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How To Enable Auto-complete In Google Custom Search Box

how to add suggestions to Google search | 101helper

Google webmaster tools has a very useful feature for blogger and webmaster that it lets us to create a custom search engine and add it in or blog or site, but as Google search has an auto-complete feature why our search engines aren't auto-completing our search? well! Google has enabled us to allow or disallow auto-complete in our search engines but most of us either don't know about Google search auto-complete option or are not aware of how it works and how to enable it. So this post is dedicated to those who want to enable auto-complete in their search engines. 

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To see a live demo of auto-complete, click on the above search box and type an alphabet.

Whats the reason for enabling auto-complete?

Its a very good question and the answer for it is there are two reasons for enabling auto-complete in Google search engine.

(1). It helps visitors to find it quickly what they are looking for.

(2). It helps you to promote your posts which you want to get more views.

How to enable auto-complete in Google search engine? 

Enabling auto-complete is much easier than you think but the major work starts after enabling the auto-complete, how? read more to know. To enable aut-complete in your search engine follow below steps:

Step 1: Go to Google webmaster tools > Other Resources > Custom Search.

Step 2: Edit your search engine and click on search preferences.

How to enable auto-complete in Google search engine | 101helper

Step 3: Click on auto complete and on the same page switch on auto-complete

enabling auto-complete in Google search engine | 101helper

Congratulations! you have successfully enabled auto-complete in your search engine but still you won't see any auto-complete suggestions as you have to set suggestions first. That's why I told you above that the major work starts after enabling the auto-complete in your search engine. Search engine suggestions can be added in two ways, one is to add suggestions one by one and another is to upload an xml file which contains titles of your posts. In this post I will show you both methods of adding suggestions to your search engine. Its a hard working thing but you have to do it to see auto-complete suggestions. 

Adding auto-complete suggestions one by one:

One method of adding suggestions to Google custom search engine is doing it one by one, so I am discussing it first. Follow below steps to add auto-complete suggestions one by one to your custom search engine.

Step 1:  Go to Google Webmaster Tools > Other resources > Custom search > Search preferences.

Step 2: Click on auto-complete and below find Custom Autocompletions, now find included.

Search box with auto-complete for blogger | 101helper

Step 3: Click on Add(it will open a pop-up). 

Step 4: In the above field type your suggestion and leave the below one blank.

Search box with auto-complete for blogger | 101helper blogger

Step 5: Click on ok and you and done!

Adding auto-complete suggestions at once:

To add suggestions at once, go to Google Webmaster Tools > Other resources > Custom Search > Edit Search Engine > Search Preferences > Auto-complete and at the end of the page click on upload/download XML. Upload your blog's XML file which contains all posts and you are done.

How to get XML file of your blog? Read this post for instance.

That's it. I hope you enjoyed this post and it helped you out. Follow and subscribe to get latest tutorial updates about Google webmaster tools. Share this post with others because sharing is caring. Keep visiting 101Helper.

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