1. Nice inspiration...
    With this guide I think now my blog shall not be penalized in any way by Google due to backlinking ..
    Thank for the Guide fahim...

  2. Brother am new to Blogging 4/5 months old and am your big fan since from I started Blogging. I followed all your tutorials and all to qualify for Adsense and all.

    Now as days passed learning Many new things and expernicing new problems.

    Now, as much little knowledge I have relating Blogging and running like 15 sites what I feel is #Backlink is the key to rank on top#10.

    Though Google says another thing.

    But my earnest request to you is please brother please upload a video or write a post to show "[[ How to index backlinks through various process.... Like web2.0 and other things,,,,,your personal method....]]]

    Am your very big fan and I follow your site and your tutorials very seriously..... Your reply and action on writing a post is really appreciated.

    Though on Internet some posts were there though little bit I know about those issue's.

    But now it became habituated that I became addicted to your seo tutourials. I understand your tutorials better than other tutorials available on Internet.

    If you please reply me than it would really help me.

    :) Regards (Pritam Paul)

    1. Thanks for your feedback Pritam paul, I am happy to hear that my posts help you. I will be writing a post about "How to index backlinks through various process" as you requested after some days because I am busy in studies so wait for it.