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    Disadvantages Of Buying Custom Domain For Blogger

    As you know that 101Helper was upgraded to the101helper.com some months ago and then it was again degraded to blogspot, the reason for this was that custom domain doesn't give you things that you expect and so it is not good to buy a custom domain in my opinion. So this post is on request and I am going to share my experience of why I upgraded 101helper to the101helper.com and why I degraded it back. I hope that if you are also thinking of upgrading your domain, you might get some advice from this post.

    So the main goal to buy a domain is to:

    1. Boost traffic.
    2. Increase earnings.
    3. Get popular and improve ranking.
    4. Make a brand.


    But actually you don't always get all the things mentioned above for example if you think you can increase your traffic after buying a domain then its wrong, reality is that after buying a domain you lose the traffic which you have gained. And similar to that if you lost your traffic you will ultimately lose your ranking, earnings etc. So here are the reasons to avoid buying a domain.

    1. Its not free:

    Everybody knows that buying a domain is not for free, although there are some domain name providers that give you a discount but still you have to pay atleast $10 to buy a domain. There are some fake offers too like HOSTGATER says buy a domain for $0.01 but when you come to register they ask you to pay $20 or more for two years or whatever.

    I purchased my first domain at Ipage and no doubt there service was good, always available to help but they were also lying at the time of buying domain like the offer "Get $100 in Google adwords after spending $25" and when I asked them about this offer they told me that this offer is available for USA only while at the time of purchasing domain they didn't tell the truth.

    Similar to Ipage other domain registrars also use these fake tricks to get more customers as I mentioned Hostgator above.

    2. Rank, Shares, Backlinks Lose:

    When a blogger blog is upgraded to a custom domain Alexa and other ranking websites do not include the backlinks and shares of old blog so you get traffic from these sources but the rank and backlinks you got for the blog are no more. Also Alexa forgets the old blog after sometime so you lose everything.

    3. Fake Pageviews:

    I am not sure about all the domain providers but when I upgraded 101Helper to the101helper.com I saw a dramatic increase in my traffic but the sources were unknown and blogger was unable to track the viewing source. So I got 2000 to 3000 pageviews but ad-views were just 600 because it was real traffic.

    4. Ad networks Lose:

    Some ad networks like Google Adsense, Yahoo Gemini and Content.ad do not accept new domains easily and review site again and reject it so if you have a blog and got approved for Adsense or Content.ad are you upgrade to a domain, you'll be not allowed to show their ads until you get approved and the approval process starts again and its almost impossible to get approved for the new domain. Even after specifying that its the upgraded version of the same blog you are unable to use the same account and network. So it is a very big lose I guess.

    5. Search Rankings:

    After upgrading to custom domain "search ranking"  is also lost. It means if your blog is on first page of search results it may go to 5th or 7th page of search results or it may even disappear and take months to re-appear again and the hard work you did to get you blog to top of search results is wasted. So if your blog is appearing on 1st or 2nd page of search results for a keyword then buying a domain would be a bad choice and your competitors will get a good chance to replace you.

    6. Search Engine Results Intermixed:

    You might have heard this first time but when a blogger blog is upgraded to a custom domain the search engine is confused and show mixed results and it happened with 101Helper also. When I upgraded to a custom domain, everything was fine for a month because Google, Bing and Yandex were busy in replacing old links with new domain links but after a month I found that my mobile site links with "?m=1" suffix were showing up in the desktop version of Google and I tried to fix it with Webmaster tools but unfortunately I was unsuccessful in doing so.

    So visitors were viewing mobile site on desktop or desktop site on mobile which was bad for user experience and I was loosing traffic because of it.

    7. Post Preview Feature Lose:

    Blogger is the easiest platform for blogging and it has many features and among them a feature is that you can Preview a post while editing it or writing it or adding any ad inside it. But when a blog is upgraded to a custom domain this feature is lost (in my case it was lost) and when preview button is clicked, the whole page is crashed and nothing works so you have to close the whole browser while writing a post and it becomes very difficult to edit or write a post.

    8. Encrypted Page(HTTPS) Feature Lose:

    This is another feature which is lost after upgrading to a custom domain, it tells visitors that the page they are viewing is secure. So to get this feature back you have to pay for it and the amount they get for this feature is more then the domain price! So its better to get this feature for free.

    9. Your Information Is Available to Everyone:

    This is another thing that made me stop using custom domain which is they ask you the info and allow public to view it and to secure this info they again ask you to pay.

    10. You Don't Have Full Control:

    Blogger gives you full control over your blog but domain providers don't. Such as you can't make changes in your DNS in case of mine I was not able to do so. So I  had to go to support everytime I wanted to make changes in DNS. And when I asked them to let me control my domain's DNS they said you are not allowed to do so, first buy a hosting (not domain) which was of $30 and then you will be allowed to make changes in DNS.

    11. Fake Offers To Get Customers:

    As I mentioned above many registrars like Hostgator and Ipage have fake offers in their promo pages and banners e.g free adwords credit, seo marketing tools, FTP features(upload files), Email sending feature. All these offers are just to attract visitors and these are just tricks to get more customers and sell their packages.

    Confusions And Wrong Concepts

    Ad Networks Approve Custom Domains:

    You might have read alot of posts on other blogs and websites that some ad networks like Google Adsense is approved when you have a custom domain which is absolutely a wrong concept. The reason for this confusion is these bloggers and website owners actually want to refer you to domain providers and get commissions.

    PageRank Increase Slowly With Subdomains:

    Almost all bloggers favoring custom domains write in their posts that buying a custom domain is the first requirement to gain a good rank which is again a very wrong concept because you can check many sites which are registered for years but rank is not that good.

    More Shares And Followers:

    Another wrong thing that I have read in some blogs and websites is that your post social media shares get increased along with your social followers when you have a custom domain which is again a wrong concept and the reality is that if you have a good, helpful, meaningful content that people like they will surely share, bookmark and read your content and also they will follow you because they like your content and they don't want to miss more content in future.


    This is also a wrong concept that if you have a custom domain then you have a good reputation because I have seen many blogs which have better design, more followers and more readers than websites. So if you thing that purchasing a custom domain is going to help your reputation then its wrong!


    I am not against domain registrars, I am just sharing my experience. Although some people get success by upgrading to Domain but if you are starting a new website then you should start it from domain and not from blogger because it takes a long time and hard work to make a successful blog and then after upgrading you don't get full of it. So in my opinion if you want to start a domain later after success in blogging then its not good choice. Also if you are beginning a website then choose the best domain provider and also your website should have a topic that will rock otherwise you can't get success in websites.

    If you have any questions or any suggestion or opinion please feel free to share it with me and others by leaving a comment below. Thanks for visiting 101Helper.

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    1. Thank you for sharing your experience to using custom domain in blogger. Custom domain is better if you just start blogging, it's bad idea if you have successful blog and then turn into custom domain. I am totally agree.

    2. Hi Fahim Raza, I started my blog about 5 months ago and I think I am becoming successful in blogging. I now have about 200 page views per day, 98 posts and just 2 email subscribers. I have not been making money from my blog, so I am trying to get adsense approved. Please advise me if I should buy a custom domain name.

      1. Not now, write more posts, get more likers on facebook page, more email subscribers then you will have 400-500 page views per day then Adsense will approve even on blogger but if it don't then you should upgrade but buy a custom domain only if you have any other source to earn money for upgrade because you can't earn $100(minimum payout) in one year with 400-500 views in many cases. Adsense approval is not a big problem but making audience is a problem.

    3. Thanks for your invaluable advice.

    4. Yes u r right mostly happens .Service Provider there service is good and may me guide u but when u stuck in situation they ask u to pay it then we will help u further .And some times they even dont know things but we search through video then we find solution .1 day before I was searching struture test tool but service provider only give me refer site he didnot help me .And when I go to refer site they offering me alot of things but didnot give me error solution .then I find ur site ur site help me a bit first my errors are 58 and now 49 but still 49 left and I m trying to figure out this error .Now my adsense aprrove but I m still confuse what I do more to clear this error .If u clear my error I will be very greatful and I promote ur website also to new learners so they can easily understand how to do work

      1. Hi haseeb, give me your site link so that i can analyze your site and help u in fixing these errors, if you have followed my posts and still there are error then they may be of some other type but i will help you. And thanks for promoting 101Helper.

    5. Hi Fahim, I stumbled upon your blog today. Thank you so much for all the helpful info. I moved my blogspot blog to a custom domain. My first host did not allow me to edit dns records, had to move again lol. Two months later I'm with the new host because of some 60 day waiting period. I wasn't ranking at all anyway because of country specific settings that I changed too late and so many other things, so I think it was a good move to pay for my own domain. Those with more established blogs and higher page views should probably not move because it will be like starting over. I'll be hanging around your site to check what else I can change. You've helped me with the sitemap and links at the bottom already today. Works great! Thanks

      1. Thanks for your comment Lorenza I am really happy to know that my blog is helping you. Keep visiting and if you need some help share it with me so that i can write about it.

    6. I read that Post and got it fine and informative. Please share more like that...

    7. Excellent analysis, I fully agree but it is difficult now to get back.

      1. Really its hard to get back but you can get back with time.

    8. Real nice post! you are explaining all things that i am experiencing now. its very hard to deal with
      Can you write a post how to get back to old blogspot blog without loosing traffic