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How To Submit Sitemap In New Google Webmaster Tools

Google is updating everything and it has updated Google webmaster tools too so I decided to delete outdated post about submitting Sitemap to Google. Another reason for this post is that I received many emails regarding an issue that Google is indexing http links of blogs instead of https.

In my deleted outdated post I used to tell bloggers to use certain piece of link to submit sitemap and it was generated through an online blogger sitemap generator which was different for blogs with different post quantity. If a blog has 500 or more posts it will use a different sitemap URL while blog with lower posts would have to use a different sitemap link.

But now I have discarded that method and a new and easy way is here to submit blogger sitemap to Google. So lets get started.

Follow below steps:

Step 1: Go to Google webmaster tools Console.

Step 2: Select the blog for which you want to submit a sitemap.

Step 3: Now in the menu on left side click on Sitemaps.


Step 4: Enter your blog link and just after it enter /sitemap.xml as shown below and make sure to use https.


Step 5: Click on Submit button.

Thats it you have submitted your blog's sitemap in Google webmaster tools. Now Google will itself make sitemaps you don't need to worry. If you have more than 150 posts Webmaster tools will create a second sitemap itself with a suffix of sitemap.xml?page=2. Now if you have more than 500 or 1000 posts webmaster tools will decide number of sitemaps accordingly and you will have all the posts indexed automatically and sitemaps created automatically. So this posts solves 2 problems, first in the http links index problem and other is you don't need to generate sitemaps online with online sitemaps generator and also now you don't have to submit sitemaps again and again.

Thanks for visiting 101Helper. I hope you found this post helpful. If you have any problem kindly ask me in comments or if you have any suggestion leave them in comments below about new posts or anything else.

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