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Numbered Navigation Widget For Blogger

In blogger we have option to show posts on every page for example on Homepage. You can adjust number of posts on a page from Layout by editing blog post. For example if you are showing 7 posts on each page then when you scroll down to last of the page there are three option which are Home and older posts. The older posts buttons lets visitors to see more posts but in websites there is numbered navigation. As navigation is very important to gain more traffic(seo) e.g a sitemap or menu page, a contact page, an about page and a menu therefore adding a numbered navigation widget is also important for a blog's seo.

This widget also makes your blog look beautiful and professional. So here you will learn how to add numbered navigation buttons below page in blogger, I have brought you three different professional styles select one which you like and follow below steps to add or in your blog:

Step 1: To add numbered navigation to your blog first you need to add Css code, for this purpose go to Blogger Dashboard and click on template tab.

Step 2: Click on Edit html and on the html page click anywhere in the html and find ]]></b:skin> by using Ctrl+F buttons on keyboard.

Step 3: Now select a style from below styles and copy it's css code:
Style 1:

Numbered navigation widget for blogger

Style 2:

Numbered navigation widget for blogger

Style 3:

Numbered navigation widget for blogger
Step 4: After copying the Css code of your desired style paste it above ]]></b:skin> and click on save template.
Step 5: Now find </body> and paste the below code above it.
Get code Here.

Step 6: Click on save template and you are done.

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