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How To Add Youtube Channel Subscribe Button In Blogger


Video tutorials ofcourse is the best way of teaching or explain something and it has become very popular also thats why there are alot of blogs and sites which contains video content. Although video content doesn't make you eligible for  Adsense approval but you can monetize your videos(youtube ads) if they are not copied so making money with videos is also trending rather than creating blogs but as there is a common problem of getting traffic,seo and all that with blogs or sites the same problem is with video channels. Major reason for it is you don't have interesting videos or people can't reach to your videos so you need to get more subscribers so that they can find your videos and you get enough views. So this tutorial is basically about installing youtube subsribe button in blogger, it will help you to a greater extend in getting subscribers. So lets start, follow below mentioned steps to install youtube subscribe button in blogger:

Step 2: Replace GoogleDevelopers with your own channel's ID.

How to find Youtube Channel ID?

1. Go to Youtube Advanced settings page.

2. Copy your channel ID shown on Advanced settings page below user ID.

Step 3: After replacing GoogleDevelopers with your channel's ID, you will see your channel button in the preview below on the page. Now make customizations like Layout, Theme, Subscribe count.

how to add youtube channel button in blogger

Step 4: Finally copy code of your channel's subscribe button.

how to get code of youtube subscribe button in blogger

Step 5: Go to blogger dashboard > Layout and click on Add a gadget.

how to add a gadget in blogger 101helper

Step 6: Click on Html/Javascript.

how to add a gadget in blogger 101helper blogspot

Step 7: Paste the copied code and click on save.

That's it you have successfully installed your youtube subscribe button in your blog. If you want to get more subscribers try adding the same code in your posts or below post header or footer. I hope you like this post. Follow our channel on youtube and stay in touch with us on social networks. Thanks for visiting 101Helper.

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