How To Earn Money From Sponsored Content In Blogger

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You must be friendly with "sponsored content" if you are an internet earner. Sponsored content marketing is a new way to earn money though blogs and websites similar to ads monetizing. In sponsored content marketing you have to show content from other websites and blogs. It is a very easy and efficient way to increase blog revenue. Especially when you target a special category of content, I mean if you show similar content on your blog from other websites and blogs because it would grab visitors interest and you will earn more!

How It works?

It is very similar to ads monetizing. As in ads monetizing advertisers pay money to ad networks and bid for each click similar to it in content marketing they pay to advertise their content on other blogs. When you sign-up to content monetizing site as a publisher it gives you a widget or code which shows content on your pages and you get paid when someone read anything from "sponsored content".

How To Earn Money From "Sponsored Content" In Blogger?

Its very easy to earn money with sponsored content all you need is a blog with someone minimum 100 visitors per day. And if you own a blog with more visitors you can earn more! Moreover if you wish to advertise your content on other blogs and websites and boost your traffic then you can get benefit of "sponsored content marketing". All you have to do is to become an advertiser. So in this post I will show teach you how to earn money from "sponsored content" in blogger. Apart from it I will mention some highly paying and most reliable "sponsored content marketing networks" where you can register to earn money or boost traffic!

Follow below steps to start earning money from sponsored content:

Step 1: Choose anyone of the below mentioned "sponsored content" networks and register a free account.


It is a widely used content marketing network. It has 2000+ advertisers and 600+ visitors. Average ECPM rate is $6 for US visitors. All types of widgets are available for publishers e.g vertical and horizontal. Easily installable widgets which can be integrated within 3 minutes and doesn't affect blog speed. Minimum payable amount is $100.

Limk is one of the best "sponsored content marketing network" its smart widgets make it best. Link has desktop as well as mobile compatible widgets. This network doesn't affect your seo too. Number of Publishers and Advertisers are unknown though its smart statics analysis and widgets make it great. Advertisers has a great opportunity to get $250 credit for free advertising.


Gravity is partner with all big publishers like Forbes, CNN, Visa, Aol, Engadget etc so it pays high rates. Its a good choice for publishers but its not easy to get your site approved. You must have a good daily traffic to get approval. It has responsive design widgets and easy to install. is also one of the best content marketing network. It has all types of widgets like horizontal, vertical, text only and pop-up. All the widgets are 100% responsive and smart e.g pop-up widget pops-up after 30 seconds of page load. So it increase your readers sponsored content readers and boosts your revenue.

Join As Publisher / Advertiser

Infolinks is actually an ad network but now it has started "sponsored content marketing" too. Very few people know this. If you are an infolinks user then you can enable this features in the In-tag window of your account, just turn on "Revenue Booster" and sponsored content will start showing up on your blog below each post. It will boost your earnings.

If you haven't registered any account yet you can join now.

It is a widely used content marketing network. It pays very high rates because it is partner with big companies. It is very famous and has millions of publishers and advertisers. Its not easy to get approval with taboola if you don't have traffic. Taboola is best for high traffic sites and blogs.

You can also use other networks like Outbrain, Engageya and shareholic.

Step 2: Sign-up to any of the above network and wait for approval.

Step 3: Once approved add widget to your blog below posts.

Step 4: Cashout once you reach your minimum payout threshold.

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I hope you like this post. You might be thinking that this post is not useful because I have't taught how to sign-up, how to integrate widget etc but its useful because this post teaches you several other things like new way to earn money though blogging and its a guide about trusted and best "sponsored content networks". So get benefit of this post and don't forget to share with others.

If you have any question or suggestion you can leave a comment below!

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