search for online tools.

    Types Of backlinks That Violate Google Webmaster Guidelines:

    1. Paid Backlinks:


    Ofcourse if you are buying backlinks to improve your search rank you are doing black hat seo and its against Google's guidelines. So avoid it.

    2. Backlinks Exchange:


    Some people exchange backlinks to help each other improve site rank and it works fine unless they start link exchanging with more and more sites and when they do it, their improved rank is noticed by Google and Google Penalize them because it is a black hat seo technique to improve rank, also most of the link exchangers do not have good engaging content so penalty becomes must as it is proved that without having good content how can a site get so many backlinks.

    3. Irrelevant Backlinks:


    Irrelevant backlinks are those links which are from sites which are not similar to your site for example if you have a blog about PC games or fashion and you have backlinks from sports or movie blog then these backlinks are considered to be irrelevant and it happens when you are using auto backlinks generator or you are exchanging links.

    4. Links From Sites with broken links:


    If you have backlinks from sites or blogs which have many broken links then these are bad for seo. Broken links are not even good for that site then how can these sites improve your rank which have so many broken links ?

    5. Automatically Generated backlinks:


    If you search on Google or on Fiverr or any other freelancing site or even on Facebook groups you will find guys which offers you to buy their package and get 10K to 15K backlinks for just $5 or less or more but never accept such offers. It sounds so good to have 10K or 15K backlinks overnight but it will penalize your site within days or weeks so all your work will be wasted. All these backlinks are generated by bots and software and are usually on blanks pages or high ranked website or in forums or in comments. Avoid Automatically generated backlinks if you don't want your website to be penalized.

    6. Backlinks From Other Language Websites:


    It does not have a major role because my blog(101Helper) also have backlinks from websites with other languages e.g Hindi, Russian, Spanish etc but all these websites are similar to my blog so it is not considered a bad seo technique but if you have backlinks from websites with other languages and also it is irrelevant then its not good and you can get penalized.

    7. Generating Backlinks With Coding:


    If you are generating your blog or site link on other websites by using CSS or Javascript or other programming language and hiding them then its against Google's guidelines, If your links comes with plugins and is for copyright reason then its fine but if you are hiding them and the person doesn't know that certain code is making links on his site then it will become the reason for your site to get penalized. So avoid it!

    8. Backlinks From Sites With Duplicate Content:


    If you have backlinks on websites with same and duplicate content then it will affect your rank and you can get penalized so avoid this backlink technique.

    9. Low Quality Guest Posting/Blogging:


    Ofcourse guest blogging is best way to get quality backlinks and this technique will never die but low quality guest posting which is just to get backlinks is not good for seo.

    There are many other ways to get backlinks but all these are black hat seo techniques which should be avoided otherwise your website will be destroyed.
    How To know If My Blog Is Penalized By Google ?

    If you see a major drop in organic traffic from Google then its a symptom that you are penalized by Google and to confirm it you can use online Google penalty checker and also you can check it manually by searching your site on Google using this link: other way to confirm it is to look at your site index stats in Google webmaster tools.

    How To Recover If My Blog Is Penalized By Google ?

    Well, if you are penalized by Google for certain activities, I recommend you to reverse everything you did. Its like undoing all the bad seo activities. If you have generated low quality backlinks or if you have used a software for autobacklinking then use online backlinks remover or manually remove it.

    In my opinion best way to get quality and safe backlinks is quality guest blogging and commenting manually on forums and blog and dofollow social networks like Pinterest, Linkedin etc.

    After reading this post you should get idea how to avoid Google's penalty and get quality backlinks. If you found this post helpful, share it and if you have any suggestion leave a comment below.

    Thanks for visiting 101Helper.

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    Backlinks Violating Google's Guidelines (Autobacklinks Pros & Cons)

    How To Get High Quality Links In 2017

    Why Are Links So Important?

    Gaining links has always been a factor to determine the success of a website. Google algorithms recognise the value of an organic link, especially if the link is earned from an authoritative website.

    Even in 2017, link building remains a priority for SEO professionals who are trying to rank their website well. There is a slight change, however.

    Due to more recent updates in Google algorithms, like Google Penguin, Google now focuses a whole lot more on link quality, over link quantity.

    Nowadays, only the highest quality links, which have good quality content and natural looking anchor texts, will be approved by Google's algorithm. The better the quality, the more chance you have of ranking your website above competitors.

    But what does it take to get high quality links?

    The Cost Of Building Links For SEO:

    Building high quality links, which are 'natural looking', can cost you a lot of time and money - whilst building low quality links can cost you, well… with being penalized.

    Creating a great backlink profile for your website not only takes up a lot of your time and effort in prospecting and outreach-approaching to journalists and websites, but also costs a lot of money through a person's time, as well as the price it might cost to submit a guest post on a site.

    Authoritative websites such as Forbes, Huffington Post and Entrepreneur even accept guest post contributions. However, their high standard entry requirements mean that only few websites manage to receive the high quality backlink from these sites. This leaves the majority of websites on the internet with low to medium quality backlinks.

    By considering the following, you'll be on your way to bagging yourself some high quality links in 2017:

    Finding Relevant Sites To Outreach To:

    The first stage of the link building process consists of browsing the internet to find relevant websites to pitch content ideas to. There are several pieces of software that you could use to help you along the way. I tend to use Buzzstream, the CRM for content marketing and link building. This allows you to search for relevant websites, and store them all in one place ready to reach out to.

    When searching for relevant sites, there are two things you need to consider. You need to first check the domain authority of the site you are looking to reach out to. I always recommend focusing on websites with a domain authority of 50+ if you want to generate the highest quality links. You also need to check that the website is actually accepting content in the first place. You don’t want to waste the person's time pitching them a content idea if it says clearly on their site that they aren’t accepting posts.

    Outreaching To Gain High Quality Links:


    Once you have finished prospecting and have created a list of websites that you’d potentially like to write for, outreach is your next step. Outreach is the stage which you should invest most of your time into. Otherwise, how else are you going to build relationships with the persons who handle the editorial on the site?

    It is best that you begin with writing out a great initial email to send. Instead of sending out a generic email which looks like it has been copied and pasted from many outreach templates, you must tailor the email so that is personalised and specific to the person or company that you are addressing. You need to make your email pitch stand out amongst hundreds of others.

    Though don’t be put off if it takes multiple attempts at outreach before the site actually considers that your idea is a good fit for them, it happens.

    Writing Good Quality Content:

    It’s all well and good outreaching to websites asking for a link, but what actually is it that you are offering to them in return? No one enjoys being approached solely for a favour, unless it is worth it. So think to yourself, is the content and the link worth being on the stranger's site?

    When outreaching, you need to connect with the addressee. How do you do this? By finding out a bit about them, and speaking like-minded to them. You could do this by checking out their LinkedIn or their personal Twitter account. You must clarify exactly what it is that you will be providing them and how this relates to them individually. You need to consider the quality and uniqueness of the content which you are going to write for this site in exchange for a link.

    First make it clear from your email pitch the quality of the content you will provide. And second, make it clear in the content itself. Show them that your piece adds value to the readership of their high authoritative site, and that you haven’t just wasted their time.

    Content is extremely competitive these days. The best pieces of content are of long form, comprehensive, optimized with images and provide users with value.

    Provide content which people will actually want published on their site for their audience to read and engage with.

    You might also like reading: How To Write A Powerful Blog Post ?

    But how do you know what content to produce?

    You should look out for the content which is generating the most interaction and engagement on the net. There are several ways of doing this. First you could look at content which your competitors are producing and see if that topic is receiving much engagement such as social engagement and shares. Similarly, there are several pieces of software which you could use to show you high engaged content on the internet, such as Ahrefs.

    When writing content, you should write something which is unique and not something that users would have read before. If you come up with a unique piece of content, then a website is most likely going to want you to publish it on their site and give a link in exchange.

    Building Engagement With Great Content:

    High quality content doesn’t only provide you with a link in exchange, but will also build engagement from users. The better the quality of content, the more chances there are that people will enjoy reading the content and will want to share it for others to read too. In return, this will help to increase the awareness of yourself as an author or your company, as well as promote your knowledge in the industry (as shown in the content).

    In 2017, it isn’t about getting hundreds of low quality links which are blatant blackhat SEO techniques, it is about putting in the time and effort to reach out to the most relevant and high authoritative websites, despite how challenging it may be. You might face frustrations and people turning you down along the way, but it will be worth it in the end. Outreaching to build high quality links in 2017 is a process of refining and personalising your pitch, providing relevance, and stating what added value your content will offer to the authoritative site!

    libby teager speechless webdesign
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    • Libby enjoys socialising. Which means that she likes to go out with her friends, drink, then hit the gym to work it off. She’s a social media addict, who turned it into her profession. She loves her role as an account manager and researcher at Speechless Web Design. Almost as much as Big Macs. She once ate 3 in 24 hours.
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    How To Get High Quality Links In 2017

    increase traffic with high pr backlinks

    Its always a problem for bloggers to get Dofollow backlinks because there are only a few websites and blogs that allow dofollow backlinks. So bloggers usually start guest blogging which is a great way to get dofollow backlinks. But the problem is not everyone can guest blog and there are not too many blogs and website which allow or accept guest posts. So I brought you lists of social networks and online directories where you can submit your website or blog links and ultimately improve your blog or site rank within a week. Remember that there is no way to get thousands of backlinks with good page rank in a minute or in an hour, so you need to submit your site to all the directories and social networks manually and one by one.

    List Of Dofollow Directories And Social Networks For Backlinks


    Google has recently announced that it will penalize all the sites having pop ups or interstitial pop ups on mobile site.

    This is because Google wants to improve users experience on mobile site. So its time to remove all the pop ups whether it is an ad or it is like button or a news letter pop up window.

    Beware Of Google's Mobile Site Pop-up Penalty

    seo optimization tutorials 101helper blogger

    Post description and blog description are very important, not because it tells visitors about your blog or post content because nobody reads it, I am talking about me, I don't read description of a site... Don't know about you :P . To me blog or post description both are just a way to show posts and blog on search engines. Because I use keywords in description so that search engines show my blog when someone types a relevant keyword which is present in my description.

    How To Use Dynamic Description To Boost Traffic From Search Engines

    stop country specific redirection in blogger - 101helper

    Google often updates blogger and always adds something new, which is sometimes good and sometimes bad, for example recently Google added "Featured posts widget" in blogger that many people liked and also added HTTPS feature that lets you enable HTTPS so browsers can consider your custom domain safe and secure. But some updates in blogger aren't good and one of them is country-specific redirection of blogspot e.g if you open 101Helper in India you will be redirected to similarly in UK it will be redirected to which affects your blog in following ways:

    How To Stop Country-Specific Redircetion In Blogger

    how to verify a site with alexa

    Alexa is a site which keeps data of sites and blogs and give them a rank in that site's region and a Global rank which depends on its traffic, traffic sources, keywords used to reach that site etc in other words Alexa is rich of sites history. It tells people about how famous a site is that's why webmasters try to increase their site traffic and improve their Alexa rank to show people how popular their site is and it improves a site's impression too. But most of people who are not too friendly with site development and internet get confuse with how Alexa works which is very easy to understand. Alexa gets info from search engines and site analytics and show a rank on traffic and search analytics basis.

    How To Verify Your Site/Blogger Blog With Alexa

    how to add separate descripiton to each post in blogger

    After publishing many posts about seo I am back with a new one. This post is about adding a separate description to each page in blogger. You might be thinking of what do I mean by separate description, if it is so then let me explain it.

    How To Add Separate Description For Every Page In Blogger

    How To Choose Right Keywords To Boost Your Traffic - Blogger Seo

    What are keywords and how do they help you to get visitors to your site? if this question is in your mind then you have reached to right place. Here you will learn everything about keywords and there importance. Keywords are the words used by visitors to search something in search engines and if you have that keyword in your blog then search engines will show your site and hence you will get maximum visitors to your blog. Keywords is an important part of on-page seo. Mainly keywords are of two types:

    How To Choose Right Keywords To Boost Your Traffic - Blogger Seo


    I am sure Bing doesn't need to be introduced. Everybody knows Bing. It is the second most used search engine after Google which makes it important for bloggers and webmasters who are trying to promote their newly created site. One of the most important step to promote a blog or site is to submit its sitemap to every search engine so that it can be indexed and people can reach it though search engines. And that's why I created this post to help newbies how to submit blogger blog's sitemap to Bing Webmaster Tools. It will help Bing to crawl your blog and index every post you create. So follow below steps to submit your blog's sitemap to Bing. If you have any questions you can ask me in comments below.

    How To Submit Blogger Sitemap To Bing Webmaster Tools


    Since Google is updating posting schema and search results so frequently, bloggers and webmasters are having trouble to cope with it. Previously Structured Data Testing Tool was detecting following errors:

    (1). image_url: 
    (2). postId: 
    (3). blogId:

    But now two new errors are encountered which are:

    (1). headline: missing and required
    (2). datepublished: missing and required

    In this post I will show you how to fix these errors in blogger. So follow below steps to fix your errors. I am starting from "headline: missing and required" first.

    Method 1:How To Fix "headline: missing and required" In Blogger:

    Step 1: Go to blogger dashboard and navigate to template.

    Step 2: Click on Edit Html to Edit your template.


    Step 3: Click inside the code and search for below piece of code:

    <h1 class='post-title entry-title' itemprop='name'>

    Or if you don't find it search for below one:

    <h2 class='post-title entry-title' itemprop='name'>

    Step 4: Change 'name' to 'headline' in the code  as shown in below image:

    how-to-fix-headline-missing and required-in-blogger-structured-data-to-esting-tool

    You will find the above code two times or more then two times, make sure to change 'name' to 'headline' in all of these codes.

    Step 5: Save your template and test your blog again using Structured Data Testing Tool.

    How To Fix "datepublished: missing and required" In Blogger:

    If you do it manually it will need hard work and it would be difficult for you so I found an alternative method to fix this error which is much easier then other methods. So follow below steps to fix 'datepublished: missing and required' in your blog.

    Step 1: Go to blogger dashboard > settings and select sub-option(Language and formatting):


    Step 2: Find Formatting and Timestamp Format.

    Step 3: Change time format from default to 8/15/2015 04:33:50 AM(Month/Date/Year Time AM) format as show in below image:


    Step 4: Click on save settings and go to layout.


    Step 5: On the layout page edit blog posts.


    Step 6: Check/Mark both date and time options in post page options as shown in below picture:


    Step 7: Change time format to 8/15/2015 04:33:50 AM(Month/Date/Year Time AM) as you did in the settings above(step 3).


    It should be like above image.

    Step 8: Click on save and you are done.

    Once again check your blog with Structured Data Testing Tool, I am sure this time you will see All good!

    If you still have errors in your webmaster testing tools then you have to do all this manually so follow below steps to add codes manually.

    Method 2:Fixing "headline and datepublished missing and required" in blogger Manually!

    Step 1: Go to your template and edit it.

    Step 2: Search for below code:

    <div class='date-posts'><div class='post-outer'><div class='post hentry uncustomized-post-template' itemscope='itemscope' itemtype=''>

    Step 3: Copy below code and paste it below the above code:

    <a class='timestamp-link' expr:href='data:post.url' rel='bookmark' title='permanent link'><abbr class='published' expr:title='data:post.timestampISO8601' itemprop='datePublished'><span class='updated'><data:post.dateHeader/>T<data:post.timestamp/></span></abbr></a>

    Step 4: Now search for this code:

    <div class='post hentry' itemprop='blogPost' itemscope='itemscope' itemtype=''>

    Step 5: After finding above code just below it paste this one:

    <a class='timestamp-link' expr:href='data:post.url' rel='bookmark' title='permanent link'><abbr class='published' expr:title='data:post.timestampISO8601' itemprop='datePublished'><span class='updated'><data:post.dateHeader/>T<data:post.timestamp/></span></abbr></a>

    Step 6: Now search again for the below code:

    <meta expr:content='data:post.canonicalUrl' itemprop='url'/>

    You may find this code 2 or 3 times

    Step 7: Add the below code below each of the above codes(step 6):

    <a class='timestamp-link' expr:href='data:post.url' rel='bookmark' title='permanent link'><abbr class='published' expr:title='data:post.timestampISO8601' itemprop='datePublished'><span class='updated'><data:post.timestamp/></span></abbr></a>

    Step 8: Click on save and you done!

    Important Note: Make sure to follow step 5,6 and 7 in the first method of fixing these errors!

    If your blog have other errors like img_url, postid, blogid then read How To Fix Google Webmaster Tools Errors In Blogger 

    If you still see any problem you can discuss it with me in comments or by contacting me.

    If this post helped you then please take a second to share it with others. Follow ans subscribe for latest posts updates. Keep visiting 101Helper :)

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    How To Fix "headline and datepublished missing and required" In Blogger


    For higher search results seo optimization is very important and for that you have to keep all things in mind like description, title and links. As description and title optimization is discussed before so in this post we will talk about link optimization only. So in this post I will tell you how to optimize your blogger blog post links for higher results and also how does it help in search results.

    How To Optimize Post Links In Blogger For Higher Search Results

    Seo analysis tools for blogger | 101helper

    Search engine optimization is a way to get more blog traffic, organic traffic and unique traffic but it needs a blog to be optimized 100% for better traffic. There are many ways to optimize a blog for search engines like title optimization, description optimizations, robots text optimization etc but one more thing is important as well and that is to check your blog's seo, to know if you are doing it in write way or not. So in this post I am gonna tell you how to check your blog's seo using some online tools. I will discuss all tools one by one, hope you'll find this post helpful.

    How To Check Your Blog's Seo Status

    How to optimize blogger blog titles for seo | 101helper

    Title optimization is very important thing in seo, specially in 2015, blog title optimization is the first step to get high blog traffic. Although description and keywords are also very important but if you are very serious about your blog traffic then you must concentrate titles of your blog first, because the titles are on the top. You must have read about titles optimization in blogger by adding a separator between blog and post title, but that's not enough because that only works for post pages and what about other pages? so you have to optimize them too for more better results. Therefore in this post I will show you how to optimize your "blog posts", "pages" and also "page not found" pages for seo. If you have read this post then your blog is 90% optimized but after applying this post your blog titles will be 100% optimized for search engines. So lets begin!

    How To Fully Optimize Blogger Blog Titles For Seo

    How to submit blogger sitemap to Yandex | 101helper

    Before I start let me tell you something about Yandex. Yandex is a Russian company that operates the largest search engine of Russia. It is one of the most popular search engine and after Google, Bing, Yahoo, Yandex is most popular. In the beginning this search engine was available in Russian language only but now it is available in English also. As a search engine it also has features like other search engines such as webmaster tools for webmasters and bloggers. You can read more about Yandex here. Yandex is not so popular but it is one of the best way to get more traffic and a successful blogger is that who takes advantage of every means no matter its more popular or less popular. So if you are interested in getting more traffic and want to improve your seo, I recommend you to submit your sitemap to Yandex. 

    How To Submit Blogger Sitemap To Yandex

    5 fastest templates for blogger | 101helper

    Seo, money, style, content, blog is not only about all this and other things but fast loading and speed is also a very important for a blog. Fast loading plays a vital role in making more fans and audience for a blog because a blog which loads slowly like a snail isn't liked by anyone. I am sure that you also don't like slow loading blogs and for the same reason I am creating this post. In this post I will show you some fastest blogger templates because blogger templates are too simple and after a little customization they slows down automatically, so we need an upgrade. So if you want a fast loading blog, I recommend you to use any of the below fast loading template.

    5 Fastest And Seo Templates For Blogger

    description for seo in blogger | 101helper

    A description is added to a blog to describe it to tell people what the blog is about. In blogger there are three different ways to add a description but most of the users are aware of only two. One way to add description to blog is using meta codes, the second way is to add description in header(layout) and the third way to add description is to add it in search preferences. But if description is added in all of these regions it cause a problem of that is in every post even if it has its own description, blog description will go with it because blogger doesn't work as other sites that every post/page/directory/homepage has its own description. As description plays a very important role in Seo therefore every has to focus it.

    Using Description For Seo/Fixing Duplicate Description In Blogger

    Using robots text for better seo in blogger | 101helper

    Robots text plays a main role in a blog's seo. With robots text we actually indicate search engines robots how to crawl our blogs and how to index it. Robots text is not the meta robot tag codes, its a text which is added in a blogs settings option which helps us to tell robots which pages to crawl and index and which do not. Previously I have created a post in which I have told how to add custom robot text in blogger, if you have already added robots text in your blog then you don't need to read that post but if you haven't added robots text in your blog yet then your first task is to read that post and after adding robots text in your blog you can follow this post to use robots text in proper way. In this post I will tell you how to allow or disallow robots to index pages or labels in search results.

    How To Use Robots Text For Better Seo In Blogger