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How To Find ID Of A Widget In Blogger

How to find ID of a widget in blogger | 101helper

There are many things which are unknown by a beginner to blogging but they are required for some purposes like sitemap, blog ID, widget ID etc. Sitemap of a blog can be found by a specific link, its not like other websites, as if you are search for a website's sitemap you can find it simply by adding /sitemap.html  in homepage link for example Similar to sitemap widget/gadget ID is used in many things so it is also useful. 

Why do I need a gadget/widget ID in blogger?

If you are using blogger and you are trying to hide a gadget in some pages of your blog then for this purpose you need ID of the widget, you also need a widget ID to make it sticky/float or if you are trying to change background color of a gadget in your blog by CSS then you need ID of that gadget. There are so many other reasons for having ID of a gadget in blogger. But as a beginner it would not be in your knowledge so you have to learn how to find ID of a gadget/widget.

How to find ID of a gadget/widget in blogger:

Its very simple to find ID of a gadget in blogger, you don't need any script or code to find it. Just follow below steps and you are done!

  • First of all go to blogger dashboard.
  • Select layout and edit the gadget who's ID you want to know.
  • When the configure window opens click in the address of the configure window are copy it as shown in below image:
How to find ID of a widget in blogger | 101helper
  • Paste it in notepad and search for widgetid= that's it you have got widget's id.
If you want to know your blog ID you can find it in the same link just search for Blogid= and you are done. 

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