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New updated Blogger interface

After a long time and so many requests, Blogger has been updated and the new interface is really very good. So far Blogger was not friendly with phones and so it showed desktop site in phones. But after this update so many things have been improved. So let me tell you about new Blogger interface.

Improved Dashboard & Statics Page

So far blogger dashboard didn't show detail statics but now when you visit your blogger dashboard you will see a clean new interface showing total followers, total posts and total comments. They show this in stats tab not on Dashboard but they have shifted all the dashboard to stats page. After this you can see the old statics i.e page views now, today, yesterday, this month and last month but in a clean and horizontal tab. After that you can see statics of your latest post. You can see how many views your latest post has taken and comments are also shown. Further you can call page views on latest post for now, last 24 hours, last 7 days, last 30 days and all time.

After all this you have statics tab of whole blog. Showing in total how many views your blog got since it is created and how many comments are left by visitors. You have also a button saying MORE ABOUT THIS BLOG. Clicking this button will show you a detailed report. This report shows Top traffic referrals, Top referring URL's, Browsers used to visit your blog, Pageviews by Operating Systems, Search keywords and in the end Top locations(countries). So this updated interface has a very good stats page with alot of improvements.


Commenting System

Comments are not so improved only a good look is given. Like other comment systems i.e diqus or Facebook comments are much more advanced then blogger because Blogger comments have no image sharing feature, no up vote or down vote system. So it is npt improved but only look is changed.


Theme And Editing

This one is really improved and bloggers like I really wanted this to be improved because I was really tired of turning on my laptop everytime to edit and make changes in my template. So in this improved version of blogger you can edit your blog theme from your phone too. Second thing that came to my notice is that when Edit HTML is clicked a new tab is opened to edit template so you have a full page editor which is really good. This theme editor is now intelligent too because in old theme editor when you put an async tag script without async="async" you would get error on line bla bla bla. But in this improved theme editor, it itself corrects it and save the template. But this has brought a new problem that it will not show you the line with error and so if you have a div or span tag left unclosed you will not be able to identify where it is unclosed so it will be a big problem. So try to use correct code from now to avoid this.

One more thing that is improved in this new update is that you have a dialog everytime you save your theme unlike the old one in which clicking save template button would save theme but when you refresh it would not be actually save so you ha to clic and click again and again to save theme and sometimes you had to refresh them make all these changes again and save again.So this is also a great improvement.

Lets hope in future blogger will improve it more.

Posting And Editing

Post creating and editing is same with some degrer of improvement. Now you can write a post from your phone and also edit it but it is not as better as using blogger app because when you edit post or write post from phone you can write and do everything as normal but it is not so zoomed its same as desktop with a big font only to pretend its phone friendly.

Mobile Compatible Blogger

Blogger is now compatible with mobile. Here is a screenshot showing the stats in mobile. You can create and edit a post, you can edit your blog theme, you can change your blog theme. For more good experience you can use Blogger app to write your posts.


So far only this is improved. If you haven't tried updated blogger click on Try New Blogger button which will appear on lower left bottom of blogger dashboard.

Lets hope in future blogger will be improved further and will have features like wordpress. New widgets should be added, Push notifications root settings should be added and alot of improvements are still to be made. We are waiting !

Thanks for visiting mybloggersbay.

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