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Get most of Google adsense with these tips


Getting the best out of Google AdSense is actually not a difficult step. Thanks to this platform, Google has created an opportunity for blog and website owners to be able to make some quick cash with their online platforms and presence on the online landscape.

However, while there are certain platforms that are benefiting immensely from the use of Google AdSense, there seems to be some that are just lagging behind.

If you like to increase the efficiency of your Google AdSense subscription, then these tips are definitely for you:

There are certain best practices when it comes to ad styles

When it comes to creating the styles of your ads, there are certain practices that are guaranteed to help increase your clicks.

For your ad units, make sure that the borders and background colors are the same as that of your page
Also, use colors that can already be found on your site. However, be careful not to match the orders and background where you end up placing the ads
For units of ads, make sure that the colors you use are those which will stand out and be in contrast with the background of your site. This means that if your blog has a dark background, you will be better served with light-colored ads.

Track the clicks that you get with AdSense

While you will definitely get a head start when you understand the best practices with ad placement and styles, it is possible that your strategy doesn't produce the best results.  If you are to get the best out of your AdSense experience, you will need to correctly understand the best fit for your unique audience.

With Google Analytics, you can track the performance of every ad unit and understand the impact that each is having on your earnings. As opposed to following some of the best practices that you see and not having results, it's better to be actionable and proactive towards your earnings.

Use a plugin to manage your ads

If you like to efficiently manage your ads, then an ad management plugin will be the best for you. With these, you will be able to place your ads easily and with speed. You can also set factors like ad rotations, expiry dates, and ad blocker messages.

Easy management of your ads, no issues whatsoever.

Ensure to choose the right keywords

A lot of the things about Google are keywords. This means that the secret to getting the best out of AdSense is to get the best keywords out there.

Take this simple analogy to understand the meaning of “keyword”:

For instance, if you are looking for a magneto developer and you type in “hire magento developer” on your Google search box, that word you type becomes the keyword that drives your search, and you will most likely see the link to the magento development company.

Keep things scanty

Nobody likes a blog or website that is loaded with ads. That's why most people use ad blockers. When your platform is congested with advertisements to the point that a visitor is redirected to another page every time they touch the page (this happens especially for mobile-optimized sites and touchscreen smartphones), then there is a high chance that these ads will negatively impact your website. To wit, make sure that the ads on your website are scanty.

Remember that when it comes to ads, it's not about the quantity, but the quality and relevance of the ads.

I hope you found this post helpful. Leave a comment if you have any query or opinion. Thanks for visiting mybloggersbay.

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