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How To Earn Money With Revenue Hits In Blogger

how to earn money from revenue hits in blogger

Revenue hits is a newly introduced ad network and it is best alternative of Google Adsense after Infolinks. It is not better as Adsense but it is not less in any way. If you have only 100 views per day you can earn good with Revenue Hits. It has all types of banners and mobile ads too. CPM as well as CPC rates are also high. Apart from it you have opportunity to refer people using your link. Revenue hits says that you can earn upto $100 per referral. It have all types of referral banners too. After personally reviewing it I recommend it for publishers. This post is a review of revenue hits and a tutorial about how to use revenue hits to earn money via blogger blogs.

  1. High CPM rates.
  2. All size banners are available.
  3. High CPC rates.
  4. Pop-up and bounce ads.
  5. Earn $10 to $100 for referrals.
  6. Slide out and shadow ads available.
  7. No minimum traffic required.
  8. Perfect traffic and click tracking analytics.
  9. Worldwide coverage.
  10. Fast account activation.
  11. Easy to setup ads.
Payment Methods And Minimum Payout Threshold:

You can payout with Paypal, Payoneer and Wire. Minimum payout threshold is $20 for Payoneer and Paypal while $100 for wire transfer.

How To Sign Up?

Step 1: Go to Revenue Hits.

Step 2(Site/App Information):

Type your site name, url, description, select type as website and select category of your site.

how to sign up for revenue hits account

After filling up all the info click on Continue.

Step 3(Partner Information): 

On the second page type your username, first and last name, your email and password. You can also enter your skype name but it is not required.

You can also type a referral name, as I told you about revenue hits type fahimraza001. It won't affect your blog's revenue and I will get a bonus from revenue hits.

how to sign up for revenue hits account step 3

Step 4: Set your Payment type as decide later or if you want to set your paypal account or payoneer account select it and fill out details.

how to earn money online from home blogger blog

Step 5: Scroll down and click on "I agree to these terms and conditions".

how to earn money online

Step 6: Finally confirm your account by going to your Email > Inbox > Revenuehits Team. Click on the link in the email you just received and open it to activate your account.

earn money online fast

How to add revenue hits ads in blogger?

Step 1: Go to Revenue hits and login to your account.

Step 2: Click on "New Placement" on the right side of the page and choose the "Desktop Placement".

how to place ads in blogger blog blogspot

Step 3: Select your placement type from the given options e.g banner, shadow ad, slider, top bar, pop-under etc.

how to earn money blogspot

Step 4: Customize your ad and click on save.

Step 5: Preview your ad by clicking on an eye's icon to see your ad. Just beside it click on </> to get your ad's code.

how to get ad codes to earn money

Step 6: Copy the code and go to blogger dashboard.

Step 7: Navigate to "Layout" and click on "add a gadget".

Step 8: Click on Html/Javascript and paste your ad code.

how to add gadgets and ads in blogger

Step 9: Click on save and you are done. Open your blog to see your ads.

You can also create ad campaigns for your mobile site. Just choose mobile placemen in the step 2 and follow other steps as they are.

How To Disable Revenuehits POP-UP & Bounce Ads?

As you know that pop-up ads affect your site performance and user experience so most of publishers prefer to disable pop-up ads. In revenue hits there are two types of extra ads which boosts your revenue but affect the user experience too. One of these ads are pop-up ads and everybody knows what is a pop-up ad but the second one is bounce ads which is a new thing. Bounce ads are the ads which show up you go back to a page. It also affects users experience to some extent but not as much as pop-up ads. So here I'll show you how to disable pop-up and bounce ads in revenue hits.

Note: Disabling pop-up and bounce ads may reduce your revenue but it improves user experience!

Step 1: Go to Revenue hits and log-in to your account.

Step 2: Navigate to Account > Preference > Extra tag.

how to disable pop-ups and bounce ads in revenue hits

Step 3: Uncheck the ads which you want to disable

I hope this post helped you and you have setup your ads successfully. If you found this post helpful please let me know by leaving a comment below and also share it with others. If you have any suggestion you can tell me by contacting me. Thanks for visiting 101Helper.

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  1. Hi, i have a problem in revenuehits with blogger.
    When i added the website i used "". But people who access my website from France, Italy, Spain and many other place will not be able to see my ads, because blogger changes the tld and revenuehits recognize a different website. Do you know how to solve this? thank you

    1. Yes you have to stop redirection to country specific domain. I will create a post about it very soon it will solve your problem, thanks for feedback

  2. Thanks for sharing about Revenuehits. Its very useful for me :) Shainginfoz

  3. Why do I get popup even if I uncheck the boxes?

    1. It takes some time, wait for a while and try loading your page again, you will not see any popup

  4. I tried copying the HTML stuff, but I was told its incorrect (blogger)

    1. Blogger do not show such errors in layout while installing a gadget, make sure you copy the script from revenuehits and paste it in the HTML/Javascript window as it is. Don't make any changes and save the gadget you will see ads working.

  5. thanks for this great article :)
    i used to enable bounce ads in my blog.
    so bounce ads is the reason why google flagged my site as deceptive for 2 times ? i mean bucause the redirection while go back to any page?

  6. I got ads codes from revenuehits and after pasting them on blogger via layout>HTML/Java script the ads are not showing up .
    Please help me

  7. Please does revenue hits advert code has anti adsblock on it.

  8. hi my revenue ads are working..but it is not visible!
    i have added a banner 300X50 on my sidebar, when i click on the empty space a new window opens with an add, but i cant see the add. please help. My website is

    1. It is a popup ad and maybe you can't see that because you are the owner of site and they know your Ip. Try from different ip ad will show up.

  9. hey i have propeller ad verified on my HTML, is it fine to add Revenue ads, or can't play the same ground ? my site is
    am afraid of getting ban from both propeller and revenue

    1. No don't worry about it you will not get banned. Both of them go with eachother.

  10. I am unable to sign up for revenue hits with my blogger website. It says invalid URL. Please help me.

    1. Use https or http and don't include www in the url.

  11. i have made placements but no ads show why? here's my site

  12. please make a post to add all types of ads as i only know how to add footer ads only

    1. Its same you just need to place the ad code in your blog's layout.


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