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Monetize low Traffic Blogger blogs And Sites With Adcash


You are probably here because you have low blog traffic and you don't have Google Adsense account. Don't worry, I have found a good ad network for you that have all the features an ad network should have. It is Adcash.

In this post I will tell you everything about adcash. I found this ad network good because it works with Google Adsense, so its a certified ad network and good for low traffic blogs and sites.
You can also read about Infolinks, Revenuehits, Adhitz , these are the ad networks which have no minimum traffic requirements.

Here is important information you should have before you start monetizing with adcash.
First of all it is a trusted ad network.

Publisher Requirements

Traffic Minimum

Adcash has no minimum traffic requirements.

Prohibited Content

Adult or mature content (pornography), violent content, hate speech, harassment, bullying, excessive profanity, hacking/cracking content, content that promotes sale or advertises products from endangered or threatened species, sales of any illegal items, content regarding programs which compensate users for clicking ads or offers, performing searches, surfing websites, or reading emails

Ad Formats

1. Push notifications ad.

2. Native content ads.

3. Interstitial ads.

4. Banner ads.

     - 120X600
     - 160X600
     - 300X250
     - 336X250
     - 728X90
     - 428X60

5. Pop up ads.

Advertising Types

Advertising Types: Display and Text ads


Payment Methods

$100 via Wire transfer

$25 via Paypal

Other payment methods Skrill, Web money, Payoneer, Credit Card(Visa/Master card), BitCoin

Payment currency is Dollar or Euros.

1. You can set your own CPM rates.

By controlling your CPM rates you actually control your earnings. Suppose if you have 1000 daily views or for 1 day you generate 1000 views from social networks or get traffic from Google AdWords or paid traffic and you set your CPM as $10, you will shortly earn $10. So its a good thing to earn more money in less time. But Adcash recommends not to set a CPM rate because you might set CPM $10 but advertisers are ready to pay $15 so eventually you loose $5. I recommend you to do experiments before setting CPM rate, for example send your traffic to blog with adcash ads and observe how much you are getting. If you see that the rate is really going high, only then buy some traffic for it and convert your traffic to money. For experimental purposes you can get traffic from social networks groups and traffic exchange sites.

2. You can remove branding from native ads, hence increase clicks.

This is also a benefit, specifically for audience like mine, which is really intelligent and they do not click ads and native ads. So you can hide adcash branding and put your widget under the post, above the post and in between the posts. I recommend native ads to those who have blog about games, apps, movies and entertainment type content because I have seen that adcash recommends entertainment type content in its native ad widgets. But it will also work very good on sex and relationship type content. Well try it on your blog and see if you get good results or no. Share your experience in comments below for other visitors.

3. Full customization options for native ads.

As I mentioned native ads you have brand hiding option, so you can guess that you have full control over it. You can control rows and columns, image sizes, colors etc. Their native ads are fully responsive so you don't need to make changes usually, but you have the option so avail it if you want.

4. Select your currency ad the time of creating a new account.

You have options to choose from USD and Euro. Yes, adcash let you choose your currency at the time of setting up your account. It doesn't matter if you select dollar or Euro because minimum payout threshold is $100 or 100 Euros for wire and $25 or €25 for PayPal. But you can get benefit of it if you are charged for currency conversion.

5. Both http and https ad codes.

As Google considers http blogs and sites untrusted, Adcash allow you to use https ad codes in your blog. This is benefit for bloggers too because blogger now show error when you have https and http mixed content.

6. Real-time updates of ad clicks and impressions.

This is also a good thing which most of ad networks don't provide, real-time updates can be helpful to keep watch on your traffic. It take about 1-5 mins to see your impressions and clicks. So if you are conducting experiments of custom CPM rates then its good because you don't need to wait for another day to see your reports.

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