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Star Ratings Widget For Blogger

Star ratings widget in blogger | 101helper gadgets for blogger

Voting or rating a post means to give your feedback about that post. It helps visitors to know if the post or blog which they are reading is popular(have a meaningful content) or is voted by people because it has something meaningful. It is helpful for seo also because Google shows ratings of websites in search results by stars. Blogger has built-in ratings but these are only in the form of check box, you can add them by going to Layout > Blog posts > Edit > Ratings. You can take a look of blogger ratings below:

Star ratings widget in blogger | 101helper gadgets for blogger

You can set number of votes and also text e.g good, better, best etc. But if you are searching for star ratings then you have to add it from Rating widget. Rating widget provides star ratings gadget for blogs and websites and it is integrated with Google rich snippets so after adding this gadget you will see star ratings beside your blog description in search results. You can show ratings stars in mobile view also and one of the best feature of it is that it doesn't effect your blog's load time. It is fully customizable i.e you can choose different looks according to your choice and change color of the stars. It is available in all languages and it is very easy to use, it takes only 2 minutes to setup. You can see a demo of star ratings below:

Star ratings widget in blogger | 101helper gadgets for blogger

Example of star ratings in Google search results:

Star ratings widget in blogger | 101helper gadgets for blogger

For more info go to

Note: After 13 days trial account is expired but the widget still works. 

Features of Star ratings widget:

  • It is free of cost you don't need to pay for it.
  • It has different styles.
  • It is easily customizable.
  • Available for all platforms e.g blogger, wordpress, weebly, webs etc.
  • 2 minutes integration with Google rich snippets.
  • Available in all languages.
  • Good for Seo.
  • It doesn't effect speed of blog or website.
  • This widget in mobile friendly.  
  • This widget takes its position automatically, you don't need to use Css for positioning it. 
  • It also works as a related post widget, whenever a visitor votes up a post this widget shows recommended posts.
Note: Rich snippets is available for premium users only, if you wish to enable rich snippets for your blog then upgrade to premium membership or use to generate ratings rich snippets for your blog.

How to setup Star Ratings widget in blogger?

Its very simple to install this widget in blogger but you need to register an account first at ratings widget to use this widget. So first register an account at Ratings Widget and follow below steps to install this gadget in your blog:

Step 1: Go to Ratings widget and sign-in to you account after registration.

Step 2: Click on get my free widget or go to

Step 3: Choose blogger as your platform:

Star ratings widget in blogger | 101helper gadgets for blogger

Step 4: Customize your widget according to your choice in the menu on left side. See a live preview of your widget also:

Star ratings widget in blogger | 101helper gadgets for blogger

Step 5: After customization click on add to blogger.

Step 6: On the Page element page Rename your widget if you want and after that click on add widget and you are done successfully.

This gadget takes its position automatically below each post, so you don't have to specify position of stars. If you wish to show the stars in mobile view of your blog read how to enable a widget in mobile view in blogger.

Hope you like this post and it is working in your blog properly. If you have any problem related to this widget ask me in comments. Give me your feedback or suggestion at Share this post with others if it was help to you because sharing is caring. Thank you for visiting 101Helper.

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  1. after adding the rating widget how much time need for displaying that rating widget?

  2. i tried it to my blog but doesn't work. can my template affect the widget?

    1. Yes, there may be a problem with your template which is not letting it work properly


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