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How To Show Images In Lighbox In Blogger

How to show images in lighbox in blogger

In blogger the images were shown without light box before but recently blogger has added a new feature for images and photos. This new feature is showing images in light box. With this feature images are shown with a dark background when clicked.
Normally this feature is enabled in blogs but if you try to change the template of your blog sometimes this feature is disabled due to which when images are are opened they are opened in new tab, so if you want to enable this feature again then follow the below steps:

(1). Go to blogger and log-in to your blogger account.

(2). Click settings and select sub-option posts and comments.

(3). On the posts and comments page find showcase images with lightbox and change No to Yes.

(4). Now click  Save settings  on the top right side of the page.

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  1. Hi Sir I want to know that your which side you have create this blog blog spot or worldpress


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