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Online tools to check your Blog's seo status

Seo analysis tools for blogger | 101helper

Search engine optimization is a way to get more blog traffic, organic traffic and unique traffic but it needs a blog to be optimized 100% for better traffic. There are many ways to optimize a blog for search engines like title optimization, description optimizations, robots text optimization etc but one more thing is important as well and that is to check your blog's seo, to know if you are doing it in write way or not. So in this post I am gonna tell you how to check your blog's seo using some online tools. I will discuss all tools one by one, hope you'll find this post helpful.

(1). Meta Checker:

Meta codes like meta title, meta description, meta keywords, meta language, meta author etc are added to blog to tell search engines bots about your blog's title, keywords, description, language, author info etc. It helps in better crawling as well as better search results. But while adding it there is no indicator or analyzer in blogger to tell you about the status of your meta codes, so you have to check it on you own by using online tools. So here I am using the best meta checker to check my blog's meta status. You can also use it to check your blog's meta codes status.

Step 1: Go to Meta checker

Step 2: Type your blog's Homepage url in the box.

Meta checker for blogger | 101helper

Step 3: Click on check and wait for your results.

This tool is 100% reliable. It gives you all info about your meta codes status, duplicate description, keywords strength as well as it has a meter at the top just like a car's speed meter and it indicates your blog's meta codes status. If the meter is showing reading from zero to 100 again and again then it means you are 100% optimized.

Seo Site Checkup:

Seo site checkup blogger | 101helper

Seo site checkup is an online tool which provides you with all seo information of your blog. It give all data such as title, description, keywords, favicon, url structure, social shares, speed, general analysis, Google search results preview, h1 and h2 tags etc. In other words this tool is all in one online seo checker and can be used for free as well as you can buy premium membership. Seo site checkup has seo articles too which are really helpful to make one's seo better. To check you blog's seo status follow below steps:

Step 1: Go to Seo Site Checkup.

Step 2: Enter your blog's Homepage url.

Seo site checkup blogger | 101helper seo

Step 3: Click on checkup and wait for tools to look up your blog.

Note: This tool is for free but can be used only once in an hour. You can also get more tools by signing up for 30 days trial.

Site Analyzer:

Site seo analyzer blogger seo tools

Site analyzer is another tool to analyze blog's seo status. It is similar to seo site checkup but is 100% free of cost. It gives all information about your blog, from accessibility to social networking with brief details. 

Use this tool

Bing Seo Analyzer:

Bing is one of the biggest search engines and like other developed search engines it also have webmaster tools. In Bing webmaster tools seo analyzer is also found which lets you to check out the seo of a specific page of your site/blog. It notifies about long or short description, images alt and h1 tags. So Bing seo analyzer can be used to make your blog's seo better. Follow below steps to know how to use Bing seo analyzer:

Step 1: Go to Bing webmaster tools and Sign-in to your Microsoft account(create a new one if you don't have a Microsoft account). 

Bing Seo Analyzer blogger | 101helper

Step 2: Click on Diagnosis & tools in the menu on left side and select Seo Analyzer.

How to use Bing Seo Analyzer | 101helper

Step 3: Enter the link of the page which you want to analyze.

Blog seo checkup | 101helper

Step 4: Click on Analyze and wait for Bing to analyze your page.

Final words(Conclusion):

Its important to analyze your blog using the above tools because it helps you to know if you are doing it in right way or your all efforts are going in vain. 

Hope you like this post and you found it helpful. If you have any problem or suggestion, share it with me in comments. Follow and subscribe to get latest blogger tutorials in your inbox. 

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