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How To Add Links In Blog Footer In Blogger

How to add links below blog in blogger | 101Helper blogger tricks

Hi there, once again I am back with a new trick that is how to add links at the bottom of blog. You might have seen in many blogs that there are different links at the bottom like privacy policy, contact, about, terms and conditions, disclaimer, feedback etc, normally these links are in professional websites but now a days bloggers are also adding these links at the bottom of their blogs to make their blogs look like professional websites. I have also added these links in my blog but as a beginner nobody can add these links as its not so easy.
Its same like adding links to text in post, but we have to do it in template, so lets start! follow below steps to add links at the bottom of your blog:

How to add links below blog in blogger | 101Helper blogger tricks

Note: Remove attribution widget before adding links below your blog.

Step 1: Go to blogger and sign-in to your blogger account.

Step 2: Choose the blog in which you wish to add links.

Step 3: Open the blog and select template in the menu on left side.

Step 4: Click on Edit Html and search for below code by using Ctrl+F in your keyboard.

<macro:param default='false' name='includeBottom'/>

Step 5: Just below it find  </macro:include>.

Step 6: Copy below code and paste it below  </macro:include>:

.sitelinks {
</style> <div class='page-footer'>
<div class='sitelinks'>
<p id='policy-pages'><a href=''>Privacy Policy</a> | <a href=''>Disclaimer</a> | <a href=''>Terms and conditions</a> | <a href=''>Contact</a> | <a href=''>Feedback</a> | <a href=''>Join this blog</a> | <a href=''>Sitemap</a> | © Copyright 101Helper All Rights Reserved | Powered by <a href=''>Blogger</a></p>

Step 7: Click on save template and you are done.

Replace links with your links.


Above code contains different links like Privacy Policy, dsiclaimer, contact, feedback, terms and conditions, sitemap, join this blog and some text(Copyright 101Helper All Rights Reserved | Powered by blogger) if you wish to remove any of them simply remove its link and text for example if you wish to remove contact text and link now you have to remove <a href=''>Contact</a> from code. There are vertical bars between each link to make difference between links. If you wish to remove © Copyright remove its text part along with <a href=''>Blogger</a>. If you wish to add another link use <a href=''>New link</a>. Replace New link and with your own links. Don't forget to add vertical bar(|) before adding new link otherwise there will be no difference between new link and other links.

I hope you like this post and you are understanding how to add or remove a link but if you have still any problem you can ask me in comments. Give me your feedback about this post and other posts too. Follow and subscribe to get latest updates about blogger tips and tricks. Share this post with others and help 101Helper grow. Thanks for reading this post have a good day :).

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  1. privacy policy aur baki sab right alignment me aa rahe hain bich main kaise aayenge ??

    1. Dubara install karo ab center mai hojyga align, CSS code nai tha wo mai ne dal diya hai.

  2. Thanks for the tips. It was helpful.


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