Welcome to 101Helper's contributor page. I really appreciate your interest in becoming an author with 101Helper. Becoming an Author with 101Helper is very easy. All you have to do is to fill out a form and you will be invited to write for 101Helper.

What Kind Of Content Is Acceptable?

As 101Helper is a blog about blogging therefore as an author you can write post about blogging, blogger gadgets, blogger templates, blogging tutorials, blogger menus, earning money via blogging, video tutorials, jquery tricks & css tricks(related to blogger) etc. You can write what ever you want but it must be related to blogger. Get help? to write a powerful post!

  • The article should be unique(no copy content).
  • You can write a post only in English therefore your English should be good.
  • Your article should be about blogger e.g(blogger tips, seo, tricks, gadgets, menus,tutorials or Google webmaster tools tutorials for blogger).
  • Your article should be meaningful and easy to understand.
become-an-article-video-tutorials-101helperVideo Tutorials:

101Helper has now a youtube channel also because we're are trying to post videos about blogger tutorials to help our visitors. So if you have a video about blogging or adding a gadget to blogger or something else related to blogger then you can post it in 101Helper. You can also create a video by following any of our tutorial. 
How To Submit A Video?

Just create a video by following any of our tutorial. You can create your own tutorial also. Try to show each step before following it in your video using notepad. After creating your video contact us or upload it to youtube and send us its embedded code.

What You Get?

If you submit a video to 101Helper videos you will have following benefits:
  • Your site or blog link will be mentioned below your video or your post.
  • You can also submit your Youtube channel link or video.
  • As your video will be published below posts, you will get views.
  • Your profile will be added to our Author's Wall.
  • Advertise for free on 101helper, 1 post = 1 month free advertising.
  • You can show your posts in our recommendation campaigns. Check out an example at How to remove "powered by blogger" attribution widget in blogger



Invitations are sent by Email. If you are interested in being author at 101Helper, simply contact us using contact page. You will be invited in 5 hours after you send your details e.g your name, Google account email and blog/websites url.

Sign-up Process: 

Send your Name, Google account e-mail and Website/Blog's link by contacting us.