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How To Put Ads Inside Posts In Blogger

how to add ads inside blogspot posts

A very rare information you will find online is "how to put any network ads inside blogger posts". You might find how to add ads below first image in blogger posts but not in the middle or 1/4th of the post. And they are really helpful in increaing revenue. So in this post I will show you how to add any network ads any where in the blogger blog posts. You can add any size ad e.g 300X250 or 468X60 etc.

How To Put Ads Inside Posts In Blogger?

Follow below steps to put ads inside your blog posts:

Step 1: Go to blogger dashboard and navigate to posts.

Step 2: Edit a post in which you want to add ads and switch Html editor.

how to edit post in blogger

Step 3: Find the area where you want to show your ad, for example above any heading or some text. Use Ctrl+F to find.

Step 4: Paste your are code above or below the heading. Make sure to add <br/> above and below your ad code because it will make some gap between your text and ad.

how to add ads inside blogger posts



Step 5: Save and publish your post to see your ads live.

Don't overload your posts by adding too many ads. It will slow down your post. also you have to do this in every post, its not like that you will do it in one post and ads will start appearing in all.

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  1. Hello!
    For example, If I have 100 posts in my blog, Will I have to create 100 blocks of ads, one for each publication?
    There is a method to do it only once with a single ad and this appears in every post?
    Thanks for your help.

    1. No you can't do it once blogger doesn't allow it. Though you can add ads once in every post but above footer or below post header not in between.


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