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How To Check Blog Traffic Stats In Blogger

How to check blog traffic stats in blogger

We know that its not easy for a beginner to use blogger as he is using it first time. And when its about blogging then its more difficult for the beginner. As a beginner many bloggers don't know how to posts, how to share, how to design blog etc similarly some people don't know how to check stats of their blog for example where traffic is from? where the visitors are from(country)? which post is most popular and receiving more traffic then others. So this post is for those who don't know how to check stats of their blog.
You can check where you are receiving traffic from, from which country, weekly view, monthly view and posts receiving most traffic. So to check your blog stats see below paragraph:

First of all go to Blogger and log-in to your blogger account. To check a overview of your blog traffic stats click on overview, on the overview page you can see comments which are either published or awaiting for approval(show up only when you approve them), today page-views(traffic which your blog received today), total number of posts which you have published and followers(those who are members of your blog).

How to check blog traffic stats in blogger

But if you want to check traffic of week, month, day, all time, traffic which you received now  and more details then click on stats below Google+ option, here in the sub-option(overview) you can check traffic of now, today, yesterday, last month and all the time here and also the links from which you received traffic and the posts which received traffic. you can also see a graph of your blog traffic here. Below overview there is another option which is posts where you can see how many views are received by the posts and when a post received traffic either now, in day, in week, in month and all time. Below posts there is traffic sources option which shows what is the source of your blog traffic, it shows links of those sites from which you received traffic. After traffic sources last option is Audience which show you names of those countries where your blog visitors are from and also display number of visitors from each country.  

How to check blog traffic stats in blogger

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