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How To Add "Read More" Link In Blogger After Post

How to add read more link in blogger after posts

You might have noticed that in most of blogs these is a small description of a post and after that there is a "Read More" button to read full post. This read more button is addedbecause of  Jump Break. If a post have no jump break your blog will show full post and it may slow down your homepage and other pages. But it happens only in simple templates, if you are using a custom template you may don't encounter this problem.

All though "Read More" button has no effect on seo but it can help you speed up your blog. You can add this to your posts very easily, there is no need to touch code. It is done when you have completed your post.

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In this post I will show you how to add "Read More" in posts by using jump break. So follow below steps:

Step 1Go to blogger dashboard and write a new post or edit an existing one which doesn't have read more button.


Step 2: Choose the location or area of post which you want to show before "Read More"button or find the position where you want to place jump break.

Step 3: Click after that area which you have chosen to show and click on Insert jump break button as shown in below image:

Step 4: Click on publish and open your homepage to see changes.

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