1. Sir i am new to blogging, I have one .com site hosted on Google last month I got approval for Adsense and the niche of that site was education, also I run few more blogs on other niche and happily on blogspot subdomain am getting more visitors than that on my custom domain education site. I'm using Adsense code on my .blogspot sites also and happily am getting few cents everyday. Now I wanted to know if after one year if I do not renew that Educational .com site will I be able to use adsense? Basically I don't want to run that site I did that only for qualifying Adsense, now am using Adsense code on all sites. Now I don't wanted to run my education site, if so will I be able to use Adsense code on all my blogspot domains? Or I have to renewal my education site forever to use Adsense code? Please help am totally confused. I do so much hard labor for my education site but visitors were very poor and even very low CPC keyword, only 20-30 visitors/day. Please help

    1. I don't think that you will loose AdSense if you downgrade to blogspot as this blog was once the101helper.com and now blogspot. But i am not sure so I have an idea that disconnect your .com and switch to blogspot for a week and keep the ad codes as they are and see if AdSense is running or no.

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