Guest Posting

What You Get?

1. Your site or blog link will be mentioned below your post.

2. Your profile will be added to our Author's wall.

3. Advertise for free on 101helper, 1 post = 1 month free advertising.

4. You can show your posts in our recommendation campaigns.

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What Kind Of Content Is Acceptable?


Blogger gadgets.

Blogger templates/themes.

Blogging tutorials.

Blogger menus.

Earning money via blogging.

Video tutorials.

Jquery tricks & css tricks.

Blogger seo.

Ad networks review.

Traffic tricks.

Google Adsense.

Webmaster tools tutorials.

Rich snippets(Google, Bing).

Blogger news.

Hosting and domain.


1. The article should be unique(no copy content).

2. You can write a post only in English therefore your English should be good.

3. Your article should be about blogger e.g(blogger tips, seo, tricks, gadgets, menus,tutorials or Google webmaster tools tutorials for blogger).

4. Your article should be meaningful and easy to understand.