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In simple words Ads.txt is a new thing which I think is useless but Google and others are complicating things for no reason so a new thing has come which is called Ads.txt and Google Adsense is now showing a notification which says:

"Earnings at risk - One or more of your ads.txt files doesn't contain your AdSense publisher ID. Fix this now to avoid severe impact to your revenue."

Other networks which also requires to use ads.txt is Infolinks.

What is Ads.txt?

Ads.txt is an IAB-approved text file that aims to prevent unauthorized inventory sales.

In this post I will teach you how to use ads.txt in blogger and also other websites which are not on blogger can also follow this post.


Domains hosting an ads.txt file where the seller’s publisher ID isn’t listed are no longer monetized through Ad Manager, and Google no longer buys ads on such sites. Updating your ads.txt files to include publisher IDs for each site you want to monetize is recommended (learn how to update ads.txt in Ad Manager). If you use Scaled Partner Management, we recommend working with your child partners to include your publisher ID in their ads.txt files.

How To Add Ads.txt In Blogger?

Step 1. Go to blogger.

Step 2. Go to Settings  Search preferences  Monetization  Custom ads.txt ?


Step 3: Click on Edit and copy below txt and past it in the Ads.txt box., pub-xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0 


Step 4. Put your 16 digit publisher ID before saving.

How To Find My 16 digit Adsense Publisher ID?

Step 1. Go to Google Adsense.

Step 2. Navigate to Settings  Account information, you can see your 16 digits Google Adsense publishers ID here as shown in below image.


Step 3. Copy your 16 digits Google Adsense publishers ID and paste it in your ads txt.


Step 4. Save and you are done.

How to check ads.txt?

To check ads.txt just add /ads.txt after your blog link. Like this

Does it work for other ad networks?

This doesn't work for other ad networks like infolinks. Go to  infolinks to find their ads.txt

How to add ads.txt in websites other then blogger?

If you are using wordpress, there must be a ads.txt plugin for it, so simply search for it and install it. If you have your own website and you have access to root of the site, simply make a ads.txt file with this ads.txt and upload it.

I hope you found this post helpful, thanks for visiting mybloggersbay.

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