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How To Remove "powered By Blogger" Attribution Widget

How to remove "powered by blogger" attribution widget in blogger

What is attribution?

When you scroll down to the end of your blog, you must have seen Powered by Blogger it is called attribution. This gadget is added to blogs by Blogger and it represents that the blog is a sub-domain of blogger and is owned by Blogger. It appears in every template of blogger templates but If you add a template from any other site then may be it won't appear.
Take a look its something like this:

How to remove "powered by blogger" attribution widget in blogger

How to remove attribution widget in blogger?

Attribution widget can not be removed easily like other widgets. You are allowed to edit it only(adding copyright symbol or name of your blog) but it can not be removed because it is locked. Like other widgets you are able to edit it by can't change its position and can't remove it as it doesn't show remove button like other widgets. If you insist on removing this widget from your blog then here are some steps to be followed to remove it:

Step 1: Go to Blogger Dashboard.

Step 2: Go to Template click edit Html and on the Html page click anywhere in the template Html.

Step 3: Use Ctrl+F on your keyboard and find below piece of code:

<b:widget id=’Attribution1′ locked=’true’ title=” type=’Attribution’> 

Or if you can't do that then click jump to widget and select attribution.

Step 4: Now in the attribution widget code replace Locked='true' with Locked='false', it will unlock the attribution widget and allow you to remove it.

Step 5: Save the template and go to layout.

Step 6: Scroll down, edit attribution widget and remove it.

Final words:

Removing attribution widget makes your blog look like a website but I recommend not to remove it because Google Adsense may don't like it.

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  1. does not work for me... everything is smooth until after i remove the attribution. After i removed it, i clicked save arrangement and it says an error occurred. I tried again and same thing happened

    1. Which template are you using? If you are using a blogger template then remove the "attribution widget" and save your template. After that go to layout and save arrangement hope you don't see any error but if the error still appears then make sure that you haven't enabled a widget for your blog's mobile site.

  2. it didnt remove on mobile default view, What can i do?

    1. I may not remove from mobile default view again you need custom template.

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