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How To Show Ads In Mobile View In Blogger

How to show ads in mobile view in blogger

Blogging is a good way to earn money and I have written many posts about it, among them I have also written a post in which I shared some tips to increase blog revenue by getting more clicks on your ads. In that post I have told that showing ads in mobile view also helps in getting more clicks but many bloggers don't know how to show ads in mobile view in blogger.

Although if you are using Google Adsense then you can show its ads directly in mobile view as Google provides mobile ads but what about those who don't use Google Adsense, so I thought to share this trick with which you can show ads on mobile no matter which publishing network you are using. Its very easy to enable ads on mobile, to show your ads on mobile follow below steps:
  • First of all add your ads code in Layout--->add a gadget--->Html/javascript and give it a title so that you could follow step 3.
  • Now go to template and click on Edit html.
  • In the Html page click anywhere in code and search for the widget title(Step 1) by using Ctrl+F on your keyboard or if you can't find it click on jump to widget and find the code of ads one by one in all widgets as shown in below image .
How to show ads in mobile view in blogger
  •  After finding the code of your ads add mobile='yes' just after Locked='false' in the widgets code as shown in below image:
How to show ads in mobile view in blogger

         In the above image I have enabled infolinks ads in my blog's mobile view.
  • Click on save template and you are done, open your blog to see your ads.
Note: Ads will show up only in smartphones, and sometime after following above steps ads still do not show so in that case follow below steps:
  • Go to blogger Dashboard.
  • Click on template and click on customize blog template and change simple template to custom template.
  • Click on save and you are done.
If you are still confused then below image may help you.

How to show ads in mobile view in blogger
Final words:

Its very easy to show ads in blogger, I hope the above post was help to you but if you are facing any problem regarding this post ask me in comments below or contact me at If you like this post take a second to share it with others, follow and subscribe to get latest news about blogger tricks in your inbox or follow us on Facebook, twitter or Google+.

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  1. Can we add ads on blogger templates please reply ?

    1. Yes you can add any ad on blogger whether it is or Adsense or any other ad.

  2. I can't put adsense code because I didn't find "Adsense" in htlml

    1. No problem go to your AdSense account create an ad unit, copy code and go to blogger > layout and click on add a gadget and find html/javaScript and save, its done.


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