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How to get your blog to the top of Search results | mybloggersbay

An issue about seo and bringing blog or site to search result's front page is common with every blogger and webmaster. Despite of applying all the seo tips, meta codes and new seo tricks still there is no improvement? so what to do? let me tell you how to bring your blog to front page of search results. After reading and following this post you will surely see an improvement in your blog's seo and traffic. Before I start let me clear that you should follow all the seo posts which I have created before. You can read them here. After following all the seo tips given in these posts you can follow this post. In this post I will give you some most effective tips to get your site on top of the search results of any search engine. 
Register a Domain:   

Registering a domain is a guaranteed way to get your site on top of the search results. It doesn't mean that only registered sites are on the top but it is the easiest and fastest way to get on the top. Do not register a cheap domain, register a domain at a famous domain hosting company like Google, hostgator, weebly, etc and also buy an seo package while buying a domain.

Socialize your site/blog:

Share your site on social networks. Get as many shares as you can. The more shares you get the more you go on top. Search engines index these sites on the top of the search results which is more popular and the sign of popularity is more social shares.

Build backlinks:

Backlinks also decide the popularity of your blog/site. A blog with more backlinks is on the top of the search results, but backlinks shouldn't be cheap or spam. Try to create quality backlinks to get your site in top of the search results. Learn how to create quality backlinks for blogger.

Use rich snippets:

Richsnippets in blogger

Rich snippets are used in many websites, some common rich snippets are star ratings, search box in search results and breadcrumbs. Rich snippets plays a vital role in getting a site to the top of search results. How rich snippets are helpful to get you site to the top? because the sites having stars below its title in search result are visited by most visitors as it is rated by people so a site visited again and again is indexed in the top search results.

Webmaster Tools:

It is not easy to submit each and every link of site to search results therefore use the webmaster tools of search engines, submit your sitemap to them and leave it to search engines they will index all your articles one by one. Recommended search engines are Google, Bing and Yandex.

Keep Interesting content:  

In my every post(about traffic) I suggest to keep a unique, meaningful and interesting content because content is the king of a blog or site and the only reason for which a visitor visits your site/blog so keep an interesting content and give a solid reason to visitors for visiting your blog. If you have a great content then nobody can stop your blog to appear on the top of search results until unless someone steal your content. 

Seo friendly template:

Before your blog start journey to the top of the search results use a 100% seo optimized template i.e optimized title, optimized meta codes, optimized description, optimized robots.text etc. Your blog's template will decide the fate of your blog whether it would be on the first page of search results or no.

Focus On Keywords:

Keywords are on of the most important things which needs to be focused to show a website or blog on the first page of search results. Keywords are of two types e.g short keywords and long tail keywords. Both of them are important but long tail keywords are very important in bringing a site to the top of the search results. So focus on keywords too, to maximize your seo and get your site to page one of search results.

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Increase your traffic:

Increase your blog traffic to 40,000 or 50,000 views, it will play a major role in getting blog to the first page of search results. Search engines show those links on the top of the search results which already have many visitors. Each of your post must have above 1000 views.

Alexa rank:

Alexa is a website which keeps data of websites/blogs which are popular. In order to get your site on the tops of search results you must improve your blog's alexa rank first. It is on of the fastest way to get your blog to the top of search results and increase your blog traffic. There are three basic ways to improve your alexa rank:
  • Create quality backlinks as much as you can.
  • Reduce your bounce rate. You can do it by keeping visitors longer in your blog. 
  • Share your blog on social networks.
Final words:

After applying all the above and other seo tips wait for some months as it is not a one night work. It takes days, weeks, months and sometimes years to get on the top of the search results. It totally depends on your blog category and content. The more useful and interesting content you have the more you will get visitors and you will be listed on the top of search results.

If you have any suggestion or any message just leave a comment below, I will get back to you soon. Thanks for visiting mybloggersbay, keep visiting for more tips, seo tips, tricks,gadgets and tutorials. If you like this post and don't want to miss my next post, subscribe to this post below. Help me spread my blog by sharing this post with others.

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