5 Sites To Submit Your Posts To Boost Traffic Instantly

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boost blogger blog traffic instantly

New bloggers often search "how to boost or increase traffic instantly" and don't find any answer or usually get answers that are not satisfactory. So they head towards fake traffic or seo. Fake traffic is obviously useless because you don't either get money and that traffic is limited because same visitors visit your site again and again for points(traffic exchange) and there is no ad network that pay you for ordinary traffic. So fake traffic is not beneficial that's why bloggers optimizes their blogs for search engines to get traffic that is organic and unique, but the fact is that once your blog is optimized for search engines you will not get traffic in one day but you have to wait for months or for year. Actually it depends on your blog's topic e.g if you have a blog about making money you will get more traffic in less time because every 2nd person is surfing on internet to earn money.

So this post is about how can you increase your blog traffic instantly. It could be better called free promotion which is good because it will increase your blog reach as unique people will visit and know about your blog. So if they are interested in your content they will remember your blog or they may bookmark it to visit it again. It will help you in another way too that is backlinking and you can also get more subscribers on your fan pages.

So in this post I will tell you about five sites which could be useful for new blogs promotion and after submitting your blog to these sites you will see an instant boost in your traffic. If you don't get traffic in one day keep calm and work a little more because "Rome was not built in a day".

(1). Google Communities:

Google communities are like groups of people following a specific topic like blogging, make money online, how to's, download games etc. It is one of the sites that can be helpful to boost your newly created blog's traffic. It is also a good place to make more fans and promote your site. All you need is to find a community that is related to your blog topic and share your posts there. Make conversations with fellows too because it will grow your blog audience. Get started here

(2). Reddit:

Reddit is called the front page of internet. It is an online community site which has millions of users. It has groups called sub-reddits with certain topics e.g Reddit jokes, Ask reddit, Make money, Music, Gamming etc. It is a good way to promote your gamming blog, jokes blog, make money tutorial blogs etc. Moreover you can create your own sub-reddit but for that you need karma(up votes on your answers). Reddit could be useful for Alexa rank also. Get started here

(3). Facebook Groups:

Facebook has billions of users and this large audience can boost a site's traffic very easily and quickly. Although only Facebook shares can get you alot of visitors but if you have a fan page with a large audience you can get more traffic from it. But as its not easy to get original likes on pages so I suggest you to join Facebook groups. Facebook groups can easily increase your traffic but you have to make interaction with the group fellows e.g make conversation with them visit and like their pages. It could help you alot to boost traffic instantly. It is very important to join only these groups which are alive, by alive I mean join the groups which have thousands of  members and are active. You can also create your own Facebook group where you can invite active members to join it.

(4). Forums:

Forums are best sources of high traffic. You can generate thousands of visitors from forums if you work smartly in forums i.e if you share something that is interesting for visitors or you join a forum that is compatible with your blog topic.  It is also a best way to promote your new blog and make more fans. Forums lets you to build quality backlinks and popularize your brand. You can find a number of forums online. So find a forum are join it to get started!

(5). Viral Content Buzz:

Viral content buzz lets you to increase your traffic by 200% by putting your content  in front of eager social media influencers. It is 100% free to use. Viral content buzz lets you to promote your blog posts as well as you can promote your blog though social media because with viral content buzz you have opportunity of free promotion on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and Stumbleupon. Get started here.

I hope you found this post helpful. If yes please share it with others and help me know by leaving a comment below. If you have any suggestion contact me. Thanks for visiting 101Helper.

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