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5 fastest templates for blogger | mybloggersbay

Seo, money, style, content, blog is not only about all this and other things but fast loading and speed is also a very important for a blog. Fast loading plays a vital role in making more fans and audience for a blog because a blog which loads slowly like a snail isn't liked by anyone. I am sure that you also don't like slow loading blogs and for the same reason I am creating this post. In this post I will show you some fastest blogger templates because blogger templates are too simple and after a little customization they slows down automatically, so we need an upgrade. So if you want a fast loading blog, I recommend you to use any of the below fast loading template.

(1). Seo fix template for blogger:

Seo fix template for blogger | mybloggersbay

Like its name it is not only seo optimized but also loads fast among all the below templates. It loads faster than the blink of an eye. It has clean, clear and simple design. This template could be used for all kinds of blog such as news, tutorial blog, games, magazine, ppc sites etc. Its clear design looks so decent and also provides a user friendly environment to users. You can see a live demo below. This template is available for free. Some of the features of this template are given below: 
  • It is 100% free without any cost.
  • Fast loading and clear design.
  • Simple and decent look! with eye friendly colors
  • Optimized for seo. 
  • Compatible with all browsers.
  • Simple admin layout.
  • Ads ready,Breadcrumbs and social share buttons.
  • Drop-down menu.
  • Built in gadgets(related posts).
Download from below links

(2). Excelencia blogger template:

Excelencia blogger template | mybloggersbay

Excelencia is a seo optimized, fast loading, responsive and cool template. It has built-in gadgets like recent posts widget, recent comment widget. It is available for free. It is ads ready too and good for blogs using infolinks ads. There is a problem with all blogs that infolinks inframe ads aren't shown, this problem is solved in this template. This template is designed in such a way that all kinds of ads appear in this template. It has a responsive design with auto-zoom effect and much more. This theme is good for magazines, music, news, tutorials and gamming blogs. You can see a live demo of this template below. some of the features of this template are mentioned below:
  • This template is free of cost.
  • Ads ready and compatible with all ads networks such as infolinks.
  • Seo optimized.
  • Well decorated design with decent colors.
  • Built-in gadgets(recent posts and comments gadget).
  • Grid view with responsive design.
Download from below links

Demo | Download

(3). GoGreen blogger template:

GoGreen blogger template | mybloggersbay

The title "GoGreen" expresses the decent and eye friendly color of this template. It has a green color and it is a full width template. It has a grid view and all the features that every blogger want. Best for magazine blogs, news blogs and literature blogs. You can see a live demo of this template below and some more features are also mentioned below:

  • Very good and impressive look.
  • Available for free as well as you can buy a full version(without copyright tags) for $30.
  • It is one of the most fast template.
  • 100% seo friendly.
  • Ads ready and responsive design.
  • It is a Grid view template.
Download from below links

Demo | Download

(4). TriVusion blogger template:

TriVusion blogger template | mybloggersbay

TriVusion loads very fast just in milliseconds. It has a good design with clean and clear look. It is available for free. This template is good for news, education, tutorials etc. You can see a live demo of this template below. Some of the features of trivusion are given below:
  • It is free of cost.
  • 100% ready for ads.
  • Fast loading(milliseconds).
  • Seo optimized.
  • This template has two menus, one on the top of the header and the second below it.
  • Eye friendly colors are used to design this template.
  • Contract look(small images, less css and javascript, small description of posts etc).
Download from below links

Download Demo

(5). Dollar Sense template:

Dollar Sense template | mybloggersbay

This template is similar to TriVusion with a little difference of share buttons,menu color and ad spaces. It has a good design, with user friendly interface. Such a bold use of colors that attracts users towards it. Available for free and good for all kinds of blogs specially news, education, presentation etc. Some of the features of Geo wall are mentioned below:
  • It is available for free.
  • Fast loading and clear design. 
  • Ads and seo ready.
  • Social sharing buttons.
  • Two types of menus, similar to trivusion.
  • Compatible with most of browsers.
  • Bold use of colors and simple design.
Download from below links

Demo | Download

I hope you like this post and it was helpful to your. If any of the link is not working please inform me by leaving a comment below. Tell me is my template loading fast? and is it users friendly?. Share this post with others. Follow and subscribe to get instant updates about blogger templates, tips, tricks,seo etc.

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