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Google rich snippets For (How-to) articles - Blogger

Do you run a blog or site with how-to articles? If yes then this post is for you. Recently Google has added a new thing to its rich snippets markup list. Since I cover all the search engine related schema and all other stuff for blogger so I a creating this post. You can check my recent post from Rich snippets

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So in this post I will tell you how to markup your How-to posts for Google search. So its for all the posts in which you are telling your visitors about how to do something. 

Before we start marking up your how to post with rich snippets schema let me tell you something about it.

What is Rich snippets for How-to articles?

Well its a schema markup to  tell search engine that you have a post about something which is teaching visitor something and its a step by step article so you will have to markup each how-to post because you have different images for every post and every post has different steps. So let me mention it below for visitor that don't read paragraphs.

1. Each post has to be marked up separately. Because each post has different steps and different images.

2. After mark up it will take some time for Google to update search results.

3. Your posts will look somehow as shown below in mobile end devices in search.

Google rich snippets For (How-to) articles - Blogger

After markup your posts will appear as above images. You can see that in the preview there are 2 types but you can't choose, Google search will itself decide.

Although its a hard work to markup each and every how-to pot but you have to for good results. It will increase organic traffic because Visitors will interact more with your posts even when not reached to your site so eventually its a good way to get more organic traffic and improve search engine appearance.

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