How To Add Your Blog To Google Webmaster Tools

How to add your blog to Google webmaster tools | 101helper

Google webmaster tools are very beneficial tools provided by Google for webmasters and bloggers. Using Google webmaster tools is the first and the most important step to be a successful blogger. It helps you to generate "organic traffic" for your blog. Organic traffic means the traffic which you get from search engines. With Google webmaster tools you can control your search engine results in other words Google webmaster tools allow you to make your blog Seo friendly. Google webmaster tools are easy to use and works fast, but as a beginner its not easy for anyone to use these tools. So today in this post I will show you how to start using Google webmaster tools.
It is your first class to start using Google webmaster tools and my first post about using Google webmaster tools for blogger, so if you have any question don't hesitate to ask me in comments or by Contacting me.To start using Google Webmaster Tools first you have to submit your blog to Google webmaster tools, so follow below steps to add your site to Google webmaster tools.

Adding a site in Google webmaster tools:

Step 1: Go to and log-in to your blogger account.

Step 2: Click on Add a site on right side and type link of your blog, make sure to type full url of your blog e.g

Adding a site in Google webmaster tools 101helper blogging tutorials

Step 3: Click on continue and you are done.

Verifying a site in Google webmaster tools:

After adding your blog in Google webmaster tools you will be asked to verify your site ownership. You can verify your site ownership either by uploading an Html file to your file directory or by adding a meta tag in template. As blogger doesn't allow to upload any Html files therefore you have to use the alternative method that is to add meta code in your template. So switch to Alternative methods and copy the meta code. e.g:

<meta name="google-site-verification" content="VerificationKeyCode" /> 

Now follow below steps to verify your site's ownership 

Step 1: Go to Blogger dashboard and click on template

Step 2: Edit Html and search for <head>

Step 3: Just below <head> paste the meta code and click on save template

Step 4: Now go to Google webmaster tools and click on verify.

Verifying a site in Google webmaster tools 101helper blogging tutorials

That's it you are now a verified owner of your blog at Google webmaster tools. Once you have verified your blog the next step is to submit your blog's Xml sitemap. Read this post to learn how to submit blogger sitemap to Google webmaster tools. After submitting Sitemap to Google webmaster tools, it may take a while for Google to show your blog's data.

I hope that you like this post and you found it helpful. If you have any question or suggestion feel free to ask me by leaving a comment below. For more blogging tutorials subscribe to 101Helper's news letter below. Share this post with others and help 101Helper grow. 

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