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How To Enable Or Disable Comments In Blogger

How to enable or disable comments in blogger | 101helper blogger

Previously I have created a post in which I have shown how to install diqus comments in blogger, today I am back with a related post(comments). This post is to tell you how to enable or disable comments on specific posts and pages in blogger. As commenting is a great way to share experience and interact with users therefore comments are very important for a blog. A blog with more comments on posts/pages is more popular than a blog having less or no comments. In blogger commenting is allowed on every post and page you create but sometime you need to disallow comments for a post or page such as about, sitemap or contact page because there is no need of comments in about, contact, sitemap pages.
So In this post I will tell you how to enable or disable comments in a post/pages in blogger.  

Why do I need to Disable comments?

There are several reasons to disable comments on either a post or on a page such as:
  1. If you are receiving spam comments on a post, you need to disable comments to get rid of spam comments.
  2. Some pages like contact us, about us, sitemap, disclaimer etc don't need comments.
  3. If a post is too old or if you wish not to receive any comment on a post you need to disable comments on that post. 

How to disable comments in a post or page:

Its very easy to disable comments in blog post or page. Its just like creating permalinks. To disable comments on a post or page follow below steps:

How to enable or disable comments in blogger | 101helper blogger(1). Go to blogger dashboard.

(2). Edit the post in which you want to disable comments.

(3). On the right hand of the post box click on options and choose the desired option below Reader comments.

Allow: This option lets visitors to see existing comments and leave more comments. 

Don't allow, show existing: By selecting this option you are allowing your blog to show existing comments but disallowing visitors to leave more comments.

Don't allow, hide existing: By this option you are declaring neither to show existing comments nor allowing visitors to leave more comments. 

(4). After choosing a desired option click on Done and publish your post, congratulations you are done successfully!

How to disable comments on all page and posts:

Above I have shown how to disable comments in a specific post or page but if you wish to disable comments on all pages follow below steps:

(1). Go to blogger dashboard and select settings in the menu on left side.

(2). Now click on posts and comments and search for Comments.

How to enable or disable comments in blogger | 101helper blogger(3). Just below Comments click on embedded.

(4). Choose hide and click on save settings.

There are more options also read below to know their function:

Embedded: This option allow visitors to post comments from the post which they are reading.

Full page and Popup window: This option will take visitors to a new page where they can post comments.

Hide: By selecting this option you are hiding all comments and visitors are also not allowed to post comments on any post or page. But this option only hides comments doesn't delete them.

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  2. I was getting spam comments on selected old posts, so this is just what I needed. Thank you for sharing!


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