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  • Infolinks - The Best Ad Network For Bloggers


    Most of the blogs are created to monetize them by ads and earn money but it is a confusing step to choose a good ad network for a blog. Everybody wish to monetize his blog with a network which pays the highest rates. But most of the ad networks becomes a reason of disappointment because even if you have a high traffic and unique visitors they don't pay enough rates. Now a days the most popular and highest paying ad network is Google Adsense but Google Adsense is not approved easily so you can use alternative ad network of Google Adsense which is Infolinks. Infolinks could also be called all in one and the best ad network for bloggers because it has following features:

    (1). In-Text Ads:

    In-text ads for blogger

    If you are desired to monetize your blog by in-text ads then infolinks is the best ad network for you because it lets you to enable in-text ads for your content, you can choose colors for your ads as well as choose a custom color for them, moreover you can choose whether the ads should be of double border style of dotted and also quantity of in text ads. 

    (2). Infold Ads:

    Infold ads are the slide-up ads which slides up when the page is loaded. You can choose the color for your infold ad.

    Infold  ads for blogger

    (3). Intag Ads:

    Infolinks provides two types of intag ads. 
    • Ads below posts.
    • Revenue booster.
    (1). Ads below posts:

    These are the text ads below posts you can change their color, location as well as number of rows.

    Intag  ads for blogger

    You can also position ads by pasting the provided code where ever you want to display the codes on your blog. 

    (2). Revenue Booster:

    This option is allowed for those users only who enable the intag ads by choosing automatic option. If manual option is chosen then revenue booster can not be enabled. How revenue booster looks? see it in below image:

    revenue booster ads for blogger

    Revenue booster is like sponsored content, it displays the content from other websites which are very interesting. Revenue booster is displayed below every page.

    (4). InFrame Ads:

    inframe ads for blogger

    Inframe ads are the ads which slides out from left and right sides of blog/webpage. But it works only in those blogs which have small width as well as there is no rendering javascript code in the blog.

    (5). Inscreen Ads:

    in-screen ads for blogger

    In-screen ads are those ads which appear as a pop-up but in light box. Infolinks in-screen ads have some special qualities like it appears only once to a user in a day and also you can add triggers for these ads which are added in links so whenever a user clicks on links or some text the in-screen ad will open. It doesn't affects your blog's navigation and your users won't be troubled of these ads because it opens only once.

    (6). Inarticle Ads:

    This is a new ad type introduced by infolinks. It is a smart ad. You are given a code which is to be paste it an article. Once the code is pasted, the users will see an ad when they scroll down your page to the position where you have pasted the given code. If you want to see a live example scroll a little bit down!

    (7). Referral Program:

    Infolinks has now started a referral program so now you can double your earnings through your referrals. You can use banners as well as direct links to referral others. 

    Hope you like this post and it helped you in taking decision to choose a good ad network for monetizing your blog. Please use my referral link to sign-up. It won't affect your earnings but it would be a reward for me by infolinks for becoming a referral.

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    1. great going for this with your referral, hope this network doesn't dissapoint me.

      1. Its a good network if you have good traffic.