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How To Optimize Post Links In Blogger For Higher Search Results


For higher search results seo optimization is very important and for that you have to keep all things in mind like description, title and links. As description and title optimization is discussed before so in this post we will talk about link optimization only. So in this post I will tell you how to optimize your blogger blog post links for higher results and also how does it help in search results.

How It Works?

It works in a very simple way for example if you search "101helper" on Google you will find following results:


In above search results "101helper" is shown in bold style(highlighted) which we searched on Google. You can see that "101helper" is highlighted two times one in description and other in link so in this way link optimization is good for seo.

How To Optimize Post Links In Blogger: 

Follow below steps to optimize your blog post's links for seo. You have to follow it whenever you are going to publish a post:

Step 1: Go to blogger dashboard > Posts > New post.

Step 2: write title of your post and click on save:


Step 3: Click on Permalink on right side of the editor below Schedule:


Step 4: Switch to Custom Permalink from Automatic Permalink.


Step 5: Type keywords of your post which are searched on Google more frequently and click on Done.

Note: Use a hyphen(-) after each keyword you write. For example if your link is and you want to optimize it by adding some keywords to it then you have to type a hyphen after each word e.g

If you use dots(.) or blank space blogger won't accept it. is my link and its not optimized 

Step 6: Publish your post and you are done.

Don't try to use underscores(_) in your links its not good for seo. 

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