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How To Get DMCA Protection For Your Blogger Blog

How to get DMCA protection for your blog | 101helper

Now a days a problem that every unique content sharer is facing is content stealing. whenever a unique article is shared and it becomes popular then not only those visits that article who gets idea/help from that post but also some of them copy your work and use it for free without any hardship. As making a unique content is not easy therefore you need to protect it from content thieves. Though you can protect your content by enabling or disabling click on your blog and you can also report someone to Google but sometimes both these ways aren't effective so you need better protection and that's what this post is about. In this post I will show you how to get DMCA protection for your blog. So whenever and whoever copy your content you can launch a takedown and DMCA will take action against him.

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How to add DMCA to your blogger blog?

DMCA provides badges for every user and once a badge is added to a blog or website, DMCA bots crawl that blog or site and starts protecting content. You can read more about DMCA at wikipedia. To get DMCA protection in your blog follow below steps:

Step 1: Go to DMCA.

Step 2: Register a new account at

Protect my content from copy | 101helper blogger

Step 3: Verify your account by clicking on the link sent in the E-mail and login to your DMCA account.

Step 4: Go to and choose a DMCA badge.

Protect my content from copy tutorials | 101helper blogger

Step 5: Copy code of the desired badge and go to blogger dashboad > layout > add a gadget > Html/javascript > paste the code and click on save.

Congratulations! you are successfully done. Now as soon as DMCA bots crawl your blog, your protection will be on. You can change your badge anytime and can add a protection bar on the top of your blogs pages also from

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