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  • If you are blogging for even 2 months you must have seen this error once when you tried to add a javascript in you blog theme. This error appears when a javascript contains some symbols like $ or & or sometime =. All these errors show error when theme is saved. and the error says "Error parsing XML, line number, column number: The reference to entity "version" must end with the 'example' delimiter".

    As shown in above image, blogger is not accepting Facebook like button code and showing error. To solve this error I have to simply make this code acceptable by blogger.

    You might have problem saving codes of some ads like ads, chitika ads, bidvertiser ads etc all these ads are sometimes not accepted by blogger so you can fix them by following this post and run ads or custom scripts.

    How to add javascript codes in blogger without parsing error ?

    Follow below steps:

    (1). Grab the javascript code which you want to fix in to a notepad or paste it in your blog's <head> or elsewhere in your blog template.

    (2). Copy below piece of Text / HTML tag.


    (3). Now paste it after <script> or <script type='text/javascript'> of your javascript code.

    (4). Now find the closing tag of your script i.e <script> and paste below piece of HTML above it.


    (5). Save your theme.

    You didn't see any error right ? if this worked for you feedback and share this post with others. If not share your problem by leaving a comment below.

    Your final code should be like below:

    <script type='text/javascript'>
    function myFunction() {
    var btn = document.createElement("Click");"URL")

    Though it is a small error but I thought to share how to fix it because it is asked by many bloggers who encountered this error. Hope it helps!

    Thanks for visiting +101helper.

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    Blogger Not Accepting Javascript / Error Parsing XML - Solved !

    What Is Google Analytics?

    Google Analytics are tools powered by Google which are super good to analyze your site. It keeps all information about your site e.g where your visitors are coming from, what is the country of your visitor, How much time is your visitor spending on your site, What is the behavior of your visitor etc. So with the help of Google Analytics you can keep every info about your site or blog and use it to improve your earnings and to make your site or blog better.

    How To Add Google Analytics Code In Blogger


    There is nothing new which I am going to tell you about blogging in this post. Its just a path for those who are new to blogging and in this post I will tell you how to start blogging, how to build audience, how to choose niche for your blog, how to get your blog on search engines, how to start earning and how to become a professional blogger. So we have following topics in this post.

    How To Start Blogging - Full Guide To Become A ProBlogger

    How to find RSS feeds of blogger blog

    RSS feed is a source of latest posts in a blog or website. It contains a bunch of text with some summery from a post, its title, category, publish date etc. RSS feeds are required sometimes for some gadgets like recent post widget and sometimes it is need to submit RSS feed to certain websites which index your blog or site post on there site or promote your site's post so they require a link to your site to get all the latest info from your site once otherwise it will take a lot of time to index posts.

    How To Find RSS Feeds Of Blogger Blog

    how to change title and description in blogger

    The title of a site or blog is given at the time of creation and is recommended to be 100% seo friendly because it play a major role in getting organic traffic from search engines. So a title should contain the most relevant keywords to generate a high traffic. Similar to it description is also very important because search engines show results on the basis of description. So its very important to give a seo friendly title and description to a blog. But as beginner to blogging most of the people do it wrong because they are unaware of seo. However if they want to change title or description of their blogs they can do it is seconds. Because blogger lets its users to do so. So this post is about changing the title and description of a blogger blog. If you want to change your blog's title and description then follow below steps:

    How To Change Title And Description Of Blog - Blogger

    How to add read more link in blogger after posts

    You might have noticed that in most of blogs these is a small description of a post and after that there is a "Read More" button to read full post. This read more button is addedbecause of  Jump Break. If a post have no jump break your blog will show full post and it may slow down your homepage and other pages. But it happens only in simple templates, if you are using a custom template you may don't encounter this problem.

    How To Add "Read More" Link In Blogger After Post

    How to enable comment moderation in blogger | 101helper

    Comment moderation means publishing comments after approval. It is helpful to avoid spam comments to be published on blog. Comment moderation is not enabled in simple or another template so you have enable it on your own. Its not a difficult thing, you have to just make a little changes in settings of your blog. To enable comment moderation in your blog follow below steps:

    How To Enable Comment Moderation In Blogger

    How to disable navbar in blogger | 101helper blogging

    Navbar means navigation bar. It lies at the top of blog in blogger. It has a search box, share buttons and some more buttons. It is enabled in every blogger template but can be disabled easily by Admin. It has different styles e.g black, orange, blue, transparent etc. In this post I will tell you how to disable navbar in blogger, so follow below steps to disable navbar in blogger:

    How To Disable Navbar In Blogger

    How to enable or disable comments in blogger | 101helper blogger

    Previously I have created a post in which I have shown how to install diqus comments in blogger, today I am back with a related post(comments). This post is to tell you how to enable or disable comments on specific posts and pages in blogger. As commenting is a great way to share experience and interact with users therefore comments are very important for a blog. A blog with more comments on posts/pages is more popular than a blog having less or no comments. In blogger commenting is allowed on every post and page you create but sometime you need to disallow comments for a post or page such as about, sitemap or contact page because there is no need of comments in about, contact, sitemap pages.

    How To Enable Or Disable Comments In Blogger

    How to customize header and footer in blogger | 101helper blogger tutorials

    As a new blogger its not easy to understand how blogger works therefore all beginners start reading tutorials to learn how to customize their blogs. Blogger isn't so complicated so majority of people understands it quickly. There are many things that a blogger doesn't understand in beginning but one thing that is more difficult for a beginner to customize footer and header in blogger. Footer is that part of post which is shown below post, it contains share buttons, E-mail buttons, Author profile, Link to post option, Labels and so on. And header is that part of post which lies at the top of the post that is Date of publish. So in this tutorial I will tell you how to customize footer and header in blogger. I will show you how to remove contents like date, share buttons, author profile etc. 

    How To Customize Header And Footer In Blogger

    How to schedule a post for auto publish in blogger | 101helper

    Do you want your posts to publish on a specific time?  or you are busy, going for some work or going on a trip and can't publish posts? if yes then forget it and don't worry because blogger has a great feature that you can schedule a post for auto publish so now if you are busy your blog will publish posts automatically. Its very easy, all you have to do is to follow below simple steps, you don't need any code to make your blog auto publish. But before scheduling a post you must write it properly, your blog will only publish it, it won't write it for you.

    How To Schedule A Post For Auto Publish In Blogger

    How to delete a blog permanently in blogger | 101helper

    Do you have so many blogs? and some of them aren't useful for you and you want to get rid of them? Why don't you delete them? but how? if the same questions are in your mind and you are searching for how to delete my useless blogs then you are at right place. In this tutorial I will show you how can you delete a blog and also a trick to delete it permanently from your blogger account. If you are searching for how to delete a blog on blogger permanently then you must have found so many blogs having posts with title how to delete a blog permanently in blogger but only few of them really works and majority are fake. Since blogger doesn't provide any option to delete a blog permanently therefore we have to use a trick, I will show you that trick in this post but before that I will show you how to delete a blog in blogger.
    Follow below steps to delete a blog in blogger:

    Step 1: Go to blogger dashboard and choose the blog which you want to delete.

    Step 2: Click on the settings in the menu on left side and choose other.

    How to delete a blog permanently in blogger | 101helper
    Step 3: Click on   Delete blog  below Import & back up.

    how to delete a blogger blog permanantly

    Step 4: Click on  Delete This Blog  and you are done!

    how to delete a blogger blog forever

    Step 5: Now go to to view your blogs list.

    Step 6: Open your blog list as shown in below image and click on the blog which you want to delete in the deleted blogs section.


    Step 6: Click on Permanently delete button beside the Undelete button and you are done successfully.


    I hope you like this post and it is helpful to you. If you like this post share it with others and help 101Helper grow. If you have any suggestion or opinion leave a comment below. Thanks for visiting 101Helper. If you want to get latest updates about blogging tutorials signup for newsletter. If you have any problem related to this post feel free to ask me in comments or contact me.

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    How To Delete A Blogger Blog Permanently

    How to edit template code in blogger | 101helper

    Template is the source code of a blog, it contains all CSS codes, gadget codes, settings, theme and everything so if you want to make any changes in your blog you need to edit template of your blog. Its very easy to edit template in blogger but those who are new to blogging are not familiar with it. Although gadgets can be added from layout by clicking on add a gadget but some gadgets are added by editing template so its very important for a blogger to know how to edit template.

    How To Edit Template In Blogger

    How to find ID of a widget in blogger | 101helper

    There are many things which are unknown by a beginner to blogging but they are required for some purposes like sitemap, blog ID, widget ID etc. Sitemap of a blog can be found by a specific link, its not like other websites, as if you are search for a website's sitemap you can find it simply by adding /sitemap.html  in homepage link for example Similar to sitemap widget/gadget ID is used in many things so it is also useful. 

    How To Find ID Of A Widget In Blogger

    How to change layout design in blogger

    In blogger, layout in an option which lets you to add any gadget in your blog or lets you to edit any existing gadget. When a new blog is created it has the default layout style in which blog post(content) exists in middle and is surrounded by gadgets but blogger lets you to change it. Why do you need to change your blog's layout design? there are many reasons for changing layout style like if you are adding a vertical menu in your blog and you wish to add it in left side then you need a space for it and you can get that space only if you change style of your layout other reasons are if you wish your content on right hand side and gadgets on left hand side then you need to change your blog layout and so on.

    How To Change Layout Design In Blogger

    How to backup deleted posts in blogger

    Backup means to recover something, every website and blog needs a backup because sometimes unexpected things happens. Like other platforms blogger also lets you to create backup . In blogger you can create two types of backups one is of template which will keep backup of all changes in template of your blog while other will keep data of each post of your blog either it is old, new, published or is in draft. Why do you need a backup? the answer is because if some unexpected event goes then you could recover your posts.

    How To Backup Deleted Posts In Blogger

    how to set redirections in blogger blog

    Broken links are found in every website and blog and causes a problem of low traffic because visitors don't reach to the post they look for. If you are a Google webmaster tools user then you will be able to know about all broken links in your blog and you can fix them, but if you aren't using Google webmaster tools then you will know a little about your blog's broken links and can't fix every broken link because you don't know which link is broken. Google webmaster tools informs about each and every broken link of a blog or website. So if you want to have updates about all of your broken links, use Google webmaster tools.

    How To Set Custom Redirects In Blogger

    How to check blog traffic stats in blogger

    We know that its not easy for a beginner to use blogger as he is using it first time. And when its about blogging then its more difficult for the beginner. As a beginner many bloggers don't know how to posts, how to share, how to design blog etc similarly some people don't know how to check stats of their blog for example where traffic is from? where the visitors are from(country)? which post is most popular and receiving more traffic then others. So this post is for those who don't know how to check stats of their blog.

    How To Check Blog Traffic Stats In Blogger

    How to show images in lighbox in blogger

    In blogger the images were shown without light box before but recently blogger has added a new feature for images and photos. This new feature is showing images in light box. With this feature images are shown with a dark background when clicked.

    How To Show Images In Lighbox In Blogger

    In blogger there is no option to add a logo directly in a blog, but many bloggers add logo to their blogs and those who are beginners to blogging get confused about it. Everybody know that logo can be added to blog only by navigating to layout but it isn't so easy as you can find only favicon in your blog's layout. Because adding logo option is hidden inside Header. The reason for adding a logo to your blog is it makes your blog look decent other than this its trademark for your content.

    How To Add Logo To Your Blogger Blog