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Step by step tutorial to submit blogger sitemap to Yandex


Before I start let me reveal to you something about Yandex. Yandex is a Russian organization that works the biggest web search tool of Russia. It is one of the most mainstream internet searcher and after Google, Bing, Yahoo, Yandex is generally well known. In the first place this web index was accessible in Russian language just however now it is accessible in English too. As an internet searcher it additionally has highlights like other web indexes, for example, website admin apparatuses for website admins and bloggers. You can peruse progressively about Yandex here. Yandex isn't so mainstream however it is a standout amongst other approach to get more traffic and an effective blogger is that who exploits each mean regardless of its increasingly well known or less famous. So on the off chance that you are keen on getting more traffic and need to improve your website design enhancement, I prescribe you to present your sitemap to Yandex.

Like Google and Bing, sitemap can be submitted to Yandex likewise however its excessively not the same as submitting sitemap to Google or Bing. Google and bing acknowledge the ordinary sitemap i.e: however incase of Yandex this sitemap can not be utilized. Yandex will show you a blunder, appeared in beneath picture. So to pick up guests from Yandex you need to accomplish something other than what's expected and for a similar explanation I am making this post. So pursue beneath referenced strides to present your blog's sitemap to Yandex.

Step 1: Go to Yandex webmaster tools and sign-up for an account.

Step 2: After sign-up login to your Yandex record and include your website/blog.


Step 3: Verify your blog by utilizing the meta code(go to your blog HTML format and include the meta code underneath <head>).


Step 4: After confirmation, go to your Yandex account.

Step 5: Click on indexing in the menu on left hand side.


Step 6: Choose the sub-choice "Sitemap files".

Step 7: Use your blog sitemap url in sitemap url box:


Step 8: Click on Add and you are done.

You can check your sitemap status by click on check.

Note: Don't utilize rather than it use in light of the fact that incase of .com Yandex is diverted to .ru(russian area) which brings about halting of record.


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