Top 5 Push Notifications Sites For Blogger

I have always been telling you tricks and tips and to grow traffic and I am sure you all have grown your blog traffic at least 1% by following my posts. Today I am going to tell you about 5 best push notifications sites so you can choose from them and use it.

For those who don't know what is push notification, push notification is a new way to tell your visitors that you have posted something new or you can send your old posts to visitors when you update them. You have full control over it. And just like email subscribers put email and submit, similar to it you ask your visitors to subscribe to your push notifications.

In the beginning I used to think that its not a good thing and I am not going to get subscribers but now my visitors actually subscribe to push notifications on my site. And after knowing its features I am convinced that it is a better and advanced way to keep your visitors up to date and you can always call them to your posts when you have low traffic.

Before sharing names of 5 best push notifications sites for bloggers, I am telling your advantages and disadvantages of push notifications.

Its easy to subscribe, your visitor will only click a subscribe button and in a pop-up window he has to click "Allow". So its an advantage to your blog visitors and so for you because it is not going to harm user experience. You need permission of your visitor, you can't auto subscribe anyone. Just like email service.
Your visitor gets notification everytime he opens his browser unlike email where he has to login first then find your blog email among thousand other emails. People can un-subscribe anytime they want just like in emails. But this time they have to manually find the un-subscribe button.
You are the king, you have full control over notifications, pop-up, subscribe buttons and everything in almost all push notification services(at least in push notification service I am using). Your visitor gets auto un-subscribed once he deletes his history. Because push notifications work on cookies. Don't worry they can re-subscribe. And some push notifications service take care of not letting people un-subscribe.
Its really easy to send a notification, you have several options too. For example you can put any text as title, you can put description, you can change icon of notification as well as you have thr option to put large images and of course link of the post. Further you have option to target an audience such as only mobile or only desktop. You have limited space for subscribers. Some push notifications services allow you to have 2500 and some 3000 subscribers. But if you want more subscribers you can upgrade, if you find push notifications much beneficial and you think you should get a premium account.
Once you have subscribers you can send them your sponsored links, social profile links to like or subscribe, your YouTube video links. So you have full control.
You can send unlimited push notifications in most of push notifications sites. Some might have set limits.

Top 5 Push Notifications Sites For Blogger

Before ranking a push notification site, let me tell you what is it based on. I will rank push notification site on the basis of how much users it allows to subscribe, how many notifications can be sent, its premium account costs and user interface(easy to use & understand or difficult).


It comes on 4th because of its limitations, with push crew you have 2000 subscription limit. You can send unlimited push notifications.


RSS to Push:

Automate updates by linking PushCrew to your RSS feed. Ensure that your subscribers don’t miss a single blog post or video.

Welcome Notifications:

Automate a series of onboarding notifications immediately after the visitor subscribes. Nudge them to explore your website more.

Schedule notifications:

Easy to send notifications in real-time or schedule them for a later date and time. Further set an expiry limit for time-bound deals and offers.

Multiple websites and users

Manage all of your websites through a single account. Share access with your team and manage them as an admin or user.

Notification Strategist:

Notification consultant helps you optimize your push notification campaigns to get most of it.



It comes on number 3 because it allows you to have 2500 subscribers and unlimited notifications. Also you can make your own subscribe button and put it inside posts so it allows you to get subscribers easily unlike most others which do not give you this option.



With push engage you can send notification with Emoji. Emoji helps in getting more clicks.


Send notification in native language. Push engage support all the languages that can be captured in UTF-8 characters.

Schedule Notifications:

In Push Notification, timing is very critical. Never miss on sending notifications at right time. Schedule notification to send automatically and keep your visitors engaged.

http & https support:

Supports both HTTP and HTTPS site.

Multi Action Notification:

With PushEngage, you can have multiple call to action for single notifications.

Large Image Notifications

Send large images in push notification along with the smaller image. This can increase Click Rates.

Notification With Rss Feed

You can automate sending Push Notifications. Add RSS feed and send notifications automatically when you publish new content.



I did not put it on number 2 because I am using it, but because of its good service I gave it number two on my list. Push alert subscribers limit it 3000 but you have good service, 24 hours live chat help, full control over buttons, opt-in widgets and you have option to put a custom subscribe button in your posts. One thing that impressed me so much and brought push alert on number two of my list is that it gives you option to smartly hide and show subscribe button using their api. With their api you can show subscribe button to only those who haven't subscribe yet and hide from those who have subscribed. So it this way you can make a push notification locker for your post and only subscribed users can read full post.

I am not sure that other push notifications services in this list or others out of this list have this awesome feature or no. Kindly let me know if you know any other push service having this great feature.



Onesignal comes on number 2 because it allow you to send unlimited push notifications, 30K subscribers and a wide range of customizations and full control over everything. Also they have separate push services for web and mobile. You can also subscribe to a premium package with as much as. So it comes on number 2 of my list.

Push notifications are not uncommon now because almost all ad networks are also offering a push native ad such as propeller ads, adcash etc. Because this is also a good way now to earn money specially when you have subscribers in thousands.

Propeller ads is also the only ad network that provides push notifications service to you and you can send your personal notifications apart from ads to your visitors.

I hope you liked this post and you like my list. If you think that you know a better push notification service then kindly leave a comment below so that I can substitute one and put thay better one and help my blog visitors choose best and use best.

If you have any questions about any of push notifications service or you want to know about content locking for subscribers, kindly contact me. Because its not easy to do it. You need knowledge about JavaScript and CSS to it.



SendPulse is number 1 because it has won this rank by its amazing service. It has following features that keeps it on number 1 of push notification services.

Unlimited subscribers
Unlimited web push notifications
API access


 Unlimited subscribers
 Unlimited web push notifications
 API access

 Wide range of Layouts:

Below image will explain better. Sendpulse has other Layouts too apart from Lightbox, Topbar, Safari like, Floating buttons. You can subscribe your visitors via a link or your own button.


And plus point is you have full controls over customization.

So if you want to have best results I would recommend Sendpulse. Before wrapping post, let me tell you something about Sendpulse because it won the first position on my list.

SendPulse provides following services apart from push notification:

1. Email marketing
2. Transactional emails
3. SMS
4. Web push
5. Viber
6. Facebook chatbot

Visit SendPulse

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  1. SendPulse asking "Download the setup files below for the Chrome browser support. Unzip the archive and upload the files into the top-level directory ( root , or '/') of your website."
    how can I add file for blogger?

    1. Unfortunately you can't do it. Blogger doesn't allow it. You have to use a sub-domain of sendpulse, you will find option for it in your account. After completing setup you will get a simple setup script that will work.

    2. Ah, Then it is useless for about others four, which would be the best? and not demanding to add files as I am blogger

    3. Actually Sendpulse is best and all of them will work in the same way because blogger doesn't allow to add files in root. You can use all of them but a sub-domain of them will be used. If you have your own domain or hosting then you can use the domain feature. I recommend you to use sendpulse but if you still want to use another then use pushalert.