1. hello master!

    when we scroll down and this menu is floating,
    i would like to make it down a bit from top of the screen,
    please make it done ;)

    the best menu ever!

    thank you in advance

  2. Add top padding value to the javascript( var topPadding = 0 ;) e.g 20 or 50 0r 60 what ever you want, the javascript code is used in step no. 10

  3. Hello. It's me simant from nepal. I want to add a new and professional animated dropdown menu in my blog. So sir i requested u to add a new animated and cool dropdown menu.. And i just love your blog and contant..

    1. Thanks for feedback Simant I really appreciate your feedback and I will create a post about professional animated dropdown menu for blogger as soon as possible . Till then try other menus.