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How To Improve Your Blog's Alexa Rank

alexa-rank-blogger-blog is a website that keeps data about sites and blogs that are popular. They keep data of each and every blog and site. The data which Alexa keeps is bounce rate of your site, daily visitors time, traffic sources, load time, logo etc. In other words alexa helps you to know if your site is popular or not. If you are think that does Alexa rank have any effect on blog/site's traffic then let me tell you that it has a solid effect on your blog's traffic and one more thing that alexa ranking is also concerned with quality backlinks. The quality of a backlinks depends on Alexa rank of the site on which it is created. In this post I will give you some awesome tips which will definitely help you to improve your blogs Alexa rank.

(1). Quality Content:

Keeping quality content is the first and best way to improve your traffic as well as Alexa rank. Quality content means a content that doesn't need explanation and the content should be written in such a way that it could be easily understand. Images and videos are the vital part of a quality content.

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(2). Backlinks:

After quality content second thing that affect Alexa rank most is Backlinks. Backlinks doesn't mean that they should be of low quality but they should exist, Nope! build more backlinks as you can and they should be of 100% quality or else it may decrease your blog's Alexa rank instead of increasing it.

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(3). Keep your visitors longer:

Its not easy to keep visitors longer, but it improves your Alexa rank as well as increase your blog's page-views. To keep visitors longer in your blog you should have widgets like related posts widget, recent posts widget, popular post widget.

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(4). Release fresh content:

Fresh content means to release content daily. Create a new post daily or in two or three days. More posts means improved Alexa rank. It will also grab the interest of your audience.

(5). Socialize your content:

Socializing means make your every post shareable, share it on social networks. Ask your audience to share your post or try to use social exchanging sites to share your post. If you think that using social exchanging sites is black hat seo them you can share your posts on your own social fan pages. One more thing about social sharing is add social sharing buttons in your blog and let your visitors share your content easily.

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(6). Blog design:

Design plays a vital role in Alexa rank, try to design your blog again and again. It will not only grab interest of your audience but also give a positive change in your blog's Alexa rank. It is not too important so you can neglect it.

(7). Optimize your blog's keywords:

I always use to say that optimizing blog for seo is the first way to be a successful blogger so if you want to improve your blog's Alexa rank, first improve your seo. While improving seo there are three things that are repeated again and again no.1 is title, no. 2 is description and the last one is keywords. All these things are important for seo but here I will talk about keywords because if you try to check rank of a site on Alexa you will see keywords that are used most to reach your site.

How to improve your blog's Alexa rank | 101helper

You can use these keywords is your <meta keywords> code to improve your seo.

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(8). Social profiles:

Create your social profile pages. After creating social profile pages share your each and every post on your social fan pages. It will give you advantage in many ways like you will get quality backlinks, your fans will get latest updates about your blog posts and it will improve your Alexa rank.

(9). Rss feed and mail list:

Rss feed lets you to send updates of your new posts to your visitors, those who sign up to your feed will get updates in inbox. Rss feed not only helps you to increase your blog traffic but also plays a vital role in improving Alexa rank. Now it depends on your blog's feed that how much readers you have. So set up an Rss feed and grab some active E-mail lists and send them your blog's feed sign up invitation. It will definitely increase number of your blog readers as well as improve your blog traffic and Alexa rank. You can also add an E-mail subscription widget in your blog which will help you to collect more readers.

(10). Seo optimization:

Alexa rank improvement is totally dependent on seo of a because without seo there is no organic traffic, no page-views and no alexa rank improvement so to improve your blog's alexa rank first improve your blog's seo. 

(11). Meta tags:

Specify your country using below meta tag:

<meta content='Your country' name=''/>

(12). Alexa Browser Extension:

alexa browser extension 101helper
alexa browser extension

Install Alexa browser extension, it will help alexa to show better metrics of your site. It will tell alexa about your site traffic sources so Alexa will show better analytics of your blog. I will also show you how popular your site is and related links to your site.

It will help alexa to show your blog's rank in your own country with your globle rank.

I hope you like this post and you found it helpful. This post will definitely improve your blog's alexa rank. Share this post with others and help me improve my blog's Alexa rank :p. If you have any problem, please let me know by leaving a comment below.

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