7 Things To Take Care Of While Writing A Blog Post

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7 things to take care of while writing a post in blogger for seo | 101helper

Seo is the target everyone has to achieve for a popular blog because without seo a blog can't get only a unique visitor and the dream of a blogger to have some organic traffic always remains a dream. Making a blog seo friendly isn't an easy work, its a very difficult thing and a time consuming work and can't be done by everyone only few people gets this opportunity no matter whatever source of seo is used. Although if you get seo tips from top and popular websites even then it would take some time to make your blog fully seo optimized.
Now a days almost every website provides seo tools also such as site health check(copy content), keyword suggestions tool, back-links generator, meta tags generators, robots.txt generators etc but instead of using these tools time is consumed to get a seo friendly blog. So instead of doing hard work you should work smarter. I have seen many bloggers doing hard work to make their blogs seo optimized such as searching for high value keywords on internet for hours, generating meta tags, implementing popular templates, generating millions of back-links, sharing post links in social exchanging sites etc I know some bloggers also who pay for seo to get their blog appear in search results. Some bloggers use Google adwords and bing ads also but they should try to make each post seo friendly and for that they have to take care of following things which I am going to mention below. If you want a fully optimized seo post do following things while writing posts:

(1). Alt in images:

Very few internet user know that search engine robots and crawlers can't read images therefore we need to name them as crawlers and robots are able to read only text. So make sure to have alt in each image in your post to make images seo friendly. In some blog it is also termed as tags in images. Taging images is very important for seo, previously I have shared a post about taging images for seo you can read it here.

(2). Optimizing links:

Links also play an important role in seo therefore optimizing them is also essential. Links can be optimized in two ways number 1 is optimizing the link of post, you can do this by making permalinks of posts I have written a post for optimizing post links you can find it here another way of optimizing links is adding rel=nofollow to links this is for the links which you add in posts. I have written a post for adding rel=nofollow where I have briefly explained how to optimize links for seo in post you can find it here

(3). Search description: 

This is the third most important thing to take care of for seo while writing a post. Every blog has a description which describes it and tells what the blog is about similarly a description for each post is also required for seo which describes it e.g what the post is about or what is in the post. Normally this option isn't available in newly created blogs. So you have to enable this option first. After understanding the importance of search description for each post I wrote a post about enabling this option in which I have also discussed how to write a seo friedly description in that post. You can read that post here.

(4). Internal linking:

Internal linking means to link post with previous posts as you might have noticed that in this post in every paragraph I have linked old posts. Many people do this by simply adding a related posts gadget in their blogs which automatically mentions similar posts below every post. Internal linking is also important for seo, I haven't written a post about internal linking yet so you have to do this by you own. If you need any help about internal linking ask me in comments or you can directly contact me.

(5). Adding labels:

Labels are the categories, while writing a post on the write hand side it is the first option. Add the labels which defines your post properly. For example if you are writing a post about seo tips label iy as seo, seo tips, seo tips for blogger etc.

(6). Tags in posts:

This thing is important than all of the above. Taging images is to define images similarly to define posts tags are also needed. Everybody know how to write tags. Tags should be relative to the post's title so that it could define it more properly. For example a post about seo should have tags seo, seo tips, seo tricks, seo new tips, how to increase traffic seo, seo for blogger seo for website, latest seo tips, 100% working seo tips etc. After writing tags we should style them so that search engines could find them easily and mention posts in search results. You can find a post about optimizing tags in posts here.

(7). Optimizing post titles and headings:

May be you have noticed that in my posts I use large heading as they are important for seo so write headings in large font-size. After headings its time to optimize post titles you should use h1 size for post titles. You can read a detailed post about optimizing posts titles by using h1 size here.

I have previously written a post about seo tips where you can find more then 30 tips about seo which works 100%. you can read this post here. I hope you like this post and it is helpful to you. Follow and subscribe to get latest news about seo. If you like this post share it with others because sharing is caring :)

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