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5 Best Pay Per Click(PPC) Ad Networks For Bloggers


Although I usually don't write about best ad networks for publishers because everybody has its own opinion about ad networks, some like PPC ad networks and some like eCPM ad networks and some like both, but actually everybody is concerned with the rates and payouts. In my opinion PPC ad networks are better but if you get enough clicks on your ads but eCPM is also good if you have a good traffic.

So in this post I am going to share 5 best PPC (Pay Per Click) ad neworks with you.

1. Adhitz

Adhitz is number 1 because it has a high rate for many countries like US, UK, Canada, Germany and many more. Ads are well optimized and doesn't effect page loading speed unless page is overloaded by many ads. Adhitz allows only 4 ads per page. Also both image and text ads are available.

Although adhitz comes on number in best PPC ad-networks but its payout threshold is high thats why it is not liked by all publishers and bloggers. Another bad thing about adhitz is that its not available in some countries like Nigeria.


Payment Methods:

1. Paypal - $25
2. Payza - $50

Also payout fee is also applicable which is $1.50 so if you have $25 in your account and you are going to request for a payout, you will get $23.50 in your account.

Ad types:

Adhitz have both image and text ads for publishers and advertisers.

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2. BitVertiser
BitVertiser is also a PPC ad network. But like Adhitz it doesn't only allow text and image ads but Pop-Ups too. It is easy to get approval, no minimum traffic needed, no domain required. Also BitVertiser allow you to refer other publishers and advertisers to double or triple your earnings.

Ad types:                     Payment Methods:

- Pop Up ads                            - Paypal ($10)
- Image ads.
- Text Ads.

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3. Propeller Ads

Payment Methods:

$100 Via Wire Transfer, Payoneer, Payza.

Ad Types:

OnClick Ads, Video Ads, Mobile Ads on CPM, CPA, CPL and CPC bases.

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4. Revenuehits
Revenuehits also pays for clicks. And its easy to get clicks on revenuehits ads because revenue hits have pop-ups as well as mobile dialog ads. Particularly mobile ads get more clicks and become reason for good earnings so I recommend you to add revenuehits mobile ads.

Payment Methods:

- Paypal ($20)
- Payoneer ($20)
- Wire ($500)

Ad Types:
Display Ads, Text Ads, Pop up/under, Bounce ads

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5. Clicksor:

Clicksor_Logo-101helperMinimum Payout:

$50 through check or PayPal.

Ad Types:

In-text and contextual banner ads, Pop under and other text based ads.

Other PPC(Pay Per Click) Ad Networks:

- Google Adsense.
- Media.Net Ads.
- Yahoo! Gemini Ads.
- Infolinks.
- Adseterra.
- Adblade.
- Adcash.
- Adclickmedia.

And many more...

Some of the above ad networks are hard to get approval.

I hope you found this post helpful. If not or you have any suggestion you can leave a comment below. Share it with others and help us spread 101Helper.

Thanks for visiting.

❤ Happy Blogging !

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  3. hi, what of adclickmedia, is it a legh't ad network or scam???

    1. I haven't tried it, I choose best ppc networks. I will look up adclickmedia and tell you.

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