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Top free,seo and ads ready Blogger templates 2020

Blogger is the best platform provided by Google for those who wants to have a free website. Blogger has many features among which one of the most useful is that you can change the template of your blog. Although blogger has many classic templates but people like to have a stylish responsive, elegant and popular template so they use to get it from other sites. Some popular sites providing free templates are templateism, sora templates, btemplates, mybloggerthemes and so on. Blogger templates is most frequently searched on Google and Bing as now a days bloggers are in competition with each other and every blogger wants to have a stylish and responsive template than other. But many problems reveals when a blogger thinks to change his blog theme such as how to change the template? how to choose templates? How to customize templates? etc so this post is for those who don't know which template would be more good for his blog. Here are 25 best templates of this year so who don't know which template would be good for his blog he can choose it here by viewing demo of each.
These templates are easy to use, stylish, popular and free of cost. After choosing template another problem reveals which is the most difficult thing for a blogger specially for those who are beginners to blogging that how to change template in blogger? therefore I have created a step by step post which is for those who don't know how to change template in blogger. This post makes it easy, so read that post before changing template if you don't know how to change template in blogger. 

(1). Klarity personal blog:

A beautiful, responsive and stylish template for regular bloggers. This template is fully responsive and has all the popular effects along with responsive built-in gadgets like social follow buttons, back to top button, latest layout map(2 gadgets can be added in header) and a beautiful theme. Moreover it has a responsive menu also as it floats which is searched and liked by everyone. This template is seo optimized also(no need to add basic seo modifications). You can see a demo of this template below and also can download it for free. The free version has everything you need for your blog. 

Demo | Download 

(2). BlogMag:

Its the second best template of 2014 and like others it is also stylish and popular due to its responsive design. It has built-in gadgets also like related posts, follow buttons, scroll to top widget and no doubt now a days every template is seo friendly so this one is also a seo optimized template therefore basic seo modifications ain't required. You can see its responsive design and stylish look by clicking on demo below and if you like this you can download it for free also. 

(3). Addiction minimal blogger template:

Like its name "addiction" after viewing this template you would also be addicted to it because of its decent design. Along with decent look it has responsive design also such as sharing buttons below every post, a cool read more button, beautiful and responsive labels, scroll to top button and a floating menu. 

(4). Metro UI blogger template:

Metro UI template reminds me the experience of a tablet or windows 8. This a unique template designed by Thomas vereslt for bloggers. This is a fully responsive template having some cool effects such as flipping effect on hover. It has three different themes a default, a classic and a standard. You can see more features of this template by visiting below site(demo). Although full version could be purchased but a lite version is available. You can download it and see a demo below:

(5). Go green blogger template:

This is a magazine or news template for blogger. It is a stylish and popular template. You can guess from its name that the template will have green colored theme. It has all the basic gadgets like related posts widgets, share it gadgets, popular posts widget, cool looking comments design etc. It is a responsive template also such as its menu colors on mouse hover and percentage on scrolling page. You can add more responsive gadgets in this template also. Premium version is available for $30 but a free version can be downloaded from below link. 

(6). Blogtube:

This is a template similar to youtube. It is a fully featured template for video blogs having a good look along with built-in gadgets. Premium version costs $30 while a free version is also available.

(7). Helix:

This template is designed by  Fab themes. Helix is a free template adopted from wordpress templates. It is a 3 columned template having right and left sidebars with social bookmarking icons. It has a very neat and excellent design. Helix is compatible with Google chrome, Internet explorer and Firefox. It is available for all bloggers for free. This template is liked for its clear and neat design. See the demo below:

(8). Indonesia blogger template:

This is a mesmerizing fully featured template for magazine blogs. It has a beautiful look along with layout orientation. This template lifts you content to new heights. Its one of the most popular template of this year. Premium version is available for only $5.95, premium version lets you to remove footer credits, encrypted scripts and provides lifetime updates and support. A paid version can be used for as many domains as you want. See a demo below and if you like it click on download to get it for free or you can buy it also from sora templates.

(9). Keilir:

This template has everything a blogger wants a floating menu, a responsive design, a stylish theme and a beautiful background. Keilir has more features like cool image effects and sharing icons so you don't need to add further sharing button gadgets. This template can be purchased for $6.95 from sora templates and a free version is also available at sora templates. Full version lets you to remove footer credits, encrypted scripts,life time support, one time payment service and much more.

(10). Hash Movie blogger template:

Hash movie is a blogger template for movie, posters and video blogs. It provides a great layout. It features a good 3 column layout which enables you to add optimum number of advertisements and gadgets. It has many custom features and full version enables you to add video playlist also. Some other features are responsive, entertainment, seo friendly, social buttons, ads ready, browser compatibility, neat and clean design, clear layout and supports video. 

(11). Rocket:

Rocket is a good choice for news, magazine, games, tutorials, stories, books and personal blog. This template is one of the best template of this year. It has a stylish and responsive design. Its menu is so popular that it is searched on Google for more than 1 million times a day. Its price is also $6.95 but a free version can be downloaded from sora templates.

(12). Mini blog template:

Mini blog template is a free template for blogger with 2 columns. It has black and white color. It is a neat and clear template for those who want their blog to load faster. It is a good choice for personal blog or a diary blog. It is a price free template and can be downloaded from btemplates. Mini blog template is compatible with internet explorer, Firefox and Google chrome. 

(13). Pratico dark clean blogger template:

Pratico is a clean and stylish blogger template with fully responsive design. It has a responsive menu, social icons and image effects similar to Keilir template. It is best for tech, magazine and personal blog. Some other features are:

  • It has 2 column layout.
  • Page navigation.
  • Sticky menu bar.
  • seo and ads ready.
  • Browsers compatibility e.g Google chrome, Firefox and Internet explorer.
  • Full responsive and stylish design.
  • Good color combination.
  • Back to top button at the bottom of template.
  • Stylish about author gadget.
  • Follow buttons.
  • Drop down menu.

(14). Linezap blogger template:

Linezap is a template for magazine and new blogs. It has a user friendly, stylish and a very impressive design due to attractive colors combination. Linezap is a seo optimized template. Linezap is a good choice for news, fashion, tech and magazine sites/blogs.

Some of the features are:
  • It is a 3 columned template.
  • It is search engine optimized.
  • It is ads ready.
  • Popular posts and related posts widgets are already added.
  • Decent look with attractive color combination.
  • Css Scroll to top and cool labels gadget.
  • Responsive search box(spreads when hovered by mouse).
  • Browsers compatible.
  • Social Follow and sharing buttons.
  • Fast loading and much more.

(15). Gearcrowd blogger template:

Gearcrowd is a free responsive and stylish template. It is a good choice for tech, magazine, news, gallery and online selling blog/site. It has both list and grid views to show posts. It is available for free some of the features of this template are mentioned below:
  • Gearcrowd has a 3 columned layout, list and grid view fr posts and a responsive design.
  • It has a drop down menu and some important gadgets built-in like popular posts widget, related posts gadget, social follow and sharing icons.
  • It is search engine optimized and ads ready.
  • Black, white and orange combination of colors for a good look.
  • 4 columns footer and 2 right sidebars.
  • Cool image effect(zoom on mouse hove).
  • Page navigation and header search box and much more.

(16). Craper grid style blogger template.

Craper is a neat and clean template with grid style for blogger. It has a fully responsive design with ability to fix at any screen size e.g Desktop, tablet and mobile phones. It is seo optimized also and popular for its loading speed. Crasper is nice for Gallery, photography, arts, fashion news or personal website. Some features of this template are:

  • Seo and ads ready.
  • features gadgets e.g search box, popular posts gadget and social sharing buttons.
  • Page navigation and drop down menu.
  • Simple and responsive design.
  • Browser's compatible, css3 and Html5 coding and so on.

(17). Dream grid template for blogger:

Dream grid is a dark grid style template for blogger. It is responsive and very attractive. It is popular for its design, seo optimizaton and browser compatibility. Drean grid is for photography, wallpapers, fashion, art and personal blogs.

Some features of Drean grid are:
  • It has a responsive, attractive and awesome design.
  • All gadgets are built-in which a blogger needs e.g related posts, popular posts and follow buttons.
  • Dearm grid has Side bar sticky menu.
  • Seo optimized and ads ready.
  • 3 columns layout and much more.

(18). Breeze blogger template:

Breeze is a professional and responsive theme for blogger blogs. It is a perfect choice for magazine, marketing, personal, corporate, fashion or creative blog or site. It come with a fully responsive theme and a background which continuously changes(a slideshow background). It is a very beautiful and stylish theme. Premium version costs $4.95. Some features of this template are:
  • It is ads ready and seo optimized.
  • It has auto resize thumbnail image feature.
  • Breeze has built-in gadgets such as stylish related posts gadget below every post, social buttons below posts, popular posts gadget and recent post gadget by labels.
  • It is compatible with popular browsers e.g Google chrome, Firefox and IE(internet explorer).
  • Cool responsive search box.
  • Sticky drop down menu with a responsive header and much more.

(19). Smartify blogger template:

Smartify is a smart, simple, elegant and clean theme for blogger blogs. It has a simple design with fixed menu and other gadgets. It is a very fast loading template. It is popular because of its simplicity and grid view. Some features of smartify are:

  • It is simple, clean and elegant.
  • It loads very fast.
  • It has grid style for posts.
  • It is seo optimized.
  • It is a clean coded template so you can edit it easily.

(20). Blackpress responsive blogger template:

Blackpress is super clean and fast loading template for blogger blogs. This template has many features which includes a simple and clean design, built-in gadgets(popular posts,relates posts gadget sharing buttons), It has 2 columned layout, a drop down menu, seo ready and responsive design. This template is made by combination of black, white and orange colors. It is popular for its fast loading feature. Black press is a good choice for You can see a live demo below. 

All above templates are popular and seo ready with built-in gadgets and awesome design. Hope you like this post. I would like to know your experience about this post. If any of the demo or down;load link is not working please inform me in comments or contact me. If you have any question about blogger templates or if you want me to help you in implementing a template in your blog feel free to ask me in comments. Take a second to share this post with others if you like it. Follow and subscribe to get latest news about blogging tips and tricks, gadgets, templates, seo and so on.

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