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How To Schedule A Post For Auto Publish In Blogger

How to schedule a post for auto publish in blogger | 101helper

Do you want your posts to publish on a specific time?  or you are busy, going for some work or going on a trip and can't publish posts? if yes then forget it and don't worry because blogger has a great feature that you can schedule a post for auto publish so now if you are busy your blog will publish posts automatically. Its very easy, all you have to do is to follow below simple steps, you don't need any code to make your blog auto publish. But before scheduling a post you must write it properly, your blog will only publish it, it won't write it for you.
So after writing a post follow below steps to schedule it for auto publish:

Step 1: Go to blogger and log-in to your account.

Step 2: Open your post which you want to schedule for auto publish.

Step 3: Click on schedule in the menu on left side and select set date and time.

Step 4: Set date and time at which you want to publish post as shown in below image, make sure to set time at pacific standard time.

How to schedule a post for auto publish in blogger | 101helper
Step 5: Click on done and publish your post, don't worry it will be published on date and time which you have set. It will show up in scheduled posts tab.

How to schedule a post for auto publish in blogger | 101helper

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  1. Hello Fahim.

    I searched for information in your blog related to organizing the order of publications by changing the date, this was the most related article I found to ask this question.

    I want to change the order in which the posts appear in the blog, so, the quick method is to change the dates so that the most recent posts appear first.

    My question is, if I use this method, can this affect the positioning in google, seo?

    Thanks in advance for your help.

    1. Yes if you have date schema enabled then it will be changed in Google.

  2. So it is better not to change the date of the posts to avoid losing positioning in google?

    1. Yes, if you change date, new date will appear nothing else will happen.